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Great sex is everything in a relationship and if there’s anything that spices up things between couples, it’s great sex. I am one lucky lady, who fell for this hubby that had me at the peak of things, feeling a tinge in places I didn’t know exist. Then suddenly, bam! All that I had been enjoying took a nose dive. This was some years into our marriage. I was scared, I was dissatisfied for long and I had to tell my hubby that the steam was no longer there. I wasn’t feeling it, I knew the truth would hurt him, but I didn’t want to go seek for satisfaction elsewhere, when I’d make things right myself in my place. I told him we go to hospital, he was adamant. He didn’t wanna look weak. Then I decided to dig in, and landed on testogen review that answered the question does testogen work?


Now, it hit me that my hubby had hit 40 barely a year before, and that meant his testosterone level had gone down. It wasn’t his fault. Neither was he seeing some other woman who was sipping all my juice leaving me high and dry, no. It was low testosterone, as I confirmed my fears on I took a test whose score showed that my hubby’s testosterone levels were low. This could be seen through;

  1. He always looked tired and depressed
  2. No matter how hot I dressed or how much flesh I exposed, his libido had terribly spiraled down.
  3. Fats had started to build around his waist, too much work.
  4. His concentration was nowhere, he seemed to have a lot in mind.

I took it upon myself to learn about Testogen sex pills for men.

Testogen capsules have Testosterone boosters in the form of great, natural ingredients in the right amounts.  Some of these ingredients include,

  1. D-Aspartic Acid

This is an amino acid regulator which produces hormones, including Luteinizing hormone. It stimulates the production of testosterone which in turn helps in the production of lean muscle hence an increase in strength and stamina. This actually helps one’s metabolism and libido gets a kick from this! To confirm the essence of D-Aspartic, a team of Italian Scientists who carried out a study concluded that it has a role in the pituitary gland and testes and has a role in synthesis of LH and testosterone in human beings.

  1. Fenu Greek

This is a herb whose seeds are libido enhancing and testosterone-boosting. It increases insulin release which helps increase muscles hence a natural way to increase strength, stamina and vitality. Besides, it’s also has antioxidant properties which which whose role is to ensure your body is free from harmful free radicals. Australian scientist Elizabeth Steels stated in 2011 that Fenugreek had “a significant positive effect on physiological aspects of libido”

  1. Ginseng extract

This is an extract from the root of Ginseng and is a well-known aphrodisiac. Also called ‘Man root’, this libido stimulator also protects the testes from damage by dioxins, assisting in strong erections. In Testogen, it physically and mentally sharpens a man for the act.

  1. Selenium

This natural trace mineral found in the soil is in Testogen in the form of Sodium selenite. Selenium overseas proper working of many body processes, helps increase the effect of anti-oxidants that eliminate toxins from your body. It however can lower your blood pressure too.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is taken from the hottest and driest place on earth. Also called the ‘Devil’s claw’, it has been largely used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. It contains steroidal saponin and is known for testosterone-boosting qualities and its help in building muscle and reproductive tissue.

  1. Vitamin B

Vitamins are essential compounds for good health. Vitamin B converts carbohydrates into energy. Testogen has Vitamin B1, B5 and B6. B2 produces energy, B5 (Calcium Panthothenate) helps in the release of steroid hormone cortisol which gives you energy. B6 (Pyridoxide hydrochloride) works in the liver to help amino acid metabolism and is involved in making the brain’s serotonin (the feel-good substance).

  1. Vitamin D

This group is called secosteroids. It has Vitamin D3, chloecalciferol (which can lift your free testosterone level) and slow down the rate of testosterone convertin into Oestrogen. A win-win situation, no?

  1. Zinc Gluconate

This is a well-known aphrodisiac as well as an effective testosterone booster. Zinc is a major component of Oysters. It’s also essential in keeping your sperm healthy and the general body working properly. Zinc can be lost through sweat so ensure you top it up whenever you engage in sweat-producing activities.

So, why did I settle on Testogen sex pills for men?

Like I told you, my hubby’s testosterone was slipping away. I was thinking of all I was missing and I was tempted to go seek satisfaction elsewhere. Testogen gave us safe, natural ingredients which made us enjoy our initial sexual marathons without me having to cheat on my hubby. Testogen:

  • -Strengthened his muscle mass and gave him a more lean muscle.
  • -Stimulated his libido and motivation to hit it.
  • -Sharpened his performance, physically and mentally
  • -Slimmed down the body fat that had accumulated around his waist.

The outstanding thing about Testogen is that they’re easy, effective, safe and natural.

So I spoke to my hubby, he wasn’t willing to go to hospital. I understood him. Then I suggested to him a product I had seem on He knew this stuff was really eating me up, after realizing that I had been researching on its remedy. For only $54.95, we placed an order online (free shipping) and received our order in two days. Each bottle has 120 capsules, which should last a man a whole month. And by the way, there’s this offer where you get one bottle free if you buy two, and two bottles free if you buy three! But we began with one, for testing.


So, who should use Testogen pills?

Any adult man who’s aiming at raising his testosterone level. The response of the capsules depend on the level of the problem it is meant to streamline, if it’s a small problem, then the changes can be seen ASAP.

Any testogen side effects?

Well, not a side effect really but, if you are on the supplement all the time, your body may get lazy and slow down doing all the work itself.

Where do I buy testogen?

Go to, make an order. You can buy using a coupon code even!

After the experience, I can confidently confirm that my hubby is back at his best, a beast between the sheets, his motivation is back and he’s in pretty good shape! Grab yourself Testogen today, be my co-storyteller!

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Jim is passionate about male health. He is interested in demystifying the different testosterone boosters in the market and writing an objective review about each. Through this way, he is able to help men who are interested in information on the topic.