Shooting Blanks! Is there any medicine to increase sperm count and seminal motility?

medicine for low sperm count and seminal motility

“Hello, I cannot make my wife pregnant. Is there a way around this? Doctor said that I have low sperm count”





“Hello, I cannot make my wife pregnant. Is there a way around this? Doctor said that I have low sperm count”

That was an email that someone sent me a few days and it forms my today’s post.

Shooting Blanks: Societal pressure and ridicule

Infertility is a very tough situation to deal with. Whether you are a man or a woman.

If you are an infertile woman, you face societal pressure from left, right and center since people want you to give birth and raise a progeny. If you a man on the other hand, you face psychological trauma since you are ridiculed for shooting blanks. Your friends see you as the laughing stock and all these make you feel ‘half man’.

So you will forever spend time on the internet and in medical circles asking whether there are drugs that you could take to remedy your situation. You want a male enhancement pill that will work out fast.

Low sperm count

medicine for low sperm count and seminal motility

While male infertility can be caused by a myriad of reasons, chief among them is low sperm count, a condition called oligospermia.

Low sperm count means that yes, you do produce sperms but they lack the numbers,the quality and the necessary movement to impregnate a woman. It can be devastating and most men facing the problem do not open up to others and this ends up in depression and even suicide.

But what is the cause of low sperm count?

Doctors say that Low sperm count can be caused by anything such as injury, sperm duct blockage, testicular cancer, undescended testes or low testosterone levels. Other causes according to Mayoclinic could be:

  • Heavy metal exposure

If you work in a place where you are in constant touch with heavy metals such as lead, you could get oligospermia.

  • High temperatures in the scrotal area

You are advised against taking baths in a hot tub too often since this could lead to low sperm count

  • Over-exposure to x-rays could cause oligospermia.
  • Bad Lifestyle and occupation

Use of drugs,alcohol and cigarette smoke have all been linked to low sperm count.

Jobs such as welding, truck driving or the laptop lifestyle have also been linked to oligospermia since they tend to overheat the testicles.

Emotional stress and weight gain have also been linked to the condition.

How can it be remedied?

1.Invitro fertilisation

If the doctors find out that your semen has a zero sperm count, they will examine you to see whether you have a sperm duct blockage. If this is proved to be true, they will recommend that you try in vitro fertilization since you cannot fertilize normally.

In cases where your sperm duct is blocked, your testes do produce sperms but they do not find their way out. Therefore, your only way to fertilize a woman would be through in vitro fertilization.

2.Testosterone Therapy Replacement

If doctors find out that you have low sperm count and bad seminal motility, they will recommend a testosterone replacement therapy or taking of anabolic steroids so as to boost your testosterone levels.

3. D Aspartic Acid and Tribulus Terrestris

Extracts such as D aspartic acid and tribulus terrestris could also be used in curing low sperm count and poor seminal motility. Research has shown that use of D aspartic acid was able to improve the conception rate of 30 men by 26.6% by improving their seminal motility and boosting their libido.

Tribulus terrestris has also been found to improve ones sperm count as well as quality of sperms produced. It is also a cure for erectile dysfunction.

The two extracts are available in testogen pills which we have reviewed here.

testogen review

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How to prevent oligospermia?

Before it strikes, you want to prevent low sperm count as much as possible.

So how do you do it? You can do a lifestyle change by avoiding the following:

  • Avoid smoke
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Steer away from drugs
  • Avoid emotional stress
  • Avoid clothes or jobs that might overheat your testicles. If they are your sources of livelihood, steer away from overexposing the nut region to the excess heat
  • Maintain a good weight

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