Guide to buying the Best gym equipment for weight loss and toning

Contrary to what many people think, buying a gym equipment for weight loss and toning is not an easy task. It requires that you be strategic knowing very well that there are versatile machines that can be used for one task while there are others that just help you in only one way.  You will also need to know what parts of your body need the most fat burn and those where you need to gain some muscles. If you for example want machines for losing love handles, you will need to get equipment that involve cardio and strength training.

Having experienced the hustle of getting the best gym equipment for weight loss and toning, I thought that it would be great if I did this post to give you a guide on how to make the best choice. So, off we go.

What to look for when buying your best gym equipment for weight loss and toning


If you get a machine that will help you tone your abs, feet and arm muscles then you are in a better place as opposed to someone who buys different equipment for each muscle.

Metrics reporting

Today, equipment manufacturers are coming up with hi-tech gadgets that show you the number of calories burnt, help you set daily targets and lure you into stepping into your gym rooms everyday. The treadmill for example has awesome reporting where it tells you how much calories you will burn if you walk a certain distance at a specific speed.


Your chosen gym equipment needs be adaptable to your area of work or home where you spend most of your time. I have for example seen these treadmills which are placed under the desk of where you are sitting working in the office so that you are able to kill two birds with one stone.

Let’s say that you have an audit coming in the next month and everything is crazy at the office. You will therefore not be able to go to the gym in the evening.With this kind of treadmill desk attachment, you can however continue working out as well as completing your office assignment without missing out on anything.


Some of the best gym machines for weight loss and body toning

#1.Exerpeutic Treadmill

Forgive me if I am obsessed by the Exerpeutic treadmill with a work station because I have to mention it everytime I am talking about the best gym equipment for weight loss. But hey, imagine being able to work on that project that lousy boss guy gave to you while still working out on the most sophisticated treadmill ever. Well, with the Exerpeutic treadmill you are able to burn fat while at the same time finish up that assignment.

#2.Sit Up Bench

Whether you are looking to do crunches, push-ups or trunk extensions, the sit up bench is so versatile that you will be able to do all those tasks using it. This way you are assured of losing as much weight as possible and toning those core, arm and foot muscles.

#3. The Swiss Stability Ball

What most people do not know is that the Swiss ball is so versatile that it can help you tone your core, arm and foot muscles with just some little exercises done over time.

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