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Have you ever wondered why Hollywood stars have a knack to keep their bodies trim and fit? Well, the main reason is that when they gain weight, they lose major slots and their payments also go low. They are also not able to take up roles reserved for fit, thin characters.

The pressure to be slim at Hollywood is so intense that one 21 year old anorexic girl Ana Carolina Reston succumbed to the pressure and passed away in 2016 after missing meals for a long time in an effort to get thinner and thinner.


Another reason why thin is fashionable among Hollywood stars is because they want to rock these awesome model bodies that make you go gaga anytime you see them on the big screen and on the red carpet. Anyone who is not thin enough is hated and trolled by social media purists behind their keyboards.


And by the way, who cares for those fat actors on their TV screens? Nobody. We want to see the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jennifer Hudson, Mellissa Mccarthy, Kim Kardashian and other awesome looking stars because they have bodies that we all want to have one day.


Hollywood stars therefore, are always on the lookout for this get ripped pill.


But how are Hollywood celebrities able to look so neat and prim in such a short time yet it takes you a long time before you lose that 15 pounds?


Well, reliable sources now reveal that they have these secret weight loss pills that they will not just share with anyone. Luckily enough, we were able to find the secret weight loss pills and will share them with you in this post. So grab a notebook and a pen as you prepare to know the supplements celebrities use get ripped.


The celebrity weight loss secret pills we are about to share with you have been used by popular stars such as Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Lopez, Melissa McCarthy, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Kate Hudson, Adele, and Star Jones.


At one time in their star lives, these celebrities were reckless with their bodies and became fat (another reason not to beat yourself up for gaining weight). Mostly, it was that they were pregnant and had these crazy cravings while carrying the babies in their wombs.


They gave in to the cravings, just like you and I do, and bam, they became fat.


It was only later when they were trying to reclaim their earlier beauty that they stumbled on these killer weight loss supplements that we will look keenly into today.


The weight loss supplements helped them lose baby weight in the shortest time possible without affecting their health or baby milk supply.

Supplements celebrities use get ripped

We are going to dive right into the flesh of the matter by examining a number of celebrities and the various secret weight loss pills that our reliable sources have found them using.

We will then look at the pros and cons of each of these supplements celebrities use to get ripped so as to get you the right match to use to lose your weight.

We will also inform you of the right place where you can get the drugs.

Ronnie Coleman and Testogen

Ronnie Coleman testogen guy

Anyone within the bodybuilding industry knows of Ronnie Coleman. He has won the Olympia bodybuilding award for a record 8 years. Ronnie is the man who inspired many bodybuilders to think of the field. Personally, he is my role model despite the fact that he is not physically okay now after getting injured while lifting weights.

Ronnie Coleman has confessed that he uses testogen to look that good. And if there is one man who is well ripped, full of testosterone and awesome muscles, then it has to be Ronnie.

testogen review 2017




Kim Kardashian and Her using Quick Trim Pills to Lose Weight

how do celebrities get ripped so fast

At one time Kim Kardashian was the voluptuous one in the Kardashian family. Because of these, she attracted all manner of trolls with both men and women looking down at her for letting go of her beauty. But Kim was not to blame. She had just delivered her babies and was caught up in motherhood to notice how much ounces of fat she had gained over time.

Jennifer Hudson, Mellissa Mccarthy and their breath taking transformation with Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz

There was a  time that these two stars had bodies that left alot to be desired. Somehow, they had slumped and were on the path to ridicule and social media trolls.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss pills
Jennifer Hudson

They however realized the mistake they were making by allowing love handles, pot bellies and saggy skin be their thing. They therefore looked for quick fixes so that their careers did not go down the drain. The best way to do this was using garcinia cambogia pills.

Melissa Mccarthy and her use of garcinia cambogia weight loss pills
Mellissa Mccarthy

Garcinia cambogia as Dr. Oz explains is a great supplement if you are looking to detoxify your body off all toxins that you might have consumed over time, to lower your appetite as well as increase the general metabolism.

Pros of garcinia extra

Realizing her mistake, Kim started looking for postnatal fat burners gnc and she stumbled on garcinia cambogia. Garcinia extra pills are made from the garcinia cambogia plant as well as raspberry ketones. This combination of garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones fat burner is great in the following ways:

  1. Suppresses appetite permanently.

Garcinia cambogia is a great anorexiant that suppresses your appetite such that you reduce on snacking and only eat when the time is right to do so.

Most people are not able to keep on their weight loss journeys because they easily slump back every time they write a weight loss plan. They fail because they are tempted by savory foods and snacks and when they take them, they feel depressed for slumping and go on to eat more of the junk snacks.

  1. Garcinia also speeds up your body metabolism.

When your body metabolism is sped up, you burn fats into your body faster to convert them into energy.


  1. Garcinia contains a concentration of hydroxycitric acid which burns up fats naturally in your body.
  2. Raspberry ketones are organic fat burners that incinerate all excess fat in the body leaving you lean and strong.

garcinia extra as a supplement celebrities use get ripped


Cons of garcinia extra

Garcinia extra is only available on the merchant website here. It is currently not available on your local stores.

You would need to exercise well to see quick results of garcinia extra.


Learn More about the Garcinia Cambogia xtra with raspberry Ketones in this review




Wynonna Judd and Her Use of Alli Diet

Wynonna Judd used celebrity weight loss secret pill as alli


American country musician Wynonna Judd had these unsightly and unappealing body figure that was putting both her career and health at stake. She even at one time confessed at Oprah Winfrey’s show that she was battling her cholesterol levels that were so high that they were threatening to keep her in hospital for the rest of her life battling cardiac problems.

Later on though, after advice from her nutritionist, Wynonna took to eating at home, doing exercises and taking Alli diet pills that helped her gain the hour glass figure that she today prides in.

How do alli diet pills work

Alli diet pills are fat blockers that block the absorption of fat directly into your body and instead, the fat is metabolized and broken into energy so that it is not stored in its lipid form. The fats are also destroyed in the liver and released as toxins.

This prevents you from having an overload of both subcutaneous and visceral fats.

Pros of alli diet

Alli diet contains clinically proven ingredients that will work to reduce absorption of fatty cells into your blood stream.

Cons of alli diet

Going through the alli diet pills website as well as the amazon reviews, I found one major downside of the drug. They make you fart regularly and pass lots of smelly stool.

Therefore, if you are one who works in a busy and crowded place, alli might not be thing for you because you will be forced to rush to the washrooms every now and then to empty your bowels or even to fart!


Clenbuterol and its use by celebrities to lose weight


In their craze to lose weight by all means, Hollywood celebrities have taken the joke too far. They have taken clenbuterol steroid, popularly known as clen. The steroid is manufactured with the intent to be used to treat asthma cases in horses but Hollywood celebrities throw all caution to the winds and ingest it only to suffer later.

Clen can help you lose weight but only for a short while. Medical doctors have warned that clen should not be used as a weight loss supplement because it has the following side effects:

  1. Causes dizziness
  2. Could lead to heart attacks
  3. Clen is very potent and could aggravate your stroke and diabetes levels.


Alternative to clen Supplements to get ripped?

the rock supplements

Read about Crazy Bulk Products Here

Instead of clenbuterol, one would rather use crazy bulk clenbutrol, a legal alternative to the anabolic steroid. Crazy bulk clenbutrol is a potent cutting supplement that will help you get ripped in the 2-3 months.

How crazy bulk clenbutrol works

Crazy bulk clenbutrol works by increasing your body internal temperature and by this way, it increases your BMR such that you are able to burn more fats quickly. In this way, you are able to get ripped pretty fast.

Crazy bulk clenbutrol also increases your oxygen intake so that you are able to exercise for longer and harder and therefore lose weight more easily.

Pros of crazy bulk clenbutrol

No injections or prescriptions required

The supplement gives you a ripped body without affecting your strength.

You will see results in 2 to 3 months.


Cons of crazy bulk clenbutrol

Only available on merchant website

The Rock Dwayne Johnson supplements

want to know the rock supplements

Dwayne Johnson, best known for the WWE ring name ‘The Rock’ is no newbie to fitness. He is the epitome of bodybuilding and indeed the perfect definition of the term ‘alpha male’. Most men would like to look like him and they are therefore always Googling ‘what makes the Rock so muscular’.


The Rock has been quoted saying that at times before featuring in a movie, he has had to do intense exercises, eat lots of food and take testosterone boosting supplements so as to look the part in movies such as Baywatch, Moana and San Andreas among others.

Clen is a safe anabolic supplement that powers up your muscles so that you are able to workout for longer without fatigue. At the same time, it is one of the best testosterone steroid for bulking that you can buy with money.


Read about Crazy Bulk Products Here


Unique Hoodia for suppressing hunger in Celebrities

Unique Hoodia another supplement celebrities use to get ripped fast






Buy Unique Hoodia


When they want to suppress their hunger cravings, celebrities have found out that unique hoodia is the best appetite suppressant to use.

As a potent anorexiant drug, unique hoodia is natural and works effectively. Unique hoodia comes from the South African plant Hoodia Gordonii which is a cactii like plant that the nomadic Sans take when they are on long expeditions in places where there is little or no food.

The Hoodia Gordonii once ingested clears a false feeling of satisfaction and as such you do not feel like eating

Pros of Unique Hoodia

As an appetite suppressant, celebrities have found the unique hoodia pills to be very good in reducing their snacking as well as their food intakes.

If a celebrity has a daylong film to shoot, they are able to concentrate on it without the urge to eat. In this way, their bodies burn up all stored fats to provide the very much needed energy during the shoot. This way, one is able to lose weight.

Cons of Unique Hoodia

If overused, unique hoodia could make one underweight since they will always feel satisfied even when their bodies are starving. Warning: It is a very potent anorexic supplement.


Power Pop Lollipops

Hollywood stars are sucking their way to leanness with these awesome and tasty candies. They are called Power pop lollipops.

They are made with hoodia gordonii and therefore are alike to unique hoodia.

The likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have loved these power pop lollipops that you will see them everywhere sucking these candies which you might take to be your average confectioneries but aren’t.


Black Wolf Supplements that help Athletes juice up so fast

Black wolf is another great pre, post and intra workout supplement that helps athletes such as Ekow Essuman, a professional boxer and Bulgarian, award winning swimmer get the bodies that they have today.

Ekaterina, what supplements is she using to get ripped
Swimmer Ekaterina

Black Wolf is a protein rich supplement that helps you have firm abs, exercise for long hours without tire and at the same time get your body ripped.

Ekow Essuman and diet pills he use to get ripped
Ekow Essuman


Wrap Up on how do celebrities get ripped so fast

This post has given you narratives of a few Hollywood stars and how they got ripped so fast. We have seen that being underweight is the new cool in Hollywood. Long gone are the days when the stars wanted to rock this killer hourglass figures. No!

Today, the tides have changed. The more one is underweight, the better. The more underweight a celebrity is, the more cash they get for their roles.

In the craze and pressure to be underweight, these stars use secret weight loss pills which we have discussed. We have also looked at their pros and cons so that you are well informed on whether to buy these supplements celebrities use get ripped.






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