Celebrity Diet Pills: Jonah Hill Weight loss

Jonah Hill weight loss pills


Jonah Hill ditches beer and we can all see the positive effect this has on his body. The pot belly goes, the haggard look goes and what remains is a clean, muscular, more sharply dressed (I must point) Jonah Hill who looks more focused in life.

He has taken to the gym where he wants to have better abs, a flat tummy and a six pack physique. According to the online Us Magazine, the funny actor has also taken up the services of a nutritionist who advises him on what to eat and what not to binge on.

But hey, here at increasetestosterone.review, we know very well how sneaky these stars can be. They preach water while they drink all the wine they come across and that is why we are always interested in debunking these celeb diet pills.

Johan Hill Weight Loss Pills

Jonah Hill weight loss pills

What many people would be asking is what secret pills this Hollywood star is actually using.

You see, Jonah has distanced any use of weight loss supplements but we all know how these Hollywood stars roll; they lie to us that they never used any pill but in real sense, they were on anorectic pills, went to the gym all day and took these fat burners that are helping them look cool and well-trimmed.


Johan Hill was no different. You see the guy had been trying all methods to lose weight but things seemed not to work. He seemed to have extended comedy into weight loss and could therefore not honor any weight loss diet or stick to an exercise plan. What were the results?


He became frustrated and finally decided that well, enough was enough. ‘Let me try this miraculous weight loss supplement that every Tom, Dick and Harry is talking about’ and that way, Johan Hill found himself taking Garcinia Extra supplements because he thought that they would get him ripped in less than four weeks.


What is in Garcinia Extra that makes them so good?

You see garcinia extra is nothing but garcinia cambogia combined with raspberry ketones. With this combination of products, you are a 100% assured that your weight loss tactics will bear fruits.

jonah hill weight loss

Garcinia cambogia is a great anorectic supplement while raspberry ketones are great in increasing your metabolism. With garcinia extra therefore, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased body energy
  • Appetite suppression
  • Increased metabolism
  • Detoxification and cleansing of your body

Who else has used Garcinia Extra pills

Jonah Hill is not the only celebrity to ever use garcinia cambogia pills. Other celebrities have used the supplements to either curb their cravings, burn fats, have more body energy or increase their body metabolic rate with great success. Kim Kardashian has for example used garcinia cambogia and she was really glad that she tried them out.

Melissa Mccarthy, another popular comedian has used the supplements with great success where she was able to lose so much weight that her producers were stunned and wondered whether she could still continue running the ‘Mike and Molly’ show.

Could Jonah Hill be Exercising too?


The truth is that garcinia works with the assistance of exercises. Jonah Hill had a beer belly and I do not think that he could have lost it through garcinia cambogia only. It took him such a short time to do so anyway. Therefore, Jonah must have been exercising other than taking the pills. And if you look at his abs and they way they are getting more chiseled by the day, it simply sends a statement that they guy must be using the best machines at the gym for abs to throw away his beer belly and get that six pack physique he now has.


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