Phenq Insomnia Side Effect–Why I did not like Phenq

phenq side effects--sleeplessness

We have been hearing nothing but positive reviews of phenq. So, today we do something different. We hear from John who has a phenq negative review. John complains that the supplement made him sleepless and anxious because of the much caffeine in the product. He also felt that the weight loss was pretty slow for him. Over to you John:

Thanks Jim for hosting me. Other bloggers would not have me in their platform because they felt that by writing a negative review, I would be spoiling their businesses. But here you are allowing me to write about the supplement’s side effects.

So a friend tells me that phenq would do me good in burning up stubborn fat around my belly and since I do trust him, I go ahead and take the pills. They are 60 tablets in the pack and the website says that they will help me lose weight in 30 days. Every day, I ought to take 2 pills.

Why I did a phenq negative review

1.       Sleeplessness
2.       Slow Weight loss
3.       Anxiety because of the too much caffeine

Ingredients of the pill

The phenq pills are made with capsimax powder, chromium piccolinate, nopal, piperine and caffeine. As I go through the various studies on these ingredients, they all claim that they work by incinerating all stubborn fats in my body. They say that I will be able to not only burn the fats but also suppress my appetite so that I eat less amounts of food and still feel full as well as give me energy to workout. This lures me to buying 2 packs because I want to really lose weight.

You see I have been battling with obesity since birth. My parents tried everything but nothing seems to work. I just had a high appetite and putting food away from me as a toddler was a big fight. Growing and going to high school, I feel that I am different. My big body as a teenager finally makes me feel self-conscious about my body. As all the other schoolmates are getting girlfriends and hanging out with them, I find it hard to associate with any girl. I end up a loner and feel depressed. Every girl and boy ridicules me for the big belly saying that I look like am 50 years old.

In retaliation, I become violent. I am the school bully and anyone who ridicules me faces the music. At one time I smash a boy and he stays in the ICU for one month. Am grounded and punished. Through that one month, I decide to change. What if I become leaner and take command of my body. What if I stop binge eating and leading a sedentary life of binge watching cartoons and playing video games all day.

The one month was a reflective time for me. So, I decide to come up with a meal plan and workout schedule. It is at this time that a friend advises me on the magic of phenq. And I buy the two packs

Using the diet pill and the Weekly Results

Week 1: I am not feeling anything different. I am dieting and doing my workouts. The friend pushes me to go on since the results he says, will start showing in subsequent weeks.

Week 2: I start feeling energetic to exercise

Week 3: I have lost 2lbs and this is a small win for me Week: Lost 4lbs since I started taking phenq.

However, I am insomniatic and I feel anxious all the time. I ask the friend what could be wrong and he tells me that it is because of the caffeine.

Why I did not like phenq?

Though phenq is effective, I did not like it because of the sleeplessness. I was taking one pill in the morning and another in the evening. I understand because of the caffeine, I felt insomniatic. And so every day when I would go to school, I looked sleepy and tired. Teachers warned me and suspended me. But because I continued taking the second pack, the insomnia would not stop. I also feel anxious all the time. I do not know where this nervousness came from.

At the same time, phenq is only available from their official store. You will not find phenq at gnc, amazon or walmart which are the trusted online stores that I like buying stuff from

sleeplessness from phenq caffeine
I was Sleepless and Restless

Lesson learnt

If you are to take phenq, make sure that you do not take the pills after 3.00pm. Why, they will cause you to have sleepless nights and look red-eyed the next day. While this was on the instructions manual, I just ignored it and I have learnt the hard way.

Again, phenq is not a magic pill. It works slowly and if you are not patient, you will give up midway and this does indeed suck, doesn’t it?

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