Ronnie Coleman Out of Danger after Surgery

We all know Ronnie Coleman. He of the testogen xr fame, don’t we? Well, if you have been following up on him, then you know that he was scheduled to have a surgery this week after the support system for his back broke after a surgery and he was therefore to have another surgery on Thursday 8th March. The good news is that Ronnie is doing fine and looks good even after the surgery. His body however has shrunken. Atrophy, you know.     Ronnie has had 7 surgeries in…

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Shooting Blanks! Is there any medicine to increase sperm count and seminal motility?

medicine for low sperm count and seminal motility

        “Hello, I cannot make my wife pregnant. Is there a way around this? Doctor said that I have low sperm count” That was an email that someone sent me a few days and it forms my today’s post. Shooting Blanks: Societal pressure and ridicule Infertility is a very tough situation to deal with. Whether you are a man or a woman. If you are an infertile woman, you face societal pressure from left, right and center since people want you to give birth and raise a…

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Testogen: The best male enhancement pills that work fast

If you are a guy like me who loves being confident about their muscular body and having awesome stamina under the bed sheets, then you need to have high testosterone levels. Testogen male enhancement pills has been proven to give you a lean and well ripped body, is an awesome sex pill  and will give you the confidence that you require throughout the day. Why is Testogen the best male enhancement pill that works In this post, I will be discussing eight reasons why you need to take testogen pills…

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Does D Aspartic Acid increase testosterone levels? Studies Reveal the Truth

d aspartic acid increases testosterone temporarily in healthy men but remarkably in infertile men

We have been discussing whether various elements common in testosterone boosters do in fact have any boost on your t levels. We have already looked at zinc, magnesium and stinging nettle and found out that they do boost your testosterone levels. We also looked at tribulus terrestris and found out that it does not increase testosterone levels but improves one’s libido. Zinc increases testosterone by inhibiting aromatization; a process where free testosterone is converted to estrogen. Magnesium increases testosterone by binding with the SHBG which ‘arrests’ testosterone and makes it unavailable for…

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Does Tribulus Terestris Increase Testosterone Levels? Studies Show That It Does Not Boost Testosterone But Rather Increases Libido

Sometimes back, every supplement promising to boost a man’s testosterone said that it was made with tribulus terrestris. It would have actually been a crime if you came up with a testosterone boosting product that was not made with tribulus terrestris. It was the holy grail of testosterone. In those promotions, it was claimed that tribulus terrestris contributes to testosterone boost by stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone—a precursor of testosterone. So, you would be advised to take tribulus terrestris since it will lead to secretion of LH which would…

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Magnesium in increasing testosterone

boost testosterone infographic

Other than zinc, magnesium is another essential mineral that boosts testosterone. In this post, we will look at how the ion does this. We will also look at what foods you can take in order to increase the mineral in your body, what studies support the fact that it is a testosterone booster and what supplementation pills you can take to increase the mineral in your body. What is magnesium and what foods increase it in the body Magnesium ion is an essential electrolyte in your body. It is also…

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Zinc and its testosterone benefits

zinc to boost testosterone

What is zinc? Zinc is an important mineral ion that is to be found in oyster, eggs, fish, poultry, grains such as almonds and pumpkins. It helps in: Healing wounds faster Protein synthesis Cell division, growth and development. Why do you need zinc supplementation? Zinc supplementation is important in people with deficiency of the ion. Athletes are asked to supplement it since they lose it while sweating. Plant zinc in legumes, whole grains and cereals has been found to have low bioavailability because it binds itself with phytates and therefore…

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Stinging Nettle to Increase Testosterone, Cure Hair Loss and Man boobs, Bodybuilding, Rectify Erectile Dysfunction and as an Estrogen Blocker

how stinging nettle increases testosterone levels

In my post today, I will talk about the benefits of stinging nettle root in boosting your testosterone levels. All my arguments in this post are based on stinging nettle root testosterone studies that have been conducted by various reputable bodies such as the University of Maryland, Harvard University, Medicinenet, Webmd and NCBI.   What is stinging nettle? Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a green herb growing naturally in European, Asian and African highlands. It does well in nitrogen rich soils and wet climate. Its leaves have this lush green…

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