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Are you overweight and looking to shed off that weight but are yet to find the right fat burner that will loose off that excess fat? Do you have a huge pot belly and abs that you really feel need to be worked on? Have you noticed that you are panting for breath any time you take the stairs or take a short walk from work?

If your answer was a yes to any of the above questions, then you really need to read this fat burners review that is designed to help you get the best product at gnc to troubleshoot your problem.

You by now know that not all weight loss pills are the same. There are those that are highly effective in getting you shredded while others are nothing but crap. Placebos, sold to you by unscrupulous marketers in a bid to rip you off while they earn a hefty commission.

There are also those that are made with natural products and will therefore not harm you. Others however are made with toxic chemicals and you will soon be suffering from one side effect after the other.

GNC prides in having a wide range of fat burners that we are going to review shortly.

In my review, I focused on examining the ingredients of each of the fat burners gnc and finding out whether it is really good for your body as well as whether it will work and how it does work.

We will also be examining the reviews of other weight losers who have used the product and what they have to say about them. Though not important, we will also look at the pricing so that we can get you the best value for your money.

So sit tight and be ready to shed off that paunch and replace it with a well chiseled set of abs.

Garcinia Extra


I know most people will say that garcinia cambogia that was once popularized by Dr. Oz is indisputably the king of weight loss. And to some extent, they are right because the supplement really works well and has helped popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Melissa Mccarthy and Jeniffer Hudson get ripped.

However, there is a new supplement in town that has been made with garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones. Garcinia Extra is its name and is one of the best fat burners that you could ever grab.

So, how does garcinia Extra work?

Garcinia Extra is made with garcinia cambogia and rasberry ketones. Garcinia cambogia has been found to contain hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that burns up fat in your body converting it into energy. Taking the supplement therefore, you always feel energetic to work out.

HCA is a thermogenic product that increases the body internal temperature and in this way burning up the fats in your body.

HCA also blocks the enzyme citrate lyase that is usually involved in fat sythensis. This way, you will not be making any more fats but losing them.

At the same time HCA is a natural appetite suppressant. It does this by increasing the level of brain chemical serotonin. You will feel less hunger pangs and this means that you will be able to stay for longer without taking food but still working out.

Garcinia cambogia has also been linked with the detoxification of cholesterol levels in your body which is a plus for people with atherosclerosis or other lifestyle diseases brought about by build up of cholesterol in the body.

Raspberry ketones on the other hand have been linked to the secretion of the hormone adiponectin that reduces your appetite as well as incinerate fat around your tummy.

So why should you take garcinia cambogia extra?

  • It is made with natural products
  • It is highly effective in burning fat and controlling your cravings
  • It sums up the benefits of garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones.
  • Weight losers taking the pills report of having lost 6 to 8 pounds of weight per week.


Alli diet pills


Another potent fat burner, alli diet pills, an over the counter pharmaceutical weight loss solution, have been said to help in weight loss as well as fat burn. Alli pills also known as orlistat work by inhibiting the body from absorbing dietary fats.

Studies show that alli diet pills help people lose twice more weight than what they would have lost had they stuck to dieting alone.

How to take Alli diet pills

Alli diet pills are taken orally thrice in a day. They come in capsules that you are to mix with your fat based foods. If you however eat a no-fat meal, your doctor might advise that you skip the dose since it is so strong and could eat into your stomach linings.

How alli diet pills work

Alli diet pills work by inhibiting the action of enzyme lipase that absorbs dietary fats directly into the body. Without absorption of more fats, you are sure to burn up the rest in your body and therefore lean out.

Fat burners for women who are breastfeeding

In the next section, we will look at fat burners that are cross-cutting: can be used by all as well as postnatal mums who are breastfeeding.

As you all know, breastfeeding is a delicate process in motherhood. Taking the wrong fat burners could affect the growth of the suckling baby if some chemicals find their way to the breast milk or even cut off the milk supply of the mother.

We therefore only reviewed the safest, trusted and proven methods that have been used by postpartum mothers without affecting the milk supply or having chemicals that would affect the growth of the baby.

Best Postnatal Weight Loss Pills

In getting the best postnatal fat burner, we looked at the following factors:

  •                         Does the postnatal fat burner work?

It would be pointless to go for a fat burner that does not work, wouldn’t it? We made sure that what we looked at was effective and not another placebo marketed as a weight loss supplement.

At the same time, we know how hard it is to exercise while nursing, so we were looking for a drug pill that would enable you to lose at least 2lbs per week with minimal workout.

  •                        Is it safe for breastfeeding mothers

Your baby is paramount whether you are pressed to lose weight or not. Therefore milk supply must be constant when you are using the fat burners or not.

  •                       Is it natural or will it have side effects?

At the same time, we do not want those supplements that make you anxious, diarrhea or have other complications like cardiac failure. No, we were looking for weight loss without side effects.

  •                         Does its effects reach the baby?

The weight loss pill should not have its effects reaching the baby. If anything, it is you losing weight. The baby is good looking plump and well nursed.

So we came up with a list of the best postpartum weight loss pills that when taken will not affect milk supply, their chemical components would not reach the baby and do not have side effects.

Best Postpartum weight loss pills that do not affect milk supply

Based on the above rules, we were able to sample through three fat burners i.e phenq, phen375 and unique hoodia.

#1. Phenq

Phenq is a fat loss solution made with natural ingredients such as caffeine and nopal.

phenq weight loss bottle


After reading phenq reviews 2018, you will learn that with this drug, you do not need to work out as it is thermogenic and increases your metabolism naturally while at the same time reducing your appetite.


Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in coffee and tea. Studies have shown that it has thermogenic properties that could help in weight loss. By increasing the internal body temperature, fats are burnt to sustain this energy as well as help you in workout.


Nopal is a cactii like plant which has appetite suppressing properties. Taking it, you would feel less hungry and in this way, you will be able to control your cravings.


#2. Unique Hoodia

Made with hoodia gordonii which is a cactii-like plant growing in the South African deserts, Unique Hoodia suppresses your appetite. Among the Kalahari bushmen, food is scarce. The only plant that is readily available is the hoodia gordonii.

On taking the succulent cuttings of the plant, the Kalahari bushman is able to stay for long without feeling hungry and therefore survive the drought.

Unique hoodia pills stem from this plant. Once a mother takes it, she is able to control her cravings, still feel energetic, produce milk for her baby and burn up fat around her mid-section.

It does not have any side effects that have been proved.

Wrap up on Best Postnatal fat burners GNC

Those were some of the best fat burners we were able to sample. They were natural, no side effects, were effective and they did not cut the milk supply.

Therefore, at the end of the day, both the baby and the mother were happy with the results. You can get more details here on losing weight while breastfeeding without affecting milk supply.

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