The Fat Burning Benefits of Eviodamine

For centuries, the Chinese have used Evodiamine as a weight loss herb. In fact, the Chinese call
it ‘Wu-Chu-Yu’ whereby the herbal specialists use it as a weight loss supplement. Alternatively,
Evodiamine is an alkaloid extract derived from a plant known as Evodiae Fructus. The plant
belongs to the family group of Tetradium which is indigenous to China. As a fat burning
supplement, Evodiamine acts as a thermogenic as well as having both the anti-infectious and
anti-inflammatory properties. Before taking any step to benefit from this dietary supplement, it is
important that you have full knowledge of it.

What is Evodiamine?

In simple terms, Evodiamine is an extract from the Tetradium species of plants commonly found
in the Far East region. The extract, in alkaloid form, is used as a fat burning supplement to
reduce weight. Unlike other already known supplements, it plays the role of increasing your
resting core temperature and the body heat.

How it Works

Evodiamine raises your body temperature and under certain circumstances, it can inhibit the
growth of cancer cells. When combined with other drugs, it can alter your metabolism to
influence the secretion of catecholamine from the adrenal glands. The function of Catecholamine
is to induce physiological changes in your body. In addition, the supplement stimulates
vanilloids to suppress the uptake of fat while it enables the body to burn fats naturally.

Who are The Beneficiaries?

It is recommended to those who want to shed a few kilos to stay in shape or improve their body
structure. That said, Evodiamine has two major functions in your body; it lets the body to burn
the calories and also, releases catecholamines which provide extra energy to keep you active and

Evodiamine is also useful in improving digestion problems. These may include lack of appetite,
stomach upset, stomach ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Apart from that, it also
controls obesity, hypertension and fluid retention.

Bodybuilders can benefit from Evodiamine as well. The beneficial aspect of the supplement is
attributed to the fact that it is anti-obesity. Furthermore, this dietary supplement is helpful to
those engaged in vigorous physical activities because it boosts the energy level and promotes
immune systems.

In short, Evodiamine is a stimulant, diuretic and thermogenic and it has been proven to inhibit
absorption of fat. Another point of importance is, anecdotal evidence suggests that Evodiamine can act as an appetite suppressant.

With all these effects in mind, Evodiamine can effectively be used in the diet to burn fats. On
the contrary, the supplement is completely unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The
supplement contains a number of chemicals that might be harmful. Moreover, studies conducted
on some animals revealed that the supplement was causing the uterus to contract although on
humans it is not known to have adverse effects. Finally, medications that slow down the rate of
blood clotting may pose a threat to anyone using the supplement because they have the potential
risk of bleeding. Above all, the Evodiamine is an excellent fat burner and will certainly yield
good results for you.