Men Menopause– What Do you Need to Know

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One question that I have heard asked in many male forums is ‘do men menopause?’ This has lately been aggravated by Time Magazine’s article titled Men Menopause. And wait for this—THEY DO. Men menopause is as well-known as andropause. Another question that had been doing rounds in this field is ‘where can I get cheap testosterone boosting products on low budget’


Men menopause occurs instantaneously when the testosterone levels start decreasing between the ages of 40 and 55, and continue decreasing at a gradual rate, until testosterone levels fall more drastically after age 60. The male menopause though is a little bit different from women menopause in that while females have a drastic cut in hormone production, men have theirs gradually declining. Again, it is not all who have menopause.

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Signs that you are having a men menopause include:

  • Blunting of hypothalamic-pituitary feedback loop
  • Sensitivity to androgenic hormones
  • Decreased Leydig cell aggregate
  • Decreased serum testosterone
  • Decreased testicular function
  • Reduced mental and physical components of sexual arousal
  • Decreased ejaculatory pressure
  • Decreased semen capacity and viscosity
  • Decreased urethral and prostatic contractions
  • Increased sexual refractory periods



Men at the menopause stage also experience swollen or tender breasts (gynecomastia), decreased testicle size, loss of body hair and hot flashes. Low levels of testosterone associated with men menopause have also been linked to osteoporosis. This is a state where your bones turn out to be weak and brittle. These are infrequent symptoms. They naturally affect men at the matching age as that of women entering menopause.




How to treat men menopause

The opening step in treatment of men menopause is at all times to try and boost testosterone levels in the patience. Well, this can be done by natural means which involve lifestyle changes:

  • Hit the gym and start exercising.


  • Testosterone undergoes a progression known as aromatization, where it’s changed to estrogen through chemical processes. This process takes place mainly in the fat tissue, therefore decreasing the body fat and increasing muscle mass. As a result, there will be an increase in testosterone levels. If you would like a testosterone product which is a legal steroid turning men into beasts, you can get it right here.



  • Cut down on alcohol and reduce stress levels can as well aid in treating men menopause. Alcohol and stress also contribute to lower testosterone levels in the human body.



  • Men menopause can also be treated by the use of natural products such as herbal testosterone supplements. They are acknowledged to have beneficial effects on male menopause symptoms. A precise quantity of each ingredient is blended to become a specific formula. High quality supplements have each of the ingredients tested at the molecular to determine and attest their benefits and how they interact is observed in order to be sure they are compatible. They will also have been made to meet pharmaceutical standards. The herbal ingredients are standardized herbal extracts. All of this helps to guarantee their safety, their effectiveness and effectiveness. Use of herbal is also branded to have less side effects. One of these natural ingredients which is a testosterone boosting products on low budget for treating men menopause is crazy bulk whose review can be found here. The post will clearly answer the question, do crazy bulk products work.



  • After all the above-mentioned treatment fails, medical therapy in the form of Testosterone Replacement, is the next option. Testosterone replacement therapy can be done via injections, patches, gels and or tablets. Using testosterone replacement therapy tablets is more appropriate, give healthier and more predictable result, and also come with less side effects. The best method of replacement therapy will depend on the victims’ preferences and lifestyle. Again, it’s worthwhile for the victim to discuss with his medical physician, for him or her to indicate the best treatment method.

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Bodybuilding  steroids and prostrate cancer

Medical research shows that there is compelling evidence that prostrate cancer effects are worse off in men who are on bodybuilding steroids. Androgenic hormones have the role of developing the prostrate. When one is suffering from prostrate cancer and they happen to take anabolic steroids, the steroids go ahead to stimulate for the production of testosterone which is in itself an androgen go on to develop the prostate cancer making it have adverse effects on your body.


Men having prostrate cancer are therefore advised against taking bodybuilding supplements and anabolic steroids since this products will aggravate your cancer levels.


Testosterone Boosting products on low budget

Thankfully, men who are facing the dangers of andropause or what is popularly known as menopause can get their testosterone boosting solutions on low budget. Crazy bulk, marine muscle and testogen are products that are uniquely designed for that low income earner who would like to boost their testosterone. If you go through the testogen review 2017 for example, you will find amazing testogen promo codes.

Yes, being broke is no excuse for you to have low libido, an ugly body physique, having man boobs or being fatigued for the better part of the day. No, these bodybuilding steroids for men on low budget will get you ripped and strong even after coughing some few coins as opposed to those expensive high end bodybuilding products.

Crazy bulk and marine muscle have a wide pool of cheap testosterone boosting products on low budget for you to choose from. You do not have to buy the entire stack since most of the packs have the same adaptability and functionality. No, you can as well buy one of the bulking stack if bulking is all you need, get a cutting stack if that is what you are looking for or buy the cheap strength stack if strength is what you are looking for.




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