Weight Loss

A few years ago, you were the perfect definition of fitness; friends looked up to you for motivation because you had this killer six pack, well toned legs, a flat tummy and the best of abs.

With time though, you have become a little bit reckless (or is it loving) with your body: eating junk, not exercising, drinking and have gradually allowed fat to quickly encroach that physique that at one time was the apple of everyone’s admiration. You now look like a drum. Ahem, am sorry to say so.

It could also be that you are a new mother whom baby weight found and floored to the ground from the pedestal of slimness that you once stood haughtily on.

Over your pregnancy, you had all sorts of cravings and would have beaten your husband to a pulp had he refused you the sinful delicacies of cheese, creamy yoghurt, buggers and French fries. The society allowed you to heap the blame on the baby because, well, you were an expectant mother and we did not want you to miscarriage and then blame us for not giving you a sweet cookie. So, you met all your cravings.

After birth of the baby though, it suddenly happens to you that you are really big and unattractive. You start blaming everyone but yourself. Depression tricks in and the best way that you know how to deal with it is eating more and more. Everytime you look at the mirror, you wonder who the stranger staring back at you is. You never knew that you could grow that fat. But hey, you are.

Weight gain is a double edged sword. It does not spare men and as such if you are that lean guy reading this post, I am sorry to burst your bubble. If you eat junk, lead a sedentary lifestyle and have the occasional cold bottle of beer, you could well be on your path to weight gain. So beware of this and start taking care of your body.

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For those with weight problems, the world is not over for you. You can start reclaiming back your body with proven weight lossstrategies that have been proven to work.

It however all starts with the mind. In my long tenure as a fitness coach, I have found out that the greatest hindrance to that super body that you dream about is yourself. Why, you only wish but never get your ass to working out. You watch lean models on TV and wish that you were in their shoes while you gobble one bowl of popcorn after the other.

Life to you is all about sitting down, getting to work in the office, leaving at dusk and going to bed. The only thing that changes is the weekend where you and your buddies go out, grab some grilled meat and cold beers as you watch sport personalities lift weight or box it out in the ring.

So, how do you lose weight?

As I pointed out earlier, the greatest hindrance to your weight loss is you. You need to have a great desire to achieve that loss of 10, 20 or 40 pounds. Once the great desire gets to the subconscious, you are rewarded with the energy to move on.

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Weight loss is an inherent desire that is so strong that you will not stomach seeing other people eating that sugary cookie that you once loved to have. It will take you from bed every morning. It will pull you from that clique that loves having beer and grilled meat as they watch the soccer game at the local bar.

Hypnotists say that once you have convinced your subconscious that weight loss is the thing for you, it will be all systems go.

  1. Discipline

Discipline is key in weight loss. If you are not disciplined, you will not wake up from bed to exercise.

You will not quit alcohol. Without discipline, you will still hang out with that group of friends that loves having fatty grilled meat.

  1. Cut back on sugary foods

Starches and sugary foods stimulate the secretion of insulin the most. Insulin is a fat storing hormone and as such it leads to weight gain.


  1. Lift weights

Weight lifting is not for bodybuilders only. It is also for you who wants to lose weight. Weights have the effect of keeping you trimmed and well-toned. Your body becomes more muscular as opposed to fatty. Weights increase metabolism of fats to energy and you therefore become stronger.

Cardio exercises are also good for weight loss although I tend to advise my clients to try lifting weights since they will be able to lose weight faster and permanently that way as opposed to cardio exercises which are tiring and need a routine lest you easily slump back.

  1. Best supplements to get shredded

Not all weight loss supplements are effective. There are those that are advertised by greedy marketers in a bid to make a commission for themselves and then there are those that have been tested and proven by scientists and recommended to work.

In getting the best supplements to get shredded, you need to check the customer reviews especially for those websites that have a testimonials page. However, these testimonials could also be fake as the content managers could have curated those shiny reviews in a bid to trick you. My best bet on reviews are those on amazon since the site only allows real buyers to give their reviews after buying and using the products for sometimes.

There are also weight loss forums such as https://weight-loss.fitness.com/ , https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ and https://healthunlocked.com/nhsweightloss where you can ask about any supplement you want to buy and most probably, there will be someone else who has bought the product and as such will give an honest review of the same.

Below here is my best collection of supplements that will get you ripped in the shortest time possible and allow you to lose at least 15 pounds in 3 weeks. The good thing is that they are all from Amazon and as such, you can check the customer reviews before you buy the products.

Frequently Asked Questions on Weight Loss supplements

In this question, I will try to answer as many questions on weight loss as possible. Most of the questions were emailed to me by you readers while another chunk I got from the weight loss forums as well as from quora.

You will find similarities in most of them and I will therefore try as much as possible to avoid redundancies.

So, lets dig into the meat of the questions:

Do diet pills really work?

Diet pills do really work. If they were ineffective, you would not see them advertised or their rave reviews on amazon. The downside is that there are a lot of scammers online who sell placebos in the name of diet pills.

You need to be wary of them and only buy products that have been proven to work. Visit diet forums, pose questions on Quora or Yahoo Answers on whether there are people who have used a certain diet pill and if there are, what were their results.

How to lose weight with a busy schedule

People who hold office jobs or have a busy schedule might feel that they have no time to lose weight. I however disagree with that.

Make time during the tea and lunch breaks to do squats, jog or if your office has a gym, visit it during those hours.

Check your diet carefully by eating more veggies, less grains and lots of water. Say bye bye to snacks and sugary tea.

I started losing weight using exercise, pills and diet. First week, I lost a significant number of pounds. I have however hit a weight plateau where I seem not to stagnate in my weight loss. What to do?

A weight loss plateau happens when you are losing an equal amount of weight as you are eating. Newbies in weight loss journeys find that they lose so much weight in the beginning weeks and this then hits a halt.

To move out of the weight plateau, eat more protein foods, exercise more to burn up more fats and increase your water intake to increase metabolism.

How to lose belly fat fast at home

Belly fat is an accumulation of glycogen that is stored after you eat excess foods. How do you lose the belly fat at home? Well, here we go:

  1. Do sit ups as this burns up visceral and subcutaneous fats around the belly.
  2. Avoid fatty foods
  3. Get the best gym equipments for abs and love handles
  4. Drink generous amounts of water to spike up metabolism.
  5. Boost your testosterone levels. If you testosterone levels are low, you tend to have more fat than muscles. By taking one of these very effective testosterone boosters, you are sure to see changes.

How to lose weight after baby and c-section

Unlike other mothers, c section mothers should start their weight loss journeys with light exercises. With time if you are not feeling a strain on your pelvic muscles, make the aerobic exercises a little more vigorous.

You could for example start with jogging, tread mill and later go on to do squats and lifting weights from a  squatting position and stand up.

It is however advised not to be too quick (or ambitious) in your desire to lose weight. Start the light exercises 8 to 12 weeks after baby. In some cases where you had a lot of complications, doctors will advise you to wait up to 6 months before you embark on any strenuous body activities.

Supplements and good diet should be part and parcel of your weight loss.

A mother who has undergone a c-section delivery needs affection and encouragement as she seeks to lose weight. Since she is doing light exercises, she might not immediately see the results she want fast enough.

You therefore need to surround yourself with affectionate people who will continually encourage you. On your part, do not slump back. Go easy and steady. See the bigger picture and brave the journey till you get where you want.

What weight loss pills side effects should I expect

Weight loss supplements usually do have side effects such as a dry mouth, running nose, anorexia and loss of sleep. I go ahead to advise my readers to seek medical attention before using weight loss supplements if they are having the following conditions:

  • Are diabetic
  • Below 18 years of age
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Cardiac problems.

What are the best slimming pills that work fast

We have researched and found some very great slimming pills that work fast and permanently. They include phenq, unique hoodia, forskolin 250 and garcinia extra. These slimming pills help in the following:

  1. Suppressing you appetite so that you only eat what your body needs. Weight gain is mostly brought about by overeating fatty, sugary foods that the body converts to glycogen(fat) and stores under the skin.
  2. Increasing your metabolic rate so that the body is able to quickly burn up fats into energy
  3. Reducing the amount of fats absorbed in your body every time you take food
  4. Incinerating visceral and subcutaneous fats.

These slimming pills work for both men and women. I would recommend phenq especially to mothers who are looking to lose baby weight.

How can I lose weight without going to the gym?

Is it possible to lose weight without exercising? Yes, a study has already been done to this effect and it was found out that supplements can help you bulk, get ripped and even lose weight on their own without the need to visit a gym.

However, weight loss pills work more effectively when you are exercising and eating right.

To lose weight without going to the gym, I would advise that you do simple exercises at home such as skipping rope, jogging, morning and evening runs as well as squatting. Such exercises need no gym facilities right.

If your concern is not paying up the hefty gym membership fees, you could also make a one-off investment in cheap and cool dumbbell weights which stock affordably on amazon.com.

Lean diet is also important if you want to lose weight without going to the gym. Here are  recommendations:

  1. Eat twice or thrice and avoid the temptation to snack
  2. Drink lots of water. At least two liters of water per day. Half a litre when you wake up and another one and a half before having your lunch.
  3. More vegetables, less grains
  4. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Fat is incinerated more when you are resting.