Dwyane Johnson, The Rock Workouts and Supplements for his Movie Roles

The Rock, Hercules, The Scorpion King, Jumanji—what do all these Dwayne Johnson screen characters have in common that make me so glued on the screen that I do not even realize as time moves ahead. Well, in all these roles Dwayne Johnson wanted you to go home with something—that he can be the meanest, badest, mightiest and most fierce guy when he means to. And what does all that cost him? Nothing other than bulking, hitting the gym, eating like crazy and getting well ripped muscles that will make your girlfriend ogle so much at him that you will feel jealous.

In each and every movie role that Dwayne Johnson appears, he first checks the movie script, understands his role and gets a mental picture of how he should look like before he can go ahead to get the best workout plan or supplements to get ripped.

Dwayne Johnson as Hercules, The son of Zeus 

After watching as Dwayne Johnson give his best shot at being the son of Zeus on July 25, 2014 when the movie was released, I was spellbound beyond words. Never in my life had I seen such a beautiful rendition. Dwayne outdid himself. He had this towering frame that made him look so believable as the son of a god. And when I thought that I was the only one was thrilled by this rendition, I was met by online and offline rave reviews of the movie the next morning.

Elizabeth Weitzman, a respected film critic of the New York Daily News wrote this about the Rock:

“The effects are impressive, but there are none bigger than the star Dwayne Johnson’s massive powerful physique which perfectly suited the character and the large-scale movie”

In the very first seconds of the movie, Dwayne makes a remarkable appearance wearing nothing save for a lion’s head and a loinscloth skirt. That appearance sets the stage for a blockbuster movie. And the note does not go down from that end. It keep escalating and getting better. Dwayne goes on to conquer and smash the heads of his victims as though they are as light as puppets.

The movie is nothing but the perfect rendition of what you always though the son of Zeus, Hercules to be.

Interviewed about his workout program while he was preparing for the role Hercules, the Rock said that it was unexpected. It was a feat like no other. He had read about Hercules, that mighty and indomitable warrior who beat his enemies to a pulp. He would never want to bring Hercules reputation down. And so, he had to work out like crazy. Other than the ancient costume, he needed to look the part—he had to appear big, colossal and fierce lest he brought down the reputation of the son of Zeus.


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle–Preparations and Workouts

When we thought that Hercules was the last big thing that The Rock was ever going to do, he pulled yet another surprise with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Didn’t you just love the story, mysteries but most of all the mighty Dr. Smolder Bravestone. While Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a remake of that popular Jumanji of yore, the cast works hard to continue with the story and make it much more interesting.

In this movie role, the Rock who was once Spencer is a bulky guy who fears nothing and is the strongest in his team.

While critics looked down on the producers of the film for resuscitating a bored film, they could not help but praise the cast who showed ingenuity and fitted so well in the jungle to do their thing. Praise goes mostly to Dr. Bravestone who as his name suggests puts up a brave face even in the face of adversity.

Later on, Dwayne Johnson decides to show the world what his training looked like in preparation for the movie role.

He said on Underarmour that he specifically worked on his arms, chest and back giving each a day of crazy workout.


Day 1: Back

Day 2: Chestday 2 dwayne johnson supplements

Day 3

day 3 dwayne johnson jumanji workout


Day 4: Shoulders

dwayne johnson day 4 jumanji workout

Day 5: Arms

day 5 dwayne johson jumanji workout

Day 6 and Day 7: Abs and carves

dwayne johnson day 6 and 7 jumanji workout

The Scorpion King

As you watch as Mathayus played by the Rock rise to the throne as the Scorpion King, you are left admiring the big body, the fierce moves and his indefatigable spirit. In this movie role, Dwayne had again to outdo himself.

Unlike these modern films, this was another role where he needed to look like a man from the past–big, fierce and dressed in a conquered lion’s skin. He also had to fight his way after his wife was killed, his people captured and he therefore had to convince the audience that he could have beaten his enemies.

Wrap Up

In all of his movie roles, Dwayne Johnson has to practice and train hard. Nothing good comes on a silver platter. He has to fight his way to the top. It is never easy and neither will it be. It is also known that Dwayne also takes Crazy bulk clenbuterol to look ripped.


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