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You are tired of weight loss placebos that never work.

You are tired of being ridiculed about your weight problem.

You are tired of always having to sweat and gasp for breath whenever you do a small task.

Does that sound like you? Well, you need serious help losing weight.

Today, I am going to tell you how you can get shredded using the most serious weight loss pills that always work. I will review some of the best how to lose weight fast naturally and permanently methods that you can use to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks.

After writing the title of this blog post, I noticed that I over-used the word serious and I would have edited it but it occurred to me that this post should only be read by serious people. People who have reached the end of their weight loss trials.

People who are serious about losing weight and do not want another motivational bull-shit. They want to take serious action about their weight. And so the title ‘I need serious help losing weight’ is very apt because it best describes them.

In this post on how to seriously lose weight and tone up, we will look at the following weight loss pills and tips:

  1. Di.et– a weight loss guide
  2. Unique hoodia– an appetite suppressant
  3. Garcinia Cambogia– appetite suppressant/fat burner
  4. Forskolin 250– fat metabolizer
  5. Phenq- postnatal weight loss
  6. Zotrim– fat burner
  7. Adiphene– metabolizer
serious weight loss pills
                        A well sculpted body is not too hard to get

Just as a heads up, they make up hollywood celebrity weight loss secret pills.

What You will find in our list of  serious weight loss pills

In selecting our list of serious weight los pills, we were interested in the following:

  1. A weight loss solution to help you learn how to lose weight fast naturally and permanently.
  2. A weight loss solution that would reduce your appetite and cravings
  3. A solution that would speed up your metabolic rate enabling you to have quick burn up of calories into energy
  4. A weight loss solution that was affordable and effective.
  5. A safe weight loss program



Lets dive into the serious weight loss pills. But before that, there is a unique weight loss guide di.et.



Do you want to lose 15 pounds in 15 days. Well, di.et is your best weight loss guide.

What is di.et?

Di.et is an amazing weight loss program created by weight loss industry leaders and personal trainers who have taken up the task to advise you on workable ways to lose weight fast naturally and permanently within 15 days.

They will advise you to fortify your meals with supplements such as whey protein, fish oil, BCAAs and cleanse tea that work to get you shredded in the shortest time possible.

Let’s say that you want to attend a certain wedding in 2 weeks but the hot dress you bought will simply not get in. Do not worry. Do not cancel the wedding attendance. No, go online and buy di.et program, follow it religiously and you will fit in sexily in that dress.


  • With di.et you are able to lose 15 pounds in 15 days
  • Other than act as weight loss guide,  di.et helps you get rid of cellulite
  • Knowledge is power. With di.et, avoid all other noisy trainers who are all out to rip off your money with strategies that never work. Be equipped with this guide that will help you know the supplements to take to get ripped.


-Di.et is not a supplement but a guide. You have to buy supplements and diet foods from the local stores. Thankfully, it only tells you to buy inexpensive foods.


Buy Di.et


Amazon also has its host of products. Find them here:

Product Name
Keto Cocoa

Keto cocoa is a sugar free, gluten free drink that helps in weight loss management.

Use it to kill your cravings for sugary beverages and junks
Thermogenic meaning that it will burn up fats fast

Suppress your appetite.
- You will have to use it alongside other supplements to see fast results
Trans4orm is a thermogenic weight loss product that helps your body to quickly transform with natural clean energy.- Speeds up metabolism
-Burns up stored fats giving you energy to exercise
-Contains caffeine for coffee lovers thereby suppressing your appetite for it.
- Works fast leaving you with lean muscle mass
- Has caffeine which could cause sleep disorders
Burn XT
- When you want to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks female, here is your product. Burn XT works like a charm-all ingredients are safe, NSF and cGMP certified
-Scientifically proven to work
- Only available on amazon
Alli diet pills
- For every 5 pounds you lose with diet/exercise, alli helps you lose 3 more pounds- FDA approved- Not for use by under 18years

Forskolin 250


Old as weight loss itself, forskolin has been in the supplement market for a very long time. It is arguably the best bet you can go with weight loss.

Pure forskolin is found in the native Coleous Forskohli roots that help burn up fat as well as increase ones metabolic rate by triggering your body to release more lipase, an enzyme that breaks up fats to energy.

Why buy forskolin

Forskolin will help your body to lose weight fast naturally and permanently through the action of the enzymes lipase.

Forskolin helps your body lose fat while still retaining your body mass


When you want to lose 40 pounds in 2 months without exercise, forskolin 250 is your thing because it is able to burn fats devoid of any workouts that you do.

Forskolin has been proven to work and the testimonials given by satisfied clients go to show this.


-Guaranteed to work

-Has a great pricing model where you can benefit from their amazing coupon codes and offers.


-Forskolin is made up of only one product forskolin root unlike other weight loss products.


Buy Forskolin 250




Phenq is my personal best fat burner. I say this because of the history I have with the supplement.

My wife had just delivered. Before pregnancy, she had this killer body frame that attracted me to her. After pregnancy and her cravings, the killer figure was nowhere to be seen.

She was also low-esteemed. Looking at the mirror, she could not believe that what she was looking at was her image. Her dresses would not fit.

Infact, they would not go past the neckline.

Going out with her became difficult. Not that I was ashamed of her. But she was so self-conscious and said that she would ruin my image.

She also went on a social media rampage posting about her body and weight problems. ” I need serious help losing weight” read her tweets and Facebook updates.

I had to do something really fast before the whole world knew what she was going through.

I looked for the best postnatal fat burner and stumbled on phenq. Phenq appealed to me as the best way how to lose weight while breastfeeding without affecting milk supply because of the following:

  1. Phenq contains natural ingredients and as such no side effects
  2. Phenq is effective. Got her ripped in a matter of 2 months
  3. Phenq is affordable. Just see the amazing phenq coupon codes and other offers here.


1.Highly effective making it a serious weight loss pills

2. Best postnatal fat burner ever

3. Contains safe ingredients so no worry using it.


Only available on the merchant website

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Garcinia Extra

Another amazing fat incinerator, garcinia extra burns all types of fats be they visceral or subcutaneous giving you that lean body you have been dreaming about. Garcinia Extra is made with garcinia cambogia, a renown natural fat burner


-Made with garcinia cambogia which is a world renowned fat burner

-Garcinia gives you tighter abs, firm body and well toned legs.

-Garcinia extra contains raspberry ketones a product that has been found to increase the metabolic rate and as such fasten weight loss.


Only available in the merchant website.

Should be taken with great diet and workout.

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Zotrim makes weight loss a simple arithmetic game such that : eat well + exercise +zotrim =weight loss

It does this by chiefly reducing your cravings. With your cravings suppressed, you always feel satisfied even after downing a small morsel of food


  • Best appetite suppressant ever


  • You still need exercises and great diet to lose weight with Zotrim.


Buy Zotrim


Adiphene is made of 12 weight loss products. It works to reduce food appetite, reduce fat absorption in the body and increasing body metabolism burning up all stored fats.

Pros of adiphene

-Works in different ways to promote weight loss


You still need exercises for it to work.

Only available online.


Buy Adiphene

Unique Hoodia

Made from the cacti like plant of South African deserts, Unique Hoodia will reduce your appetite cravings


  • Reduce your callorie intakes with Unique Hoodia
  • Control your snacking


Only shown to control appetite. Not shown to burn fats


Buy Unique Hoodia


Wrap up

With such a collection of amazing weight loss supplements, you will be spoilt for choice. After you buy and use the product, kindly get back to us and tell us how the experience was.

You can also comment below on whether the serious weight loss pills were really serious in getting you shredded.

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