The 5 Best Water Bottles Shaped Like Weights Review [UPDATED 2018]

You already know that you need to keep your body hydrated if you are to see any bodybuilding results, right? Well, we have always been told to take eight glasses of water per day. Other nutritionists and fitness experts(I included) will tell you to calculate your weight in pounds, divide it by two and take that much water in ounces. Eg: if you weight 150 pounds, take 75 ounces of water per day.

In this post, I will be talking about these cool water bottles. But before I do so, I feel that I need to point out something about how much water you need to take before and after a workout session. You see water is vital for temperature regulation, metabolism and allowing muscle contraction.

During a workout session, your body sweats alot and you need to replace that water. To do so, do the following

  • -Weigh yourself in very minimal clothing just before a workout
  • -Weigh yourself just after the workout.  The weight loss after the workout is equal to the fluid lost
  • Replace the water lost

So over to my story on water bottles.


I was recently watching one of my favorite fitness coaches as she taught on exercises to get rid of love handles using dumbbell weights on a local television show and one thing piqued my interest.

Her dumbbells were a little bit strange; rather than the normal dumbbells that you and I are used to, she had water bottles shaped like weights. Yes, they looked like barbells. The water was actually her weights and when she got thirsty, she would sip the water away. Cool, huh?


Well, I later did a quick Google search on ‘dumbbell water bottle’ and was happy that amazon has this large collection of these awesome weights, priced at affordable prices and with firm grips so that the bottle does not slip away as you do your exercises.

The amazon reviews also showed that those who bought the barbell shaped water bottles were super-excited since they looked more cool as compared to their counterparts who walked into the gym holding normally shaped water bottles.

I went on to buy the product which was a 2.5 litres galon and was glad that the product came with the specs that had been described in its sales page.

The water bottle measured 27 cm and had a width of 13 cm therefore providing great grip for you to hold, carry and exercise with.


What I loved about it

With this water bottle shaped like a dumbbell, I was able to:

  • Carry water to my local gym thus keeping hydrated.
  • Use it for arms strength training where I used it as my dumbbell. Weighing it, I found that it was 5kgs (when filled with water) and as such great for weight training.
  • It had a sleek design that made me look cool and I could not help notice the very many eyes that followed me as I walked to and fro the gym holding it.
  • You have a wide range of colors to choose from. While men can go with the dull colors, ladies are spoilt for choice with the mild, conspicuous colors.

What I didn’t like about the bottle

If you are like me, looking for a cool and trendy hydration solution while at the gym while doing little arm exercises, you should go for the bottle. However, if you are looking for intensive weight training, then the water bottle would not be the ‘IT’ thing. You need to think outside the box.

When filled with water, the bottle is so light that it would not help with muscles. However, you can go right ahead and fill it up with sand or soil. I did this and well, it got heavier and I can now say that it helps in weight training.

Best Water Bottle shaped like weights Reviews

We are going to review some of the best water bottle shaped like weights here.

2.2L Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle, PETG Eco-friendly Sports Fitness Exercise Water Jug for Gym, Yoga, Running, Outdoors, Cycling, and Camping

Are you a gym fanatic and want to show it wherever you go. Well, with this 2.2 litres water bottle with the shape of a barbell, you need not say it. It is in itself a statement of what you love.

Great for your yoga classes, cool to carry as you go out on a hitch-hike or when camping with friends, this bottle says that you love bodybuilding and are not afraid to shout it on the highest of mountains.



  • Comes with a carrying handle so that you can sling it as you go your way.
  • The 2.2 litre capacity is good enough for your hydration pre and post workout.
  • Has a flip top cap so that even after opening, there is no way you are going to lose the cap.
  • Made with PetG material that is food safe to carry drinking water.


75 Oz (2.2 L) Dumbbell Shaped Water Bottle by Readygogo | Big Capacity | BPA Free | Flip Top Leak Proof lid | 6 Colors

If you want to buy a gift for your sporty friends in 2018, the dumbbell water bottle is the thing to purchase. If you buy the dark one, you have a real weight with you.


  • Leak proof
  • Good grip
  • High capacity to hold lots of water
  • Sleek design



2.2L Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle, OULucicy PETG Eco-friendly Sports Fitness Exercise Water Jug for Gym, Yoga, Running, Outdoors, Cycling, and Camping

Another cool water container here in the shape of a dumbbell. Would be ideal if you are a sportsperson or you give it out as a gift to a friend who is all about sports and fitness


  • When filled with water, it weighs 4.9lb. That is good arm exercise for you, isn’t it?
  • Made with 60g plastic making it hard and durable.
  • Water capacity is 2.2 litres
  • Wide range of colors to select from



Lalago 2.2L Portable Dumbbell Shape Bottle Drinking Water Bottles Water Kettle bottle Sports Fitness Exercise Water Jug for Gym, Yoga, Running, Outdoors, Cycling, and Camping

Lalago, another barbell that shows you are a gym lover and gives you ample space to carry your water.


Comes in durable plastic material to carry your water.

Barbell design

Perfect gift to fitness lovers


Hi-crazystore Portable Dumbbell Shape Bottle Drinking Water Bottles Water Kettle personalized bottle 2.2L (BPA Free)

Another creative barbell shaped water bottle, this gallon measures approximately 10 inches length by 6 inches width.

Whenever you present this as a gift to gym lovers, they feel really loved. Why? Anytime you walk into  a gym holding this product, everyone wants to buy one like it and will pester you with questions on where you bought it.


  • Other than carrying water, you can use it as a weight since it has this barbell shape
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Strong and durable material
  • Capacity of 2.2 litres



How to use the water bottles shaped like dumbbells?

Just like normal dumbbells, your water gallon help you to train your biceps, grow muscles and abs.

Using it is no different from using your normal gym weights.

The casing is not very hard and as such you would not want to put hot water in the container since this could burn the casing or even burn you. Personally, I use cold or lukewarm water below 60 degrees.

Handle the bottle with care since it could fall and break pouring away the water, messing up your gym area as well as denying you a barbell shaped water container.

Make sure to keep hydrated with this gallon of water.

barbell shaped water bottle reviews

Why buy the dumbbell water bottle

  • It is in itself an inspiration to work out. Reading online reviews, I found people who said that whenever they go to their local gyms with the dumbbell water bottles, they feel inspired to do more strength training and weight lifting.
  • These water bottles shaped like weights are inexpensive when compared to the real dumbbells. Why? Because in buying the bottle, all you are buying is a dumbbell shaped plastic container. It has little weight. When you put water or your workout drink though, it gets heavy and you can then use it as your weight.
  • With this container, you are assured that you will keep hydrated throughout your workout session. You see fitness trainers and nutritionists are always advising that we should take at least 8 glasses of water per day. When you are in intensive strength training, you do sweat alot and therefore, you need to drink generous amounts of water to replenish the lost.





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