Exercise for Abs for Female At Home

I do not know why but the yoke of looking beautiful and shapely is always burdened on the woman. She has to look the part and dress the part. While men can ostentatiously show off their pot bellies at the local bar as they drink gallons of bear and lavish roasted meat, women are supposed to always look trim and beautiful. And if you find yourself not following these rules, you are labeled plus-size, big and other unpalatable terms.

The worst thing that you could ever have is obliques. Call them love handles or whatever but no man will stomach you if you have them. Obliques could destroy your marriage and make you unnoticed by all men. Why? Because when you have them, people feel that you are neglecting your body and you are a bum in bed. They want the slim sexy bikini ladies.

Other than looking ugly to men, obliques are a good indicator that you have weak core muscles. And this could derail you in all ways possible. Other than not having good body balance, you will find that you always sweat unnecessarily when you take the stairs because of the thick layer of fat around your torso

So in this post, we are going to discuss some of the exercises for abs that women can do at home. Yes, you do not need to pay those hefty gym membership fees and end up not attending those gym sessions because, well you forgot or just didn’t have the energy to do so after a harassing day in the office or when the kids give you a hell of a time. With good nutrition, a right attitude and discipline and the best gym ab machines, these core exercises for women at home could just be what you need to transform that rounded torso to a chisel shape.

  1. The crunch

crunches for core muscle strength and stability

Lying on a mat with your knees bent, your back and feet flat with your held by the hands, lift your shoulders as you squeeze your abdominal muscles and hold for 2 seconds

Return to a flat position and repeat the exercise.

The crunch increases strength in your core muscles, make you have stability as well as burn fat around your tummy.

  1. Warrior balance

Warrior Balance

Start the exercise while you are standing in an upright position with your feet together. Slowly lift one of your legs so that your feet is level with your other knee.

Remain in that position for 20 seconds.

Slowly push the raised feet backward so as to extend it and bend so that your head is level with your feet.

Return to upright position and do the same with the other feet.

  1. Bicycle crunch

bicycle crunch to strengthen core muscles at home

Lying on your back, lift your shoulders and raise your legs

Bring a knee and opposite elbow close to each other by crunching to one side and extend the other leg 180 degrees

Return to starting point and crunch to opposite direction

Benefits of the bicycle crunch

It increases your core strength, increases your stability as well as burn fats around your belly.


4.The V up

Lying flat on a yoga mat face up, lift your two arms and feet so that they meet at the torso

Go back to resting position and repeat the exercise.

V Up exercises for abs females at home


5. Bird dog

Start in a crawling position, extend a leg and opposite arm and pause for 5 seconds in the extended position.

Return to original position and do the same for the other arm and leg.


6. Sitting on the stability ball

Sit on a stability ball as you hold it into position with your hands. Your feet should be touching the ground. As you exhale, slowly lift your feet until they are level with the top of the ball and try to maintain stability for quite some time before lowering them and starting all over again.

Stability Ball Sits

7. Ball balance

Lie on the ball flat with one arm resting on ground and its opposing feet.

Stretch out the other arm and leg for ten seconds.

Exchange and do the same with the other pair

ball balance for women ab workout


8. A Reverse Lunge with Front Turn

In a standing position with dumbbell in hand, move one of your legs backward and assume a bent position and turn on the opposing side holding the dumbell.

Return to original position and repeat with the other side.

Reverse Lunge With Front Twist

9. Ab roller exercise

In a press-up position holding roller in both hands, place roller on the smooth and push it until you can go no further.

Roll back to original position and repeat the exercise


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