Challenges that Every Obese Person Has to Succumb

Challenges that every obese person faces

Obese people face a litany of challenges. They will for example have trouble taking the stairs because at the end of it, they will be panting so hard as though their lungs are about to explode. Obese guys always find it hard to get chic girls to date since they are seen as social outcasts. And so are the obese girls shunned away by the hunk dudes in the village.

Low Self esteem

When you are obese and young, you will always be self-conscious about your weight. Every cloth you wear is plus size since you cannot fit in the small and medium tee shirts that all the other slim guys are flaunting about with.

You will be socially aloof since you simply do not want to spend time with other people who might laugh at you because of your sheer weight and body volume. Most of the times, you do not want to attend family or social gatherings where you might be paraded as the most obese guy in the family with some of the inconsiderate folks making fun of you.

Lack of fitting clothes

When asked about why she made a point to lose weight, celebrity Mellissa Mccarthy said that it was because there were no fancy dresses that she would find fit for her. All the fancy dresses were for the hip and petite girls which she wasn’t. So she had to ultimately look elsewhere for bigger, plus size clothes which were not as attractive to the eye.

Love handles that are not any lovely to your better half

Girls have it rough when they have this set of large muffins clinging tightly on their waists. Their boyfriends and spouses are not going to take it lying down and will often make a point of telling them that they do not look any pretty. And if there is one hurting thing that your better half can ever tell you, it is that you are not pretty looking. It does take a long time to heal from that.

So you will run to the gym, run about helter- skelter looking for some equipment to help you reduce your love handles as well as looking for the best meal plans that are going to help you lose weight.

Urinary incontinence

Research shows that people who are morbidly obese are highly likely to be battling with urinary incontinence. The extra weight on their waists pushes the bladder so that it spills out whatever content is in it without first sending a message to your central nervous system that you really need to go and pee. And man, is incontinence embarrassing!

It robs you off your self-worth and you have to go about smelling like a hog with clear signs that you have wet your pants or dress which everyone around can see. If you do not want to battle with this, you will have to buy some incontinent products and ask that they are delivered to you discreetly lest your neighbors know that you are using adult urine diapers.

Trouble wiping their butts after emptying their bowels

Related to incontinence, obese people have another bathroom problem they have to battle with; trouble wiping their butts. This is because they are unable to reach their bum after a number two. They therefore have to use some wiping aids that of course come at an extra cost. If they do not use these aids, they risk getting out of the toilet stinking and with their underwears all browny due to the fecal debris.

Stress and stress eating

Whenever an obese person faces rejection or disapproval from people who tell them off about their weight, the heavy person is highly likely to get stressed up, unless of course they have such a tough skin to stomach people’s abuses. And the stress makes you stress eat anything that you can land on. And this makes it even harder for you.

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