PERFORMIX SST v2X Suspension Super Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

When you want an upsurge of energy while working out to lose that tummy, those unlovely love handles and boost your core muscles, this supplement comes in handy. Made with caffeine as the main ingredient, the product gives you strength to exercise as well as incinerate fats.

Made with powerful ingredients, this is my best gnc fat burning pill. I would however not advise this to be taken by any pregnant mother since the effects can reach your baby and you surely do not want that.

Main Product Ingredients of PERFORMIX SST v2X Suspension Super Thermogenic Fat Burner


Other than inducing thermogenesis which the production of body internal heat to burn fat and produce energy, Medline has found out that caffeine is also an appetite suppressant.


My story with pepper dates back to 2000 when I was a young boy and I always noticed that my grandmother, who is really a slim old woman, loved putting pepper in all her foods. Asking her why she always did so, she replied that the hot pepper used to burn up all fats in her body. Well, since she was not educated, I thought that she was just fibbing. Later on though in a nutrition class, I realized that my illiterate granny was right all that time. She might not have read the Journal of Nutrition to know this but she was right. You should see her now, at 90, but she has never suffered from weight gain or anything close to that. All thanks to piperine!


An alkaloid found in the Camella Kucha plant, theacrine has been put in many dieatary supplements for its stimulating effects. A study conducted to show its effects on energy and mood of some young men and women showed that when the product is combined with caffeine, it outdid placebo-treated respondents since it boosted the mood as well as energy of the respondents who were treated with this combination.

Another study found out that the supplement actually gives one better mental performance and could therefore be actually used as a nootropic. Another study here showed that the product is safe to use for boosting energy and improving mood.


For those who have tried losing weight, there are some fats that seem never to go away no matter how much you try. We call them stubborn fats and for men, they are around your tummy while for women, they are at your hips and love handles. You exercise and do all forms of yoga but they just refuse to go away. Why? Well they have a high concentration of a2 receptors that make it hard for fat burning (lyposis).

alpha receptors

With Yohimbine though, that should not be an issue. Yohimbine is an a2 receptors blocker such that your body will be able to metabolize even those stubborn fats. Studies show that yohimbine has no side effects.


Just like yohimbine, kinetiq has been found to assist in burning the adamant fats around your waist that refused to budge even after all those gym sessions you attended.


Eviodamine helps in weight loss by introducing its antiobesity effects just like capsaicin. A study involving mice fed on fatty foods while others had a dose of eviodamine in their fatty foods showed that those which got the eviodamine treatment did not become obese as opposed to those just fed on fat.

What I loved about PERFORMIX SST v2X Suspension Super Thermogenic Fat Burner

  • Other than the energy you get for exercising, the caffeine makes you more alert throughout your activities.
  • After using up the pack, you are assured of a leaner body and if you were seriously hitting the gym, you should be seeing a well-chiseled abs.
  • My wife was able to get rid of those love handles.
  • I no longer have a paunch. The stubborn fats got a beating from yohimbine and kinetiq.
  • I googled all the ingredients in the product and found out that they are good for weight loss. I also found out that combining theacrine and caffeine gives you a boost of energy as well as stimulate your body with a dose of dopamine making you eager to work it out in the gym, yohimbine burns stubborn fat in your body while eviodamine reduces anti-obesity effects even when you eat unhealthy fats.


What I didn’t like about PERFORMIX SST v2X Suspension Super Thermogenic Fat Burner

  • When I first used Performix SST, I was really hungry and eager to burn fat around my tummy. So I decided to take 2 servings though the product label specifies that you take one per day. I was hungry for results, you know. Well, I felt strong but the problem was lack of sleep. Due to the too much caffeine in the product, I was insomniac the whole night and this really affected my performance at work and even in the gym. My body also became stubborn to the effects of the supplement and would not give me that needed upsurge. So, I stopped taking them altogether for a few weeks.
  •  Later on, I decided to follow instructions and I cannot regret. So, my word of advice, take one serving. Yes, just one is enough.
  • I really sweat alot and had to drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

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