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When you are a big guy, you often feel disadvantaged because there seems not to be enough gym equipment for you to use, right? Say for example that you want to shed off that plus size figure and lose weight using cardio exercises and it takes you so long to find the right equipment to just do so.

could he have used treadmill for big guys?

You are not alone. I too felt the same when I was losing weight. I was a big guy weighing over 130kgs and I just felt as though I did not belong in this fitness world that seemed to only cater for guys who are lean and only want to build their muscles.


Doing it in the gym was cool because they all seem to have these super powerful and expensive equipment that I would never dream of breaking. But what about for my own home use?


You see the gym fees were creating a handsome dent in my pocket and I felt that I had to walk out and look for home use tools for losing weight.


Walking or jogging would be the most ideal thing to do but hey, I lived in a busy city where there is so much hustle and bustle that getting a place to walk around is difficult. Jogging on the spot on the other hand can be boring and no sooner had I been on the jog for 20 minutes than I would be frantically hunting for motivation to keep me doing it.

At the same time, we big guys do not like walking, do we?


So are there treadmills for big guys?

can I get treadmill for big guys?

A treadmill for big guys would be the coolest thing to sweat it out either in the gym or at home, right?


Yes, with a treadmill for big guys, you do not need much space to walk on. At the same time, the treadmill gives you enough motivation so that you do not get bored walking on it every day. Since you are able to set goals on it and focus on them, you always find that it keeps you on the line.


There are also under desk treadmills that you can put under your working desk and as such work while exercising.


I also found out that there are some great treadmills that have a desk top so that you can do your office work while at the same time walking on the machine.


But the sad news is that there seems not to be good treadmills for big guys or so you think. Well, with this treadmill with 400lb weight capacity that we have reviewed, you can shed away that worry since it will be the ideal thing for you to workout, lose those love handles and tone your abs. At the same time, it is a great motivator to help you be consistent.


So in this article we will be looking at the Exerpeutic treadmill with 350 lb weight capacity and above.


Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit High Capacity Desk Station Treadmill

exerpeutic treadmill with 400 lb weight capacity

When I first saw this Exerpeutic Workfit with Desk station treadmill, I was like, ‘Wait a minute, you are kidding me.’


You see most people have a problem concentrating on their exercises (and I am guilty here) because all they do while walking on the equipment is think about the much office work they have do, how much they miss their loved ones and would do anything to just get off the treadmill and call them or engage in these other non- active activities.


Well, with the Exerpeutic treadmill, you can always do your office duties, watch a movie, read a novel or play a video game while at the same time sweat it out walking.

working on the exerpeutic treadmill with 400 lb capacity

The desk station allows you to place your laptop, mobile or novel so that you can kill two birds with one stone. While doing this, you are likely to not notice the passing of time and before you know it, you might have walked for over two hours, a thing that you could only dream about before.


When I finally bought the Exerpeutic, I thought that I would soon lose the muse of the desk top but I didn’t. You see I love reading medical journals and I do not want anything that will keep me away from my computer and as such it would have been difficult for me to get a treadmill without a work station at the top.


With the Exerpeutic, I am able to lose weight while at the same time do my online reading and once in a while read that odd novel that I have been meaning to read but would not get the time off my work.


Features of the Exerpeutic 2000

adapters on the exerpeutic treadmill with 350 pound weight capacity

  • This Exerpeutic is a treadmill with up to 400 lb weight capacity. It has a strong reinforced frame making it heavy duty, good for you big guy.
  • It has a backlit computer display that shows you the time consumed, the distance covered, calories burnt as well as your heart rate. Using the backlit display, you are also able to set goals say for example walk 5kms and then hit start to achieve this milestone.
  • Has a large desk top measuring 48 inches length by 24 inches width. With this ample space, you will be able to place your laptop, a cup of coffee or maybe your water bottle in the shape of a weight and maybe a novel. If you are taking weight loss pills such as phenq, you could place them on the desk top and take them as you workout
  • The treadmill can be folded for space saving.
  • Has adapter socket plugs that you can use to charge your phone or laptop
  • It has a quiet drive so that it does not perturb you as you work on that grueling assignment on the desk top.



ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate High Capacity Extra Wide Walking and Jogging Electric Treadmill with Heart Pulse System, 400 lbs.

Another awesome treadmill for people weighing 400lbs.

treadmill for big guys



  • Has 15 horse power torque motor.
  • Quiet drive so that you are not pestered by loud humming as you work out
  • You are able to set mileage goals, speed and time you walked
  • Able to measure your heart rate
  • Easily foldable to save on space.

Why a treadmill with 400lb capacity?

You might wonder why use a treadmill of all gym equipments. Well a treadmill has been found to be very effective especially for weight loss. You see when you are a big guy looking to lose weight, cardio exercises are the most important thing to do. It increases your heart rate, make you lose fat and sweat out. This way, you are sure to get leaner faster.

A treadmill is really good for HIITs. A HIIT is a High Intensity Interval Training where you do a very strenous exercise in the shortest time, relax and get back to it. Cycling is one of the HIITs where you cycle really fast such that your heart rate increases. Treadmills for big guys can also be used for HIITs where the 400lb plus person walks on a fast moving treadmill so that they quickly sweat and increase their heart rate.

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