Phenq Reviews:The Best of 2018[UPDATED]

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My oh my, Stubborn fat, What do I do?

I first stumbled over phenq when I was looking for the best fat burner that would help me burn stubborn fats that seemed not to go no matter how hard I trained. So I joined a few weight loss forums and almost everybody was talking about this wonderful supplement and how it helped them lose love handles and pot bellies. I was completely sold but knowing that they could have been paid to promote the products, I decided to wait and see real reviews of people who had used the diet pill.

Ghislain before and after pictures

Why you need to read these phenq reviews?

Okay, so you’re a bachelor or young single lady who has no time to cook. Or not one of those but such a busy person with a tight schedule that you rarely have time to cook in your house. So the best option for you is junkies. Junkies are the new bae. So you take junkies Monday through Sunday. You even dream of junkies in your sleep. But then, overweight knocks and you start running helter skelter looking for a good organic fat burner.

Lets face it, nobody wants to be obese, fat and shapeless, but it’s becoming almost unavoidable and that is why you need to read phenq reviews.

I had the problem of binge eating junks too; coming from job each evening, passing by the fries and grabbing some, picking snacks at an adjacent shop before going ahead to my place.

It became a trend and before I knew it, there I was: bulging and looking all plump with an ugly, protruding pot belly. It can be really embarrassing.

Till I got to hear about PhenQ, and my life once again got a ray of hope.

Charlotte after using phenq

What you need to know about Phenq ?

It is a weight loss pill as well as an organic fat burner whose power equals multiple weight loss supplements.

Why is that so? 

The drug does not just focus on one element of your weight loss, like most of these other weight loss supplements online that are being sold by every Tom, Dick and Harry who owns a blog and can type the phrase ‘weight loss’ on their keyboards.

No, this is a solution that works from all angles to give you that body you deserve. In a short period of time, PhenQ weight loss pills have proved helpful helping over 190,000 customers get that body they were dying for.

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What do these weight loss pills do?

The pill combines numerous weight loss benefits that help you get those abs, and the slim body you’ve always desired; such a great dieting formula. Imagine taking one pill, to do what should have been done by, say six different pills!

How is this possible?

Well, the pill:

  • -Is a unique new slimming product which gives you the best results over any other weight loss supplement.
  • -Burns stored fats in your body, hence revealing that killer body you’ve always had, blocked by the fats. It does this by boosting your body’s metabolic and thermogenic rates.
  • -Also has an effect on your appetite, and it suppresses it such that you don’t eat a lot, consequently cutting calories.
  • -After burning the existing fats in your body, it blocks production of more fats in your body and this stops any more weight gain.
  • -Improves your moods as well as your energy levels, with the easey weight loss.
  • -Is a very high-quality weight loss formula produced in the US and UK in GMP and FDA approved facilities.

Combine all these benefits, all in one pill, and know why Phenq weight loss pills are the run-to solution. It makes loss of weight simple, straight forward and financially speaking, it saves you the hustle of going for many pills!

Phenq makes weight loss a simple, straight forward case.

Stubborn fat, alpha 2 receptors and beta 2 receptors

Do you have stubborn fat around the belly that will simply not go despite how hard you try to get rid of it? Maybe you have joined a gym or are working out at home using the best gym equipment for abs. You eat healthily avoiding any too fatty food and those that are full of carbs. Yes, you concentrate on proteins, vitamins and lots of water.

Despite everything that you are doing, the fat seems not to go away. So you listen to some online motivational talks and read nice books that tell you to push on. Time flies but oops, no results. Any time you look at yourself on the dressing mirror, you are met by this big belly and love handles that never seem to go away.

Well, the truth is that some of those fats will simply never go away. It is not you who is exercising wrongly but it is your body which will not shed them unless you do things differently and first understand why things are happening they way they are.

Alpha 2 receptors and beta 2 receptors

Your body cells have very many receptors; those that take up oxygen, those that take up pathogens, those that take up senses, those that take up food, those that take up antibiotics and those that take up fats.

Let’s concentrate on those that take up fats. They are either alpha 2 receptors or beta 2 receptors. Alpha 2 receptors take up fats and shelve them from destruction while beta 2 receptors take up the lipids and have them broken down. If the alpha 2 receptors are hyperactive, then we have a disaster. They take up so much fats that will never get burnt no matter how hard you train or how much you check your diet. This explains why some obese people continue remaining that way despite how hard they train or how healthily they eat. Their fat metabolism is just too low.

With hyperactive beta 2 receptors, the story is different. You will be able to break down fats quickly no matter how unhealthy you eat. This just explains why some lean guys always remain lean despite how much they binge eat and remain sedentary.

Now the question is: What do I do if I have over-active alpha 2 receptors or inactive beta 2 receptors?

The good thing is that you are not totally doomed to your obesity. Yes, there are some alpha 2 receptor blockers that make it hard for the alpha 2 receptors to hold on to fats. They include yohimbine and eviodamine–both in performix sst.

You could also activate your beta 2 receptors so that they can increase your fat metabolism. You can do this using phenq which is an agonist of beta 2 receptors.

Why use the supplement?

  • It has the full support of science.
  • It’s main component is a-Lacys Reset, whose ability to decrease both weight and body fat has been proven by extensive clinical studies. It even increases muscle mass, proving to be one of the best. When compared with people who use a placebo and other ingredients, Phenq users lost 7.24% of their body fat, 3.44% of their body weight and 3.805 of their body mass!
  • It is also a great product that will suppress your appetite and in this way will help you to lose weight by eating less and feeling satisfied. You can see other anorectic supplements here.
  • It is actually one of the diet pills being used by many celebrities so that they can get ripped. You can check other celebrity weight loss secret diet pills here.
  • We have also named it as one of the supplements to get ripped in 4 weeks.

What else does the pill contain?

phenq ingredients

It has Capsimax powder

This is a blend of Capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin (vitamin B3).All natural products, right? The Capsicum pepper plant and the piperine (popularly called black pepper) have strong thermogenic properties that increase your body heat, which in turn helps slim your body.By increasing thermogenesis these ingredients help your body burn more fat, with piperine stopping formation of more cells.

capsicum is found in phenq

It has calcium Carbonate

We all know Calcium, good for teeth and bones, but it’s benefits go past that. Studies indicate that it encourages your cells to store less fat cells by telling them that the body already is well nourished and needs to restore fats no more. Smart, isn’t it? A study carried out using obese adults who were put under a calcium supplement diet showed that in six months, they lost so much body weight and body fat that it was actually hard to tell them after the six months of the experiment.

Chromium Picolinate

This is an essential mineral naturally found in meat, vegetables and grains. Chromium is helpful in curbing sugar and carb cravings as it helps your body control your blood sugar levels.

When you eat foods with sugar and carbs, the sugar is absorbed into your cells to be used for energy, but once the sugar is enough, you immediately stop craving it! This means that your body takes what it needs, in the helpful amount, literally.

Cornel University carried out an eight-week study and it was discovered that Chromium supplementation reduced appetite and carb cravings in people with depression.


In so many weight loss supplements and energy drinks, caffeine is always somewhere, right? A good reason for this is that as a stimulant, it increases alertness, focus and reduces fatigue.

As a result, this improves performance in any exercise routine. It also makes you feel less hungry, increases thermogenesis in your body hence boosting the fat burning process. Researchers at Webmd have said that thermogenesis is important for weight loss and that is why they push for coffee and healthy tea


This cactus has got high fibre, which helps one gain more control over their hunger. Besides, it’s extremely rich in Amino Acids, which provide you with the much needed energy along your weight loss journey. Finally, it helps flush out any fluids from your tissues into your bloodstream, helping reduce the extra weight gained by fluid retention.

I-Carnite Furmarate

This is a naturally occurring amino acid found in red meat, veges and nuts. It helps turn the fat stores in your body into energy, which means you won’t just burn the fats but also combat fatigue caused by dieting.

Does Phenq  have Side Effects?

The pill uses 100% natural and safe ingredients, which means it has got no side effects!

How to take the Pills

Each bottle has sixty pills, which will last you for a month (a pill with breakfast, a pill with lunch). If you are a postnatal woman, not breastfeeding, take the phenq pills as advised above. This postnatal fat burner is natural and will not affect your milk supply.

How and where to buy PhenQ?

So far, the supplement can be purchased via their official website Payments can be via mastercard, Visa, American express and Skrill. Once you place an order, it is shipped freely to anywhere in the world within 48 hours.

Does the organic fat burner have a guarantee?

Yes, the organic fat burner has a guarantee of sixty days.

Will the supplement give me Immediate Weight Loss After Pregnancy?

Yes. The pills are uniquely designed to incinerate all the excess subcutaneous and visceral fats from your body. As an organic fat burner, the postpartum diet pills give you an assurance that you will be lean in a matter of less than six months.

If you would like to know more reasons why I advocate for phenq especially for nursing mothers, you can see my 8 reasons why you should try phenq.

What to eat to lose weight after pregnancy

While we can advise you to eat well after pregnancy, we cannot give you an exact diet plan since everyone is unique and has different metabolic needs. However, a visit to the local nutritionist will help since they will be able to design a meal plan with you. All you need not forget is these postnatal weight loss pills.

What helps you Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Other than a well designed diet plan, taking the  postnatal diet pills and exercising, you need to exercise discipline since with discipline you will not be tempted to overlook your weight loss goals.

Phenq Reviews and results

When browsing through the drug reviews and success stories, I stumbled on this pictures of people before and after their usage of the supplement. Look at the before and after pictures and make the decision on whether or not to buy the drug.

Here we go:

Ghislain before and after pictures
Lost 11lbs in one month!
how effective is phenq: valerie answers
Valerie lost 20lbs in 5 months

And since weight loss is mostly a preserve of women, I would not have concluded my research without listening to the following women. Look what they had to say:

After using Phenq, I feel more confident and I can even wear a bikini: Mary

Phenq helped me burn stubborn fat burn. I will continue using it: April

To cap it all,  you can check this video about a girl Kyra and how she was able to lose weight using this amazing product. Once you are sold that the supplement is indeed a great product, you can go right ahead and buy phenq.

Is the drug safe to use?

Before buying the pills, I was a little bit anxious because I thought that I was poisoning my body with loads of chemicals. Would it cause bodily harm in me? What would happen when I stopped using the  tablets–would I  have a problem like the guys who use bulking steroids and end up getting acne?

Well, I saw my nutritionist and they gave me the go-ahead to use the  pills. He assured me that the supplement has no side effects, is effective and has been approved by the fda.

At the same time, I was able to go through many phenq reviews and found out that the pills are really superior and work in a short period producing awesome results.

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