[UPDATE 2018] 4 of the Best supplements to get ripped in 4 weeks| The 4 Best supplement for cutting without losing muscle

What supplements should I take to get ripped fast?

You are here because you want to get shredded in four weeks or less, right?You are probably not feeling really good about your weight or body physique and this has had a toll on your self-esteem. Well, you need not look any further. In this post, I will take you through some of the best supplements to get shredded. Just to show you that they are really effective, you can refer here to see that we have listed them as supplements celebrities are using so as to get ripped.

For one, you are assured that the products I will tell you about form the most effective steroid cycle supplements. They are no placebo brouhaha. You have also probably heard that while some supplements get you ripped, they eat into your bulk. Well, in this post, I promise to only tell you about the best supplement for cutting without losing muscle.

If you are to get ripped in a record 4 weeks, you really need a boost of your testosterone.Testosterone is the hormone responsible for making men look manly with huge muscles and broad shoulders. Its opposite is estrogen, the female hormone that makes you look fat and tender. Most supplement critics will say that you can actually get ripped in four weeks by simply working out. But hey, look at them closely after the 28 days of workout. They have not changed even one bit. Well, maybe they have lost a few pounds but that is all.


A muscular body is not about workout only. You need nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and boron in your body.But aren’t those nutrients available in a balanced diet?Well, a balanced diet has these nutrients but at most times, it lacks them in sufficient amounts. Take for example the case of pumpkin seeds which we know are a rich source of zinc.Interestingly, though they are rich in the nutrient, your body is not able to benefit from it.Why?It is bound by phytic acid and as such your body is not able to benefit from this zinc. You would therefore need to supplement the zinc.

1. My personal best testosterone booster for getting ripped in 4 weeks

testogen review 2017

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A friend recommended that I use testogen if I wanted to get ripped fast as well as boost my libido and  feel confident about my body. So , I went ahead and bought the one month pack. Below is my experience

Week 1: Continued workouts. No change in my body and I was thinking that they are damn placebos. A complete rip off.

Was about to throw them away when the friends said that testosterone boost does not come about over night. Have to wait.

Week 2: Feel a change in my body. Lots of energy working out. No change in my physical physique. Can endure doing exercises for long hours

Week 3: The change is evident. My body looks awesomely ripped. Not in a Dwayne Johnson kind of way but hey, my six pack has started to show. Lots of energy in the gym. My libido is also something to write about.

Week 4: Feeling awesome. Well ripped. Muscles showing under my tee. Libido has shot over the roof. I go ahead and write this about the supplement.

Read my Testogen Review Here


Why buy these fat burning pills and why are they the best supplements to get shredded?

  1. They are highly effective and have a guarantee to work
  2. They are highly affordable giving you an amazing crazy bulk coupon code
  3. They are the best supplement to get ripped quick. Yes, in less that 4 weeks of using these supplements, you will have gotten ripped.

Other than the crazy bulk family, there are also other supplements that we have reviewed and found to work in getting you ripped in 4 weeks or even less.

2. Adderall Weight loss pills

Though used primarily as Adhd medication, adderall drugs have been found to have a terrific weight loss property. ADD patients have reported having a commendable appetite suppression as well as a fat burning property. After using the drugs, they have lost lots of weight.

In a single week, one could lose upto 20lbs. However, before you go right ahead and buy adderall drugs you need to see your doctor and ask for off-label prescription since they will be able to tell you how much of the drug to take as well as what other exercises you need to invest in.

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The drugs, I must warn you are really addictive and you could get hooked to them. They also have side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness and a dried mouth.

3. Phenq pills

Before going on with this review,  I want to ask, has anyone tried phenq? 

If you have, you will probably agree with my eight reasons why everyone should use phenq for their weight loss.

Phenq is another weight loss pill that have been used to help people get ripped in a short while. Phenq contains caffeine, which is thermogenic as well as Nopal which is an appetite suppressant. Phenq makes you eat less, have lots of energy to exercise as well as stay alert.

I personally recommend the use of phenq because I once bought the drug for my wife after she delivered our baby and she had gained so much weight that she felt uncomfortable going out with me. I therefore had to look for a good postnatal fat burner.

My nutritionist told me that I should be wary of these postnatal fat burners especially in the case of my wife. Why? He said that though there are so many hyped out there in the market, most are not really good especially for postnatal mothers because they could lead to a milk drop.

He therefore asked me to make sure that the supplement I chose was made with natural ingredients so that it would not alter my wife’s milk production.

phenq ingredients

Going through the phenq ingredients, I found them worthy and organic.

phenq best supplement to get shredded

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One negative side effect of the product is that you might lack sleep because of the high amount of caffeine in it.

4. Garcinia Extra

Made up of garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones, garcinia extra is a great appetite suppressant, increases your body metabolism as well as give your body lots of energy. You see the main reason why weight loss is so hard is because people eat more than their body needs.

But what if you were able to grab a great anorectic drug over the counter such as garcinia cambogia that makes you eat less but still feel satisfied?

What do you get after using garcinia cambogia extra:

  • Firmer abs

If you are a guy or a lady with a pot belly, garcinia extra will help you get leaner and firmer abs. Love handles despite how lovely that name might sound are far from lovely. They make you look rather ugly and unfit. But how do you lose them.Well, though there are exercises that can help you in this, garcinia extra can help you get rid of them without any workouts.

It does this by incinerating all the fats around your waist giving you this lean outlook.

  • A tighter bum.

I like big bums. And so do many men. But only when they are tight and firm. Yes, no man wants to spank a bum that looks so loose and distended as though it is all watery. Yes, they want a tight and firm bum that shows that you value it. Garcinia extra will help you get it.

  • Thinner legs

By burning the fats around your legs, garcinia helps you get thinner and firm legs.

supplements to get ripped in 4 weeks


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If you noticed, I did not talk about exercises anywhere. Why?

The above supplements can help you get ripped without exercising. Crazy? Well, that is the truth. They are fat burners that are going to seriously incinerate all your fat cells into energy.

Exercising however would get you ripped in a shorter time if you were to use the same supplements. If you are a huge guy, you can do some treadmilling using these treadmills for fat guys. If you love handles, this post on equipment for abs and love handles will get you sorted.


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