The nine long months of pregnancy are over and you are there holding the bundle of joy. The baby’s smile radiates your day and gives you so much joy. However, when you go to your dressing room, the mere reflection of your physique on the dressing mirror gives you jitters.

It suddenly dawns on you that no longer have that killer figure 8 body frame. No, it is long gone and replaced by this lousy baby weight that seems to suffocate everything around you.

You look big and hate it. Your awesome maiden body that made many a men drool over you and ogle as you strutted from one place to the other is nowhere to be seen. Your stomach is saggy and full of stretch marks; things that make you hate yourself so much.


You immediately make a decision that you want to lose 10 pounds while breastfeeding your young one. 10 pounds or even more in less than six months. You however do not know the average time to lose baby weight and as such are not sure whether you will be able to achieve this before you report back to your office job. At the same time, you do not know the best postnatal fat burner gnc. Do not worry, we shall help you out.

Phenq for breastfeeding and weight loss after 6 months

Yes, it is true. With phenq tablets, breastfeeding and weight loss after six months is really possible. It has infact been proven and as such, you can go right ahead and try it.

This article on phenq postnatal weight loss pills will guide on you how you can get that maiden lean body back in the least time possible.


The first step however in your slim fast while breastfeeding journey is acceptance. You have to accept that you are where you are because of the baby. And babies are cute beings, aren’t they? So, do not beat yourself wondering why you could not suppress your appetites and cravings while pregnant. No, you needed that much food for that little cute being.

So congratulate yourself first on being a mother. Once you accept that, you will be able to forge the next steps in losing weight after baby without interrupting the baby’s milk supply.


Deal with it

To slim fast while breastfeeding, you need a potent postnatal fat burner that will get you where you want in the shortest time possible. Thankfully, we have phenq weight loss pills that will prove awesome and invaluable in your weight loss after pregnancy. They have infact been nicknamed as the immediate weight loss pills after pregnancy because of their effectiveness and guarantee of quality.

Phenq postpartum supplements work to:

  1. Curb appetite while breastfeeding
  2. As a postnatal fat burner, they incinerate all the visceral and subcutaneous fats in your body leaving you leaner and with lots of energy for milk supply.


Phenq coupon code 2017 for mothers who want to lose baby weight

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How Long Does it take to lose weight while using phenq post natal weight loss pills

From the customer reviews that we have gone through as well as from control studies that we have conducted, it will take you six months to lose all baby weight while breastfeeding. And you do not have to worry that your baby milk supply will be affected. No, phenq is a herbal fat burner and as such contains only natural ingredients that will not affect your milk supply nor affect the baby.

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