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When we talk about the most bulky and ripped celebrities, forgetting to mention Ronnie Coleman would be an injustice. It is like spelling the word ‘bulky’ and leaving the ‘b’ out of the picture–the statement would make no sense and the spelt word would not mean anything. Ronnie is the man who inspired many bodybuilders to even think about leaving their sofa sets and going to the gym to do squats, dead lifts and eating a generous portion of proteins in every meal. Though Ronnie Coleman was no Hollywood brouhaha who would get bulky and ripped just for a movie shoot, Ronnie made sure that his body was always big and inspiring.


Well, we cannot forget that Ronnie is sick and might never get out of the hospital bed now after injuries and the many surgeries that he has gone through in 2018. When I saw his Instagram pictures with the small body that he has now, I wept. I really wept. Ronnie looked small and unable to do anything. He had had his intestines removed in one of the surgeries that he described as the ‘worst that he has gone through’.

But the truth is that Ronnie has made immense contributions in the bodybuilding and supplementation world.

If all the word bodybuilders and wannabes were to converge and be asked who pushed them to bodybuilding, then they would say that it is Ronnie. Not that Ronnie inspired them verbally or anything. No, he did it out of social media for example IG where he is very active as well as winning the many awards that are under his belt today. Personally, I first thought of increasing my testosterone levels and getting a muscular body after seeing Ronnie’s big body and hearing of his wins in the bodybuilding sport.

Exercises that Ronnie used to get bulky and ripped

Ronnie has said that he is an old fashioned guy. So he was a squat and dead lift person. And these old fashioned exercises made him that huge. He would also spend countless hours in the gym.

Ronnie was really disciplined. He is the kind of guy who never looked back. Ronnie would plan for something and go for it. If he decided that he was going to lift the heaviest weight that anyone had ever thought of lifting, then Ronnie would go ahead and lift it. Unlike most of us who make New year resolutions that we are going to start losing our paunches , get well chiseled abs and calves only to goof off and wait for another new year to make the same resolutions, Ronnie would never do that. He would lift the heaviest weights, he would train the hardest, he would push his body to the limits. Well, that is the reason why he is now an invalid in hospital but the truth is that Ronnie has lived his life to the full. Ronnie has never feared pushing himself to the precipice.

No, he would hold the bull by the horns and push himself to where angels dread.

Ronnie also has the best abs and this only shows that he must have been using the best rated abdominal exercise equipment to look that awesome.

Food that got Ronnie huge

Other than exercises, Ronnie took care of his body with good foods. He has said that nutrition is the key to a big body. Ronnie took lots of proteins in his food. He also had a personal nutritionist who would prepare meal plans for him.

So what supplements did Ronnie Coleman use?

Ronnie Coleman’s body was not a product of crazy exercises and proteinous nutrition alone. No, the man also took supplements to increase his testosterone levels and in this way make him more muscular and be that alpha male that every one is drawn to.

Ronnie has confessed that he used testogen to get that ripped.

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Well, testogen is a super potent supplement that is made with natural ingredients and thus safe to use. With testogen, you need not worry that you will get side effects or anything like that.

So what are the testogen ingredients

This male enhancement pill that has been trusted to work fast and permanently is made with the following products:

Stinging nettle extracts

Stinging nettle is a green herb whose leaves and roots have been found to boost testosterone levels. Other than that, they prevent the enlargement of the prostrate gland.


Magnesium is well known to increase testosterone levels and that is why men with low t are advised to take pumpkin, chia and almond seeds.


Zinc is another testosterone booster and that is why doctors advise that you take oyster.


Boron is a great testosterone booster.


Ginseng had been found to increase t levels

D aspartic acid

D aspartic acid is great for infertile men who would like to boost their sperm count as well as seminal motility.

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris, just like d aspartic acid increases libido and improves sperm count.


Ronnie Coleman the King full movie

Vlad Yudin has now done a full documentary on Ronnie coleman, the king and the film is available at amazon. Get the life of Ronnie from what he ate, what supplements he used as well as his workout regimen in the movie.

Ronnie coleman the king movie download


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