Does D Aspartic Acid increase testosterone levels? Studies Reveal the Truth

d aspartic acid increases testosterone temporarily in healthy men but remarkably in infertile men

We have been discussing whether various elements common in testosterone boosters do in fact have any boost on your t levels. We have already looked at zinc, magnesium and stinging nettle and found out that they do boost your testosterone levels. We also looked at tribulus terrestris and found out that it does not increase testosterone levels but improves one’s libido.

Zinc increases testosterone by inhibiting aromatization; a process where free testosterone is converted to estrogen.

Magnesium increases testosterone by binding with the SHBG which ‘arrests’ testosterone and makes it unavailable for the body.

Stinging nettle works in the same way as magnesium and zinc.

D-Aspartic Acid is another element common in testosterone boosters.

d aspartic acid increases testosterone temporarily in healthy men but remarkably in infertile men

But does it increase your testosterone levels?

Well, in our post today, we will look at what different studies say about it.

Does D Aspartic Acid boost testosterone levels

According to a study conducted by Science Research (SCIRP), D aspartic acid was found to increase testosterone levels in infertile men by 30% percent.

The 30 subjects in the study were given 2.66g of D-Aspartic acid every day for 90 days and when they were tested after the supplementation, their serum testosterone had improved by between 30 to 60%. Their seminal motility (movement of semen after ejaculation) was also found to improve remarkably.

The D-AA was also found to improve conception rates of previously infertile men by 26.6%.

When healthy men with normal testosterone levels took the supplement containing d aspartic acid, they were found to only have a boost of their testosterone levels temporarily (for a week) before it went back to the normal level. Therefore, D-Aspartic acid was of no remarkable benefit in boosting t levels of men with normal hormonal levels.

How does d aspartic acid boost t levels in infertile men?

D aspartic acid boosts t levels by stimulating the production of lutenizing hormone. Lutenizing hormone on the other hand triggers the production of testosterone.

So is d-aspartic acid good for you?

According to the studies that we have discussed, d-aspartic acid is only beneficial in boosting your testosterone levels if you are infertile, have very low t levels and really need that boost.

Where to find d-aspartic acid?

The amino acid is available in the following:

  • Soy protein
  • Corn protein
  • Simulated bacon
  • Casein
  • Non dairy creamer
  • Soy based infant formula

Supplements such as testogen have also been found to have d aspartic acid. If you are having an infertility problem, want to boost your t levels temporarily then you can see the full review of the product here.

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How much D Aspartic Acid should you take per day?

According to a study by, infertile men who wish to increase their testosterone levels, improve their libido, seminal motility and erections should take between 2000 to 3000mgs of D-Aspartic acid. Less of that range will not have an effect while too much is risky to their health.

Who should take d aspartic acid?

  • Men with very low testosterone levels who want a boost fast.
  • Men who have poor erections and want to have better and more resilient hard ons.
  • Men with poor seminal motility
  • Men with low sperm count
  • Infertile men who want to conceive.
  • Men who want to use the best male enhancement pill that works instantly

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