[UPDATED 2018] The 3 Best gym equipment for abs and love handles| Exercise equipments for abs home use

Call them love handles, muffin tops or any other lovely name that you would want to call them.

The truth though is that fat around your waist and torso is nothing to smile about. It shows that you are unfit, eat lots of junk and lazy in the gym. If you have any of these, you seriously need to think of buying the best gym equipment for love handles so that you can work them out.

When anyone  comes for my advice on how to incinerate away the fat around their belly, I usually tell them to buy the following items for Amazon and get serious losing the love handles as well as toning their abs.

Ab rollers to lose love handles

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

ab roller for beginners

Comfortable, sleek and with great ergonomics, the Perfect fitness ab carver pro is a sure way to get you well chiseled abs as well as eating up that paunch in your tummy. The handles are non slippery and they give you assistance as you roll back from your starting point.

If you want to watch ab roller beginner exercises, here is a youtube video just for you

While using the ab rollers, caution should be taken lest you fall face first. So, even though you should aim to lose as much fat fast, mind about your safety. Go slowly but steadily.

Other Rollers available on Amazon


Stability Exercise Ball for your obliques

The stability ball is another effective gym equipment you should be thinking about if you are serious about losing those love handles. It is very popular among females who want to get rid of their obliques.

The stability exercise ball is safe and at the same challenging for your core muscles.

You can get the stability exercise balls on amazon

stability balls to get rid of obliques


The Sit up Bench; Best Equipment for abs and love handles?

When you are looking to get a well ripped, six pack torso, flat tummy and strong leg muscles, the word best sit up bench should come into your mind. Traditional as it might seem, it helps you strengthen your core muscles, shred your abs as well as improve your general body fitness.


The sit up bench is one of the best gym equipment for abs and love handles. Yes, I know you want to get rid of them. I know you want to look trim and petite. So, how will this best ab machine for home use help.


The sit up bench helps you to do the following exercises:


Trunk extension:

The trunk extension workouts strengthen the spine muscles.

Push ups:

Push-ups are targeted on your chest muscles especially the pectoralis major and minor.

Crunches :

Crunches make your stomach muscles firmer and they would be ideal for those with pot bellies since they would help them get shredded faster.
All these exercises can be achieved on your sit up bench and that is why you need to set some few minutes to read this guide on getting the most versatile, multi-functional and top sit up bench for you.
Because of its versatility, the sit up bench is categorized as one of the best exercise equipments for abs home use.
So here we go with our review of the top three sit up benches on Amazon.

Three Best sit Up Benches


1. Sit Up AB Bench Incline Decline – FEIERDUN Adjustable Workout Sit-up Bench with Replaceable Leather Cover, Slant Crunch Board abs Benches

Product Description

At the weight of 114lbs and an adjustable height of 17.2”to 24.8” this bench would make for a great exercise equipment for those who want to trim their bellies, strengthen their chest, leg and spine muscles.
It comes with PV breathable, waterproof material that is easy to clean up after workout.
The sit up bench is foldable and as such saves on storage space after workout. I know most workout enthusiasts have these tiny home gyms and as such are looking for foldable fitness equipment that will not take up the entire room.
The bench has four adjustable height levels that is the kick plate, front bracket and the inclination height so that you can adjust according to your height.
With this bench, your ankles are safe from hurt since it has soft sponges along the ankle pads to protect you.
– Highly affordable
– Foldable saving on storage space
– Adjustable so can be used by both tall and short people
-Requires you to have a wrench to assemble after shipment
-Slides on the floor as you exercise.

2. Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

Product Description

Combining adjust-ability and versatility, the Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper bench is the ideal exercise equipment for anyone who is looking to strengthen their chest, abs, back, legs and glut muscles. The bench has 4 adjustable positions that can be done with the quick pull of a pin at the bottom so as to adjust to the height you need.
At 4′ long, 27″ wide, 27-34″ high and 42.4 pounds, the stamina pro ab/hyper bench is lightweight and easy for anyone to carry. It is also foldable and as such reduced on the space occupied in your workout room. It has a thick upholstery that is easy to clean and dry.
The downside of this bench according to me was that it didn’t have skid resistant rubber pads at the bottom and would therefore slid under your weight.
– Foldable so you can save on space
– Highly adjustable and as such can be used by short or tall people
– Easily slides on the floor under your weight and as such you have to keep moving it back and forth.

3. XMark Mini Ab Decline Bench XM-4415

Product Description

I have always trusted Xmark Fitness Company and when they rolled out their new sit up benches, I was among the first to try it out. Boasting of comfort with the high density cushion as well as ergonomics as you exercise those muscles, this XMark decline bench is indeed the true mark of excellence.
The bench has 8”x4” ankle and knee roller pads and as such is great even for tall people. Weighing 350lbs, the bench is light weight and I was able to carry to my exercise room with lots of ease.
They bench also has this superior coat finish that is resistant to scratch and as such, you need not worry about it cracking or getting scratched. I also loved the skid resistant rubber feet that they have installed. Who wants a decline bench that moves when they are try to keep their tummies trim?
– Very comfortable with the high density cushions
– The ankle and knee roller pads size are just right for both short and tall people
– Very ergonomic and one actually enjoys doing the sit ups on the bench
– With the skid resistant rubber pads, you are able to do your sit ups from one position without having to pull the bench back.
– Lightweight
– The price is unbeatable
– The bench comes a little bit woobly. You have to use an L wrench to tighten it up well so as to start using.
– Unfortunately once assembled, this sit up bench does not fold and as such, you would have to disassemble it if you are short of space.

Final Verdict on the best ab machine for home and gym use

From this top sit up bench review, you have been able to read about three of the top sit up benches, their pros and cons. In terms of price, I found all of them to be good bargains putting in consideration that you will have them all to yourself after the purchase.
They are also adjustable and as such you will be able to use them whether you are tall or short. In terms of comfort and ergonomics, they are the best out there and you can be assured that using any of them will not result to you getting muscular problems due to bad workout ergonomics.
Foldability of a bench should also be put in consideration as you buy your best sit up bench.My personal best was the stamina pro ab/hyper bench that combined high adjustability and versatility in that I can use it to strengthen many groups of muscles. The easy to clean upholstery is a great plus. At the same time, the foldability feature was a great plus for me since I have this small workout room with lots of gym equipment and could therefore not stomach a bench that wouldn’t fold.

Other Abs and Love handle Trainers

Other than sit up benches, there are other abs trainers.



The Twist & Shape abs Trainer

So you want to twist that love handle away with amazon’s twist and shape abs trainer. Well here you got your product.


  • the dual rotary anti-skid create great workout experience
  • Incinerate all love handles away.

To buy the product, go to amazon


Now did you know that you could lose love handles with dumbbells.

Here is a video showing you the same

Now rather than buy dumbbells, why not just buy these water bottles shaped like weights. You will be hitting two birds with one stone. Yes, you will both get hydrated as well as lose your love handles.


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