Appetite Suppressing Supplements|How to decrease appetite and increase metabolism with anorectic supplements


J-Lo mastered How to decrease appetite and increase metabolism with anorectic supplements

Exquisitely beautiful, well trimmed and confident, she is the apple of many people’s eyes. At 48, Jennifer Lopez is the sexiest lady at her age. And trust you me she is hot, hotter than most ladies at their 20s.

J-Lo has confessed of starving and anorectic supplements to keep trim

What’s the secret behind her killer figure?

She attributes it to eating healthy and exercising. Well, for a moneyed celebrity like J-Lo, affording such foods and eating the required diet is not a big deal or so you think, huh?


Well, ladies want to be like J-Lo, lose some pounds, and have that sexy, slim body without belly fat and all that.

Are there any other options for losing weight, cheaper and readily available?

Of course there are. We are given many options, some which are beyond our powers like buying a myriad of dumb bells, tread mills, ab machines, paying exorbitant gym membership fees and all that.


But hey, most of these celebrities are not doing any of that! Hehe.

They preach water while taking wine.


They fast and take all manner of appetite suppressants and so the reason why they have those hourglass figures is because they curb their hunger with gnc appetite suppressants over the counter. They could also be taking a get ripped fast pill.

But why suppress hunger you ask. Well, there are a tonne of reasons and one is that it will lead to weight loss.

With celebrities, underweight or skinny is cool. They will therefore do anything and everything within their reach to look cool.

Popular celebrity Kim Kardashian has herself confessed of taking garcinia extract to get ripped.

Yes, you read that right.

Kim Kardashian uses anorectic supplements

There was a time when Kim was so fat after delivering her baby that social media purists had a field day trolling and abusing her for looking like a drum.

Rather than listen and get weighed down by the keyboard warriors, Kim took to anorectic supplement garcinia cambogia (which we have reviewed here) and look at her now!


She is slim, petite and has that lovely body frame that every girl out there is dreaming to acquire.

You have also heard of the popular lollipop diet that almost every Hollywood superstar including Paris Hilton, Madonna and Britney Spears seem to be sucking on all day.

There is also the ‘baby food diet’ consumed by Jeniffer Aniston or ‘maple syrup diet’ which Beyonce Knowles subscribes to.

What you didn’t know is that all these secret foods with well coined names are nothing but anorectic supplements.

The lollipop diet for example has been found out by the Telegraph to be nothing but a combination of unique hoodia (reviewed below) and garcinia extra supplement.

When taken, the lollipop diet enable celebrities to stay for long without food while feeling no hunger pangs whatsoever.

Appetite Suppressing and Christmas Holiday Weight Gain Stories

I write this post as we approach the Christmas festivities where millions of people are going to over-indulge in food and drink. They will eat more than they need and drink themselves stupid. Come January, they will all be googling how to lose holiday weight gain.

Now weight gain statistics show that most people gain weight during the Christmas holidays. I have read a myriad of holiday weight gain stories and they all have one thing in common:  Those who gain weight during the holiday lack self-control and  I CANNOT BLAME THEM.

I have been a victim too.

Now, what you would rather do; lose gained weight or fail to gain weight altogether. Well, your guess is as good as mine. I would rather not gain any weight. This post therefore will serve as an important part in your ‘how not to put on weight at Christmas goals’.

During these festive moments, everyone is just too kind with their meals and drinks for you to refuse. It is as though they have been waiting for this period of the year to tempt you. Your stomach and taste buds are going to go crazy every time you see the beautiful meals offered to you.

So do you refuse them and avoid holiday weight gain?

  1. Discipline is always key
  2. Practice mindful eating
  3. Take lots of water
  4. Take meals only from home
  5. Get appetite suppressing supplements

So, why should you use anorectic supplements?

Proponents of anorectic drugs over the counter argue that the drugs help them lose weight by curbing their hunger and cravings.

Now, there are many benefits of losing weight.

Maintaining a healthy and manageable body weight will ensure that you also maintain your emotional and physical well-being.

Besides, it will help you prevent diseases. Excess weight, too much body fat and obesity are associated with many healthy conditions. Some of them as outlined in the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Some cancers and
  • High level of blood cholesterol.


You however ought to know that what determines our body weight is the amount of energy we take in the form of food, and use in our day to day’s activities.

Your Body Weight = Energy Taken in form of food – What you use in your daily activities


How to decrease appetite and increase metabolism using anorectic drugs over the counter

As the title of this post reads, we will today be looking at anorectic supplements that can help you to decrease your appetite while at the same time increasing metabolism.

While going hungry might be an uphill task, you can still find yourself remedies that will help you out big time.

If you can’t pass through food and not have a bite, there are anorectic drugs over the counter that will help you suppress your appetite and before you know it, you shall have lost a couple of ounces.

Let’s look at them one by one.

Unique Hoodia

Unique hoodia is a great appetite suppressant

This pill aims at helping you reduce your hunger and consequently manage it by suppressing your appetite.

This pill is made 100% out of the Kalahari Cactus, also known as Bushman’s hat (from South Africa).  It’s not an extract. It is pure Hoodia; no additives or any other filler.

One serving has about 1395 milligrams, which is far much more than doses offered by most appetite suppressants for weight loss.

For faster absorption this pill also includes Piperine and if you use UniqueHoodia for sixty days but see no change, you’re guaranteed your money back by the merchant.


More about the Hoodia.

As we already said above, UniqueHoodia is a product of the Bushman’s hat, which is found in the South African desert, Kalahari.

It is widely known as the Hoodia Gordonii, and was discovered by the tribe of sans who are nomads.


Being nomadic, they would go on long hunting trips which required them to have enough food but they didn’t have, so they would use it to suppress their appetite. This caught the attention of the world and the rest as you can see is history.


When you take UniqueHoodia with your meals, you will realize that your appetite keeps on going down.

Lacking appetite actually means eating less, hence low energy intake.

Each Unique Hoodia capsule has 5 mg of Piperine. This is a substance made from black pepper that, according to research, can increase the absorption of supplements by 2000%.

Its addition to Unique Hoodia means that the appetite suppression caused will now be experienced much faster than should have been.

Piperine’s effectiveness has been clinically proven as safe and effective when it comes to speeding our bodies’ absorption rate.

However, when a product is selling like hotcakes there are always individuals or companies that seek to cash in on that, and they’ll do everything crooked to get your money.

So you’ll get fake, ineffective or extracts of Unique Hoodia pills filled with fillers and sawdust in the market. But how can you authenticate that this is Unique Hoodia?

The authentic Unique Hoodia comes with the right certification authorized by South African authorities. Some of the certificates includes:

  • Annex certificate- Proven Unique Hoodia’s freshness
  • Cites certificate- Proven Unique Hoodia’s quality
  • Certificate of Analysis- This is the most important certification, proving that you will get a high quality product


You can choose your package from the official site, and be sure you’ll enjoy.


A bottle of Unique Hoodia goes for $34.99, down from $39.99. If you buy 3 bottles you’ll also get yourself 3 free bottles, which should go for $239.99 but you’ll get it for $104.99 only. Buying two bottles will get you one free bottle, at a cheap price of $69.99.

unique hoodia helps you suppress appetite

Buy Unique Hoodia



Phenq is a unique formula that will help you suppress your appetite and in this way lose your body weight. It works from all angles, not just focusing on one element.


Many people would like to have the body weight they deserve and admire. In order for them to realize this, they have to use the solution that will work from all angles.


And this is the exact weight loss formula you have to consider for the realization of your dream.

It is a new formula combining multiple weight loss benefits to help you get slim and a sexy body that you have ever admired to have.


Ingredients of Phenq

  • Capsmax powder – Capsmax powder is a blend of capsicum, Piperine, caffeine and niacin (vitamin B3).

These ingredients makes up the Capsmax powder. Capsicum pepper plant Piperine has strong thermogenic properties which will definitely help you slim down by turning up your body heat.


By increasing thermogenesis, these two ingredients will help you to burn up fats in your body. Many studies have suggested that Piperine may even have the ability to stop the formation of new fat cells.


  • Calcium carbonate – calcium is not only beneficial to your bones but also plays an exclusive role in body metabolism.


It helps you to maintain a healthy body weight. Calcium let the body cells to store less fat by burning them up.


From experimental studies observations have been made that obese adults subjected to a six month study lost more body weight and fats when supplemented their diet with higher calcium amounts


  • Chromium Picolinate – this is an essential natural mineral found in meat, wholegrain and vegetables.


Chromium helps you to curb the sugar levels in your blood. When you take foods that has sugar in them, sugar is absorbed directly into the blood in form of glucose and in the cells it is used for energy production. Chromium helps the cells to take in much sugar as possible which means you will experience much less carb and sugar cravings this makes easier loss of weight.

  • L-Carnitie Furmarate – L-Carnitine Furmate is naturally occurring amino acids found in foods such as red meat, nuts and green vegetables.


This amino acid helps to turn the stored fats into energy meaning you will not o0nly burn fats but also combat the tiredness often caused by dieting.


  • Caffeine – caffeine is a popular element that is found in almost all weight supplemented energy drinks.


As a stimulant it increases alertness focus and reduces fatigue. It reduces hunger and boost the burning of fat by increasing thermogenesis and helps you to get more out of your exercise hence improving performance.


  • Nopal – this is the type of cactus that is rich in fiber that helps you gain more control over your hunger.


It has plenty of amino acids that provides much needed energy under weight loss process. It also helps in the reduction of extra weight caused by fluid retention by helping flush fluids from your tissues into your bloodstream.



Pros of Phenq

  • Improves your mood and energy levels for hassle-free weight loss
  • Helps to burn fat and this aids good health therefore you can reveal hidden dream body
  • Helps one from excessive production of fats in your body which in turn reduces body weight
  • This formula helps you to suppress your appetite to eat less and cut calories


Phenq has multiple powers of weight loss supplements all in one pill.


One bottle has 60 pills and it goes for $69.95, while three of them go for $139.90 plus an extra bottle.


Three bottles go for $189.95 with two more extra and an Advana cleanse to help you detoxify.

If in sixty days you shall not have received the desired results, you can claim to have your money back. It’s easy to use as there’s no prescription required and what’s more, free shipping!

How to decrease appetite and increase metabolism with anorectic supplements

Check its full review here

Before buying you might want to go through phenq reviews here.

Garcinia extra

Garcinia extra is extracted from the rind of a small pumpkin-shaped fruit called Garcinia Cambogia, sometimes called tamarind. It is one of our supplements to look out for if you want to get ripped fast.


This fruit has been around for some time hence experts are so confident about this miracle fat-burner’s safety.

This appetite suppressant for weight loss is also known to prevent more fat from being made in your body. Its ingredients include:

  • Garcinia Cambogia- This is a fat-burner, appetite suppressant and a mood enhancer
  • Raspberry Ketone- These ketones can’t do it alone but they have been identified to secrete adiponectin, a hormone which regulates metabolic processes.

Using Garcinia Extra guarantees you tighter Abs, a firmer bum and of course thinner legs.

A bottle of Garcinia extra will last you sixty days and if you feel that you haven’t received the effect you expected, you’re guaranteed to have your money back.


A bottle goes for $49.95 while if you buy three of them you’ll get three more extra for $149.95. You can still get two bottles and be given one extra at a cheap price of $99.95 with no shipping charges.


Garcinia extra formula is one of the most effective agents that will help you to suppress your appetite and reduce your body weight.


This formula contains a massive 1000mg dosage per serving (60% HCA)). According to research it is one of the most efficient and fast selling product.


Garcinia cambogia with raspberry ketones great anorectic supplement and celebrity weight loss pill

Check Garcinia xtra Review Here


Power Pops Appetite Suppressant Lollipops


Popular among Hollywood stars, appetite suppressant lollipops are the new cool for anyone who want to ditch their weight.

Before we knew it, we thought that Hollywood celebrities had a thing for sugary candy. It was only later that we found out the truth behind these cool celebrity candies.

They are not your typical lollipops but rather appetite suppressing candies.

Ingredients of appetite suppressant lollipops

The power pop candies are made with hoodia and garcinia cambogia extracts.

As we have discussed, hoodia is a great hunger suppressant and so is garcinia cambogia.

When two are combined, they create the best anorectic supplement that you could ever dream of.

Popular stars who have been found sucking on these candies include Paris Hilton, the legendary Madonna and Britney Spears

When you see these women rock the best of bodies, you go gaga and go ahead to type ‘how to get rockstar skinny’ on your search engine, don’t you?

Well, you no longer need to type how to get rockstar skinny since the appetite suppressant lollipops or lollipop diets as they are popularly called, will get you exactly there.

Pros of Power Pops appetite suppressant candies

  • They help you lose weight by suppressing your hunger so that you only burn stored fats to generate energy
  • Power pops do really work since those who have used them review them as awesome and effective. You only need to look at Paris Hilton to know that.
  • Yummy and great in taste
  • Unlike unique hoodia supplements that are unavailable in some parts of the world, these lollipops are available everywhere through amazon. You can order for your hoodia lollipops Uk and your bag will be shipped.

Cons of Power pop lollipop diets

  • Since they are made with unique hoodia, power pop side effects include getting too anorectic that one might collapse due to low energy in body.
  • You might get underweight

You can order for your power pops appetite suppressing lollipops here.


Adderall Weight Loss Drugs

ADHD drugs such as addrena, vyvanse and ritalin have for a long time been used for increasing focus levels, concentration as well as alertness. However, one of the main side effects of these drugs include:

  • appetite suppression
  • High metabolic rate

They can therefore be also used as anorectic supplements that would help you in curbing appetite as well as increasing your metabolism rate. You can read more on the best adhd medication for weight loss in adults here.


The above appetite suppressants for weight loss are certified and proven to be of high quality. If you want to lose some weight, go ahead and try them. You will love it.


Losing weight is not just for ladies, even men too have reasons to lose weight as it is not all about looking sexy but also about your personal health.


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