Zinc and its testosterone benefits

zinc rich foods for testosterone boosting

What is zinc?

zinc to boost testosterone

Zinc is an important mineral ion that is to be found in oyster, eggs, fish, poultry, grains such as almonds and pumpkins.

Oyster is the food with the highest zinc levels

It helps in:

  • Healing wounds faster
  • Protein synthesis
  • Cell division, growth and development.

Why do you need zinc supplementation?

Zinc supplementation is important in people with deficiency of the ion.

Athletes are asked to supplement it since they lose it while sweating.

Plant zinc in legumes, whole grains and cereals has been found to have low bioavailability because it binds itself with phytates and therefore it is not absorbed directly into the body. A study done by the Office of Dietary Supplements in the US National Institute of Health shows that animal zinc is better than plant zinc since it is more bioavailable.

Zinc supplementation can be got from supplements such as testogen that we have reviewed here.

Symptoms of low zinc intake

If you have zinc deficiency, the following signs are likely to show up

  • A lethargic body
  • Stunted growth
  • Wounds taking long to heal
  • Low testosterone

High zinc intake symptoms

At the same time, taking too much zinc supplementation is not a cool thing since you might have to deal with the following problems.

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting

Zinc and increasing testosterone

Our main focus in writing this article was examining whether zinc has any testosterone boosting properties in your body. Does it contribute to more free testosterone flowing in you?

Well, we found studies suggesting that zinc indeed does contribute to higher testosterone levels.


It is an Aromatase inhibitor

When zinc is absorbed into the blood stream, it acts as an aromatase inhibitor and in this way, it frees up more testosterone into the body.

Let me explain that a little bit.

Your body endocrinological system is continually producing testosterone. However, only 2% of this is free testosterone that is able to help you boost your sexual drive, alertness, muscle growth and all that. The rest is either absorbed by the Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) or is converted into estrogen formats such as estradiol in a process called aromatization.

Now estrogen is the main female hormone (but it also occurs in males) and is responsible for fat and man boobs.

If we are to get rid of man boobs and fatty tissues in your body, then we have to take care of aromatization. We have to stop this process it somehow. Zinc has been found to be a great aromatase inhibitor and is therefore great in ensuring that you have a high level of free testosterone in your body.

In a study, men with zinc deficiency were also found to have low testosterone. This was corrected by giving them zinc supplementation.


How to add zinc into your body?

zinc rich foods for testosterone boosting

We have mentioned that foods such as oyster shells, fish, almond seeds among others are rich in zinc. You can find zinc boosting food recipes at Village Bakery where they will tell you on how to cook and prepare them. However, not all the zinc in these foods is bioavailable and as such you may require supplementation if a doctor finds that you have a deficiency of the mineral ions.

Supplement pills such as testogen have been found to be rich in zinc and will therefore boost your testosterone levels.  You can see a full testogen review here.

testogen review

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