Stinging Nettle to Increase Testosterone, Cure Hair Loss and Man boobs, Bodybuilding, Rectify Erectile Dysfunction and as an Estrogen Blocker

how stinging nettle increases testosterone levels

In my post today, I will talk about the benefits of stinging nettle root in boosting your testosterone levels. All my arguments in this post are based on stinging nettle root testosterone studies that have been conducted by various reputable bodies such as the University of Maryland, Harvard University, Medicinenet, Webmd and NCBI.


Testosterone Benefits of Stinging Nettle How it does that
Increase free testosteroneBy binding itself with the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) an therefore freeing testosterone

By inhibiting aromatization that converts free testosterone to estrogen
Cure Hair LossControls DHT which causes hair loss
Cure Erectile dysfunctionBy increasing free testosterone, one feels higher sexual desire and perform better in the act
Cure man boobsMan boobs are caused by increase of estrogen. Nettle extract controls conversion of testosterone to estrogen
Helps in bodybuildingNettle increase testosterone levels that caused build up of muscles

What is stinging nettle?

stinging nettle to increase testosterone

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a green herb growing naturally in European, Asian and African highlands. It does well in nitrogen rich soils and wet climate. Its leaves have this lush green color with hairs on their serrations. If you have ever accidentally touched these hairs, then you know how fiery it can get. The hairs have tiny needles that release a chemical to your skin thus causing the irritating feeling of itch and reddening of the skin. Because of this stinging effect, the plant thus got its name ‘stinging nettle’.

Stinging nettle leaf benefits

The plant leaves have been used for both food and medicinal purposes. The leaves are vegetables for most African families while herbalists have discovered that the leaves and roots can be used to treat arthritis, gout, prostrate enlargement and asthma.


Stinging nettle and testosterone

how stinging nettle increases testosterone levels

Before I explain how nettle root increases your testosterone, I first need to define two terms: free and total testosterone as explained by MayoClinic.


Free and total testosterone

You see your body has a certain amount of testosterone; available in your blood stream or bound by other proteins. This is the total testosterone. When you go for a testosterone test: either blood or saliva testosterone test, the results given to you do not indicate the total testosterone in your body. They show the free testosterone in your blood.

The remainder from the total is bound by body proteins such as the albumin and the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

So when we say that someone has low testosterone, we mean that they have low free testosterone. Their total testosterone might be high but it does not help them.

High testosterone characteristics such as high sex drive, muscle mass, alertness and high focus in your activities are caused by the free testosterone. All testosterone boosting products are primarily focused on increasing your free testosterone rather than the total testosterone.

So how does stinging nettle increase your testosterone levels?

  1. Stinging nettle root extract have been found to bind itself with the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and therefore freeing up testosterone. In this way, you get a boost of your free testosterone levels.

If you were to measure your free testosterone before and after taking nettle root extract for a duration of one week, you would find that the free testosterone levels would go up.

Why? The nettle root extract has bound itself with the SHBG and therefore the SHBG has had to release the testosterone that it had previously attached itself to.


  1. The root extract have also been found to inhibit enzyme aromatase. Now aromatase is a very bad enzyme because it converts free testosterone to estrogen. Now estrogen is the main female hormone and is responsible for fat gain, development of big hips, boobs and generally any femalish tendencies.


Fifteen fatty acids have been tested for aromatase inhibition . Using the categories delineated above, one of the fatty acids, (10E,12Z)-9-oxo-10,12-octadecadienoic acid isolated from Urtica dioica L. (stinging nettle) showed moderate aromatase inhibitory activity….National Centre for Biotechnology Information’

If you are to get rid of these tendencies, you need to first stop the effect of enzyme aromatase. You do this by inhibiting (stopping the action of) it using stinging nettle root extract.


So how does stinging nettle cure erectile dysfunction?

As we pointed out earlier in the homepage, erectile dysfunction is just one of the many low testosterone symptoms. However, it could also be a symptom of other diseases such as diabetes. To be sure that your erectile dysfunction was caused by low testosterone, you need to get a testosterone test.


Once it has been established that your erectile dysfunction is chiefly caused by low testosterone, you can go ahead and start taking nettle extracts alongside other products to free up more testosterone into your body.


Stinging nettle root and hormonal hair loss

We cannot fully talk about hormonal hair loss without mentioning a key hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that is responsible for the hair loss.

Now DHT is a very important hormone in that it causes:

  • Development of the gonads
  • Growth of facial hair

However in excess DHT causes hormonal hair loss or thinning of your hair thus breaking.

DHT is formed by the conversion of free testosterone to DHT. Now, this process is vital in the body since we have seen the benefits of DHT. When it occurs too much though, it is no longer beneficial but dangerous because your body loses the very much needed free testosterone and you could get hormonal hair loss.

Now nettle root extract controls the conversion of testosterone to DHT so that you remain with enough testosterone and you do not lose your hair.

There are other people I have seen on youtube claiming that they were able to regrow their hair after applying nettle on their scalps. I have nothing to say about this since I am yet to try it personally and no study has proved this to be true.

Stinging nettle and how it assists in bodybuilding

The hormone testosterone is responsible for making men muscular. Before puberty, boys and girls almost have the same muscle mass.


Because they have almost the same levels of testosterone and estrogen hormones.

On hitting puberty though, the production of the hormone testosterone in boys spikes up and therefore they are able to gain more muscles as compared to girls who gain more fat, become more rounded because of hormone estrogen.


Unfortunately, certain enzymes in the body such as aromatase are continually converting the free testosterone to estrogen. This is bad news for a man’s muscles. They quickly disappear and in their place, we get fat.


Stinging nettle root as one of the organic estrogen blockers stops the action of enzyme aromatase and in this way, your testosterone is saved from conversion to estrogen.


This has a positive effect on your bodybuilding. You are able to become more muscular.

 Stinging nettle and gynecomastia (man boobs)

stinging nettle for treating man boobs

Man boobs (also known as gynecomastia) are caused by high level of hormone estrogen in your body. We pointed out that the enzyme aromatase converts any free testosterone in your body to estrogen. This way then, you develop man boobs which are nothing but fat tissues around your breast area.

Stinging nettle root extract can rectify this by inhibiting the process of aromatization (conversion of testosterone to estrogen by enzyme aromatase).


Dosage: How to take stinging nettle

Stinging nettle leaf and root extracts can either be taken in beverage form or in foods. In their study, the NCBI found out that the nettle root extract SHBG binding starts at 0.6mg/ml and is complete 10mg/ml of the aqueous nettle concentration.

the nettle root extract SHBG binding starts at 0.6mg/ml and is complete 10mg/ml of the aqueous nettle concentration.

They also said that alcohol extract of the nettle does not work and therefore you should only mix nettle with water.

Green tea

Add nettle leaves extract into your tea or coffee . Other than the thermogenic weight loss benefits of caffeine from coffee or tea, you will also be benefiting for the stinging nettle in the mix. In this way, you will be burning your candle from both edges: increasing testosterone as well as losing weight.

Food spices

Nettle extracts can be added into your food to act as spices. Personally, I usually add the extract just when the food is about to cook.


If you are into detox smoothies for weight loss, you could incorporate the powdered leaf extracts of the plant into your daily smoothie diet. The aqueous nettle (mixed with water) have been found to be the best in binding with the SHBG and as such, you should mix it with water and drink.

nettle smoothie


We are living in a supplement rich world. Most organizations targeting to sell testosterone rich products are using nettle extracts after discovering how potent it is. One of this is testogen. You can see the product here and its ingredient composition which include nettle extract zinc, magnesium, tribulus terrestris and d aspartic acid.

testogen review

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