Brighter Day Appetite Control Gnc Review 2018

While looking for the best appetite suppressants at gnc, I stumbled over Vitalast brighter day appetite control which had the highest number of positive reviews both on amazon and gnc. I looked through the reviews and ratings and got a hunch that the product must be great owing to the rave reviews that it was getting. But the only way to be sure about supplements is to try them out, right? So, I went ahead and bought the product.

Product specs and ingredients

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Vitalast brighter day appetite control comes in a pack with 72 capsules. You are supposed to take one capsule before lunch and another before supper meaning that the entire pack will last for 36 days. however advises that you take the pills for upto 12 weeks to see full results. That means that you will need to but at least 2 packs.

Vitalast brighter day is made with ashwagandha, withanolides, rhodiola rosea root, Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract and lithium orotate.

What I loved about the product

Vitalast brighter day boosted my mood such that I felt positive every day. You see when you are obese, you face all forms of challenges from people ridiculing you for being excessively fat and not fitting in. When such negative energy is directed to you, most people struggling with weight find themselves binge eating even more since their moods have gone so low that food would be the only remedy for them feel better.

Brighter day was a great appetite suppressant for me. For years, I have tried all forms of acupressure tricks like squeezing my ear lobes and tip of my nose, taking lots of water and eating slowly but all had been in vain. I still found myself eating sugary and fatty foods. Vitalast helped me fight these cravings. Though I did not feel its effect in the first few days, later on, I found that I ate less.

The capsules also helped me with fighting anxiety. Unlike other appetite suppressants, it does not have any stimulants and as such, you are assured of no restlessness or anxiety.

Vitalast brighter day is also good with stress relief. While using it, I found out that I was able to focus more on my life and ignore the negative energy of people calling me plus size, plump or fat.

What I did not like about it
There were some complaints that some customers on amazon and gnc did not find any results even after trying the pills. And well, I would not say that these reviews were just put there to discredit the capscules. Personally, I know that some pills will work for some people while they are just crap to others.

Wrap up on brighter day appetite control pills

If you are looking for an appetite suppressant, mood booster then brighter day should be among those products you choose to buy. Again, with all suppressants, your body might not just react to it and as such, you should not expect that it is guaranteed to work for you.




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