Best Treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity | Treadmill for Big Guys

  When you are a big guy, you often feel disadvantaged because there seems not to be enough gym equipment for you to use, right? Say for example that you want to shed off that plus size figure and lose weight using cardio exercises and it takes you so long to find the right equipment to just do so. You are not alone. I too felt the same when I was losing weight. I was a big guy weighing over 130kgs and I just felt as though I did not…

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Best Water Bottles Shaped Like Weights Review

dumbbell water bottle

  I was recently watching one of my favorite fitness coaches as she taught on exercises to get rid of love handles on a local television show and one thing piqued my interest. Her dumbbells which were a little bit strange; rather than the normal dumbbells that you and I are used to, she had water bottles shaped like weights. Yes, they looked like barbells. The water was actually her weights that she trained with during the show and when she got thirsty, she would sip the water away. Cool,…

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[UPDATED 2018] The 3 Best gym equipment for abs and love handles| Exercise equipments for abs home use

Call them love handles, muffin tops or any other lovely name that you would want to call them. The truth though is that fat around your waist and torso is nothing to smile about. It shows that you are unfit, eat lots of junk and lazy in the gym. If you have any of these, you seriously need to think of buying the best gym equipment for love handles so that you can work them out. When anyone¬† comes for my advice on how to incinerate away the fat around…

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