[TOP] 2 of the best Indian medicine to increase sperm count [2018]

If you have ever faced any form of male infertility, then you know how depressing it can get. Every man wants to leave a lineage before they die. We all want to leave a seed; a protégé that is going to replace us once we inevitably breath our last.


Maybe it is her…

So young men are curious and eager to get the chance to sow their seeds on fertile soil once they find the right girl. It is therefore discouraging years down the line of a marriage for a man to realize that no seed is sprouting after all his nocturnal labors. The first thought is that the girl has a problem. Maybe she aborted so many times that she destroyed her chances of ever conceiving again. Maybe, she has fibroids. Maybe her fallopian tubes are blocked. Maybe…

Not at any time does a man entertain the thought that he might be the problem. No, men are always healthy and normal. We are always good, right? So he sends her to the hospital to have her checked and he waits for the diagnosis; he is ready to pay for her treatment and if she stands no chance of conceiving, he is hell-bent on sowing his seeds on other new soils.

Hell breaks loose when she comes back to relay the message that she is normal. The doctor found nothing wrong with her tubes, her eggs are good and she has no fibroids. In fact, she is very fertile. So, who could be having a problem? The guy!

Unbelieving, he tells her to seek a second opinion from a better gynae because… well, it can only be her having the problem, right? The better gynae has no good news—the woman is healthy. So the guy is the one shooting blanks!

At the end of the day, the guy goes to see the doctor and is met with the rude information that he has been shooting blanks all through. He has low sperm count and cannot therefore impregnate the woman. Luckily, there are remedies. Maybe he could try indian medicine to increase sperm count which most men in his situation have used with success.

What is so good about indian medicine for treating sperm count

The Indians have over the years advanced exponentially in medicine and health research. Their success heavily relies on their use of herbal pills to alleviate most of their problems. As we all know, you can never go wrong with herbal. Not especially when the herbs are organically grown with no chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

Our forefathers used the herbs with great success. Diseases such as cancer, low sperm count or erectile dysfunction were unheard of. Today, we are battling with all forms of ailments despite the advancement we have heard in education and research.

So, what is so good about indian medicine to increase sperm count.

  1. They are naturally grown and therefore you are to no risk of side effects
  2. They are highly effective in treating low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and poor sperm motility.
  3. Indian herbal medicine are natural aphrodisiacs. You take one pill and the next thing is that you will be so good in bed that your wife will demand to know what you used to achieve such sexual stamina in such a short time.
  4. With indian medicine, long gone are the days when you battled with flaccid erections. The medicine help you get longer and harder erections. They are also instant hard on pills so that you are able to erect fast when the mood for getting kinky is right.
  5. With indian medicine, expect to have better conception rate since they not only improve the number of your sperms but also go ahead to improve the quality and also the health of the same.

2 of the best Indian medicine to increase sperm count


ashwagandha indian medicine to increase sperm count

Probably the most iconic of ayurvedic indian medicine to increase sperm count is ashwagandha. Now available on amazon stores, ashwagandha has proved itself as a great diet supplement for male and female reproductive health.

Ashwagandha is a natural herb growing in India and is probably equal to the American ginseng or even better.

Pros of ashwagandha


  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Better sleep and lowers anxiety
  • Can be used for weight loss.
  • Better erections
  • Is a great aphrodisiac giving you higher libido.
  • Higher sperm count and motility

 Tribulus terrestris

Sometimes back, tribulus terrestris was marketed as a great bodybuilding supplement. After research though, it was found out that tribulus is not that great in the bodybuilding circles. It had however been used by many who reported of having increased their sperm count and improving their conception rate by a wide margin.

What you stand to gain from indian tribulus terrestris medicine

  • Better sperm count
  • Higher quality of sperms
  • High libido
  • Tribulus pills keep you hard for long
  • Great seminal motility





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