Importance of fiber rich foods

You have heard it again and again from your nutritionist or your doctor friend that you should be taking foods rich in fiber and water. But fiber is not your thing, right? If anything, they are not tasty, and neither are they posh. So you are wondering what are the reasons behind why you should be taking foods rich in cellulose. In this post, we explore the various benefits of foods rich in cellulose. But before that, I think it would be important if we first enlisted the different forms of fiber foods which fall under two broad categories: either soluble or insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber dissolves in water forming a gel like material. It helps fight blood cholesterol as well as high glucose levels. It can be found in beans, oranges, carrots and apples.

Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and helps in alleviating constipation. You can find it in whole grain wheat, bran, nuts and vegetables.

You need to take diet rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers.

Having enlisted the two forms of fiber foods, we can now jump into the benefits of taking these foods:

  1. According to the Mayo clinic, a reputable medical blog, high fiber food normalize your bowel movements. When you have taken a dietary fiber, you find that your stool is bulky and at the same time smooth therefore being able to move smoothly out of your rectum. However when you have no fiber diet, you tend to have a loose, watery stool.
  2. Fiber foods help you avoid constipation and related hemorrhoids that could come about when you exert too much pressure on your rectal muscles in a bid to force out immobile stool. People with hemorrhoids feel sharp pains due to the swellings on their anal parts and this can only be relieved when they take sitz baths according to Hosiped.
  3. When you eat cellulose high foods, you tend to not feel hungry and therefore your weight gets controlled. On the other hand, people who do not take them tend to feel hungry so end up overeating and therefore gaining insane weight over a short time.
  4. Fiber helps you live longer—This comes about because when you take cellulose rich foods, you avoid getting cardiovascular diseases as well as many forms of cancer. You are therefore likely to live longer than someone who is not taking foods rich in cellulose.
  5. Here is to healthier and stronger bones— According to eatingwell, some forms of soluble fibers known as prebiotics that are found in soybeans, wheat and oats increase the bioavailability of minerals such as calcium therefore making your bones dense and healthy.

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