Garcinia Cambogia Extra Review

When garcinia cambogia by dr.oz was introduced in the market and tested, many weight loss watchers wondered whether there would be anything much more powerful than it that could ever be discovered. But hey, scientists are wonderful people. When you think that you have seen all, they go back to their labs and do something even better. And so, after garcinia cambogia, came garcinia extra!


So, what’s new in garcinia Extra


Garcinia Extra contains garcinia cambogia as well as raspberry ketones. So, you are able to benefit from both garcinia cambogia as well as the raspberry ketones

1. Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a naturally occurring tamarind in South Eastern Asia whose extract has for decades been used for weight loss. It is both safe and effective. Doctors have prescribed the supplement to their weight losing clients because using it, one is able to lose more weight faster.

In Asia, garcinia cambogia has been used as a spice for fish curries due to its sharp sour taste. According to Pubmed, herbalists have also used it for treating bowel problems, rheumatism as well as kill internal parasites.

What do you get after using garcinia cambogia

With garcinia cambogia, you are assured of the following:

A Tight Belly

With garcinia, you are assured of losing your love handles without using any gym equipments or exercises. The supplement contains a chemical Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that incinerates fat fast. HCA is similar to citric acid found in oranges and lemon. HCA makes one eat less but still feel energized.

Thin but firm bum and legs

With garcinia cambogia, ladies can say bye bye to those big but loose bums. And who wants them? Unless you love twerking!

As a man, there is nothing that I love more than a lady with a tight bum and thin, firm legs. It just melts me.


2. Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are the new vital ingredient in almost all weight loss supplements. Other than helping you lose weight naturally, they have been found to induce the secretion of adiponectin that increases the metabolic processes in your body. This way, you are able to lose fat more quickly.


Why Choose Garcinia Extra over Garcinia Cambogia?

Truthfully speaking, garcinia cambogia is a great weight loss supplement. But when you put garcinia extra in the picture, you have even a bigger advantage because other that the tarmarind fruit, you are also getting garcinia extra. This way, you will:

Who Has Used Garcinia Cambogia Extra

The likes of Kim Kardashian, Melissa Mccarthy and  Jennifer Hudson have all used these supplements with great success. Using it, they have seen incredible weight loss progress especially when they combine it with exercises and leaner diets.

Melissa Mccarthy Before and after using garcinia

melissa mccarthy before and after pictures


Where to buy garcinia cambogia with raspberry ketones

Garcinia cambogia extra with raspberry ketones can be bought from their official online stores. Below here is a link that you can use to buy the supplement. Using this link, you will get a 20% discount on all your orders.



Users of Garcinia Extra had this to say


No workout or food plan was involved. I feel good after losing the 10 kgs


Feels great after losing 11 kgs


I lost 18kgs

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