Does Tribulus Terestris Increase Testosterone Levels? Studies Show That It Does Not Boost Testosterone But Rather Increases Libido

Sometimes back, every supplement promising to boost a man’s testosterone said that it was made with tribulus terrestris. It would have actually been a crime if you came up with a testosterone boosting product that was not made with tribulus terrestris.

It was the holy grail of testosterone.

In those promotions, it was claimed that tribulus terrestris contributes to testosterone boost by stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone—a precursor of testosterone. So, you would be advised to take tribulus terrestris since it will lead to secretion of LH which would in turn lead to production of testosterone.

Sounds good, right?

Fast forward to today, numerous research studies have shown that tribulus terrestris neither increases one’s testosterone nor lead to secretion of lutenizing hormone.

While it does increase libido in men who were very sluggish in sex, the plant extract has not been found to move the testosterone needle even an inch.

What is tribulus terrestris?

Tribulus terrestris is a herb occurring in India. In ancient times, the herb was recommended as an aphrodisiac but with the need to treat the large pool of men with low testosterone, it started being recommended as a testosterone booster. The plant extracts when taken in minimal quantities have also been used to protect the kidney and liver from oxidative effects.

Does tribulus terestris increase testosterone in the body?

There is enough evidence to show that tribulus terestris DOES NOT in any way increase your testosterone levels. If anyone lies to you that it will, spit right into their eye and tell them to stop lying.

In this study, the extract failed to improve the serum testosterone in young men. In another one here, it failed to increase the urinary testosterone/epitestosterone ratio in a group of rugby training players. In yet another study here where athletes were given 500mg of the extract, none of them showed an increase in their testosterone barely 48 hours after ingesting tribulus terrestris.

Now having said that, isn’t tribulus terrestris completely worthless. Aren’t those selling it overly promoting snake oil and in a bid to rip you off your money? No, wait a minute.

Tribulus terrestris and libido boost

Tribulus terrestris has been shown to cure erectile dysfunction, boost libido and increase sperm count in infertile men. A study published on the NCBI on the effect of the tribulus plant on infertile men showed  that the plant extracts can be used in boosting libido, increasing sperm count, making better and harder erections as well as improving orgasms.

 So is it important to have tribulus terrestris in your supplementation?

If you are looking to boost testosterone, you should not think about tribulus terrestris. It will not give you results. But if you are in it for libido, then you are in the right place.

As we have seen the extract helps people with very low libido, erectile dysfunction as well as improving your orgasm.

Supplements such as testogen have tribulus terrestris, nettle extractd aspartic acidmagnesium and zinc are good for those seeking the extract

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