Gnc Fat Burner for women

gnc fat burner for women

Most of the clients who come to consult me on weight loss are women looking for the best gnc fat burners for women. Let’s face it, weight gain and obesity are some of the most stressing bits of a woman’s life. In fact some of the men who come consulting me on the best weight loss pills are not doing so on their own accord; they are well ripped guys who have been sent by their wives or girlfriends to research on the best ways that these women can lose weight. But why is that so?

Well, the primary sex hormone in a woman is estrogen. Their testosterone levels are low which is a good thing–otherwise we would be having women with broken voices and hair on their chins. However, too much estrogen makes a woman plump since her fat to muscle ratio is wanting. So, why should women be so hell-bent on losing weight?

  1. Self-esteem

Women fighting obesity usually have self-esteem issues. They feel that they do not belong and they will therefore tend to be loners. They hate it when their lean female counterparts go to the beach in their bikinis because they feel that they should not show their saggy flesh in public while those size eights sassy their way on the beach getting the attention of every male being around.

They will also avoid weddings, clubbing and any other place where they are supposed to dress in fitting dresses because their love handles will be too big to fit into those thin dresses. And if they were to go to the clubs and weddings, they might be called the mothers of the lean girls because, well, they look motherly.

To add insult to injury, everyone calls you a plus size woman, everyone, and I mean everyone (even your lean female friends) call you a plus size lady. They never realize how hurtful it is. Melissa McCarthy, before she started taking garcinia weight loss pills, said that she always felt hurt whenever people referred to her as plus size.

So to avoid all these forms of embarrassments and oddities, they resolve to stay alone and avoid any going outs or enjoying life. At most times, they end up depressed.

2.Dressing and shopping

shopping for a dress is hard for a big woman

Shopping for dresses for a plus size woman is tall order. For one, when you go to the boutique, the plus size clothes are in a segregated area which if you enter, it simply means that you are a biiig woman. And who wants that feeling? NOBODY!

Finding the right fit is another hard nut to crack. You will have to rummage through a bunch of biig dresses while your lean friends find it so easy to fit in those tiny tiny dresses that you can never dream of wearing without suffocating in them.


plus size women struggle in relationships

I do not know whether I am the only one who has seen this or whether you too have noticed it but getting hit on by a handsome guy when you are a plus size woman is almost next to impossible. Unless he is good guy, most of these hunks want to lick the cookie jar and they will be gone before you can say ‘relationship’. Yes, they will then look for those lean sexy girls and end up marrying them as you nurse one heartbreak after another.

Most of my plus size female friends are single mothers rearing children who were fathered by guys who would not stay in the relationship simply because the woman was too big for his liking.

When a plus size woman gets a well meaning man, she also struggles. She is insecure thinking that the guy will leave her for those slim sexy girls.

What is the best Gnc Fat Burner for women

After having gone through the various ingredients in the fat burners at gnc with a fine tooth comb, I can confidently say that the best is performix sst.

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Why use Performix Sst to burn fat?

Performix sst is a thermogenic fat burner made with caffeine, theacrine, eviodamine and yohimbine all which are really good in weight loss.

  • Caffeine initializes thermogenesis in your body to burn subcutaneous and visceral fats leaving your leaner and more active.
  • Yohimbine burns stubborn fats around your torso by blocking the alpha 2 receptors that hold onto fats and refusing to let go.
  • Eviodamine alleviates obesity such that even if you eat unhealthily, you still remain lean.
  • Theacrine increases your body metabolism.

Those who have used performix have reported of losing upto 20lbs in 2 weeks time! All through the usage of the pills, they felt energized to work out and always felt full during mealtimes.

Side effects of Performix

  • Despite its effectiveness, performix has its share of side effects such as:
  • Lots of sweating and dehydration because of the excessive thermogenesis happening in your body.
  • It could lead to nausea and diarrhea
  • Some amazon buyers reported of getting migraine headaches after using the pill.


  1. Do not use the pill if you are diabetic
  2. Pregnant and lactating mother should not use perfomix sst.


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