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When one is stepping into the bodybuilding and fitness world as a beginner, they are either looking for the best testosterone steroid for bulking or best steroid cycle for cutting. The former is more pronounced in men while women want to shred away that extra ounce of fat from the bodies. The best beginner cycle gives a man that awesome six pack body frame that gets women ogling at him with desire while his fellow men see him as their Moses; their lead.  A well bulked man is always associated with high testosterone, leadership, money, high libido, drive and focus. He is seen as ambitious and with a knack for determination.

A lean bulk cycle can either be achieved through natural means or by getting jacked. While going natural is the ideal thing—both medically and even financially, it takes time and lots of discipline to achieve this. You have to sweat it out in the gym for a painfully long time. The other option is getting jacked. Sometimes back when anabolic steroids were in vogue, this was both very easy and risky because anabolic steroids have a lot of negative side effects. Pharmaceutical companies have however made it safer and actually legal to get jacked. Today, they have legal beginner steroid cycle kits that will neither get you on the wrong side of the law nor put you into adverse health risks.

In this article we are going to do a comprehensive comparison of the best bulking cycle between dbal and marine muscle gunner. The criteria that we used in choosing these  bulking steroids were that they had to be legal, popular and internationally available. The most effective steroid also had to give stamina and as such it had to be the best steroids for strength one could get. They also had to be over the counter tablets since we are not interested in a doctor’s prescription or injection. In essence, we are looking for the best oral steroid for bulking which is both affordable and a legal alternative to anabolic steroids for bodybuilding. So let’s get into the meat of the story.

One of the most renowned best steroids to bulk up is crazy bulk dianabol (d-bal). Dbal has been in the market for a long time and amassed a wealth of praise for its effectiveness and awesomeness in getting people bulked and full of stamina. We also have a new entrant into the bulking world; marine muscle gunner. Barely a year old, marine muscle gunner which is made in the USA has swept love in its wake. Made from natural materials, it has been acclaimed as a most effective steroid that will get you to train like a marine and achieve that bulky military body.

In comparing these two steroids, we will look at their turn-around time; that is the period of time you have to wait before the products starts showing its effect. We will also look into the ingredients—they need to be natural and organic so that they do not hurt you body. We will also look at the side effects if any. We will also look at the availability in your country and last but not least, we will look at the price. Yes, though cost is not a biggie in the bulking world, we need an effective steroid which will give value for your money. Let’s get started with crazy bulk dianabol (dbal)

Crazy bulk d-bal

Before we look at crazy bulk d-bal, it would be important to point out that d-bal is an alternative to dianabol. Dianabol was one of the best testosterone steroid for bulking in the world. However, it was scraped off after being found to cause a lot of side effects such as gynecomastia, cardiac arrests as well as blood pressure related ailments. So dianabol and other anabolic steroids for bodybuilding were done away with. Due to the popularity of dianabol, it is not strange to still hear people ask for dianabol though the FDA cracked down a whip on it. To reap from this fame, crazy bulk coined the name d-bal to mimic the name dianabol. In this article therefore, we will use the name d-bal and crazy bulk dianabol. I hope this removes the confusion.

As a legal alternative to dianabol, d-bal helps your muscles retain more nitrogen. Nitrogen is important for protein synthesis in your body. This way then, crazy bulk d-bal helps your body create more proteins. It also helps increase the number of red blood cells in your body. With more blood cells, your blood is able to carry more oxygen. Oxygen helps in energy sythensis as well as making your muscles not fatigue easily.

Ingredients of crazy bulk d-bal

Crazy bulk d-bal contains:

  1. Tribulus terrestris which is the god-father of testosterone. Helps you build muscle as well as boost libido, focus and drive.
  2. Isoleucine, valine and leucine are all amino acids that are important for protein sythensis in your body
  3. Whey protein concentrate increases your dietary protein intake leading to muscle hypetrophy.

How to use crazy bulk d-bal

  • Take 3 d-bal pills with water, 45 minutes after workout.
  • Recommended use is 2 months with lots of exercise and great diet.

Marine muscle Gunner

Just like crazy bulk dianabol, marine muscle which is known as the legal steroid turning men into beasts also helps your muscle retain more nitrogen for protein sythensis and can therefore be classified also as one of the best steroids to bulk up. Similarly, the pack helps in increasing the number of red blood cells meaning so that you can exercise for longer without fatigue.

Marine muscle gunner is made from pure turmeric extract. This turmeric extract contains a chemical called curcumin which is important in burning up subcutaneous and visceral fats. In this way, marine muscle gunner is both a bulking as well as a cutting product.

Ingredients of marine muscle gunner

  1. Beta sitosterol is an organic plant extract found in fruits. It has been used by athletes to reduce pain and fatigue after a run. Some people use it for enhancing their sexual activity since it boosts one’s testosterone. It is the primary reason why marine muscle gunner is a great bulking steroid.
  2. Samento inner bark is a distant cousin of Cat’s Claws. It works by boosting one’s immunity as well as incinerating fat to energy.
  3. Nettle leaf extract has been naturally used to prevent hair loss especially in men.
  4. Pepsin breaks proteins to smaller peptides that are easily digestible for energy synthesis.
  5. Turmeric extract powder is an inflammatory product that incinerates fats to energy leaving you with lean muscle.

How to use marine muscle gunner

  • Take 3 marine muscle gunner pills with water, 45 minutes before workout
  • Use for at least 2 months to see bulking results.


Comparing between the two best bulking cycle: Marine muscle gunner and crazy bulk d-bal

In our comparison, we will put a lot of weight on the effect of the bulking steroid to testosterone. Nobody wants a bulky body with low testosterone, do they? Remember the opposite of testosterone is estrogen found in women and if you were to have a slight spike in estrogen levels, you would look like a woman with hips and man boobs. Very undesirable, right?

We will examine the number of years that the bulking product has been in the market and whether we can get customer reviews and testimonials. We will use one rule: old products have been in the bodybuilding market for long and as such have attracted praise as well as criticism.


We will also look at the side effects, the duration taken before you start seeing bulking results, availability as well as the cost of the bulking product. Let’s get into this, will we?


Bulking Considerations

Crazy bulk d-bal

Marine muscle gunner

Verdict—which is the most powerful steroid of the two?

Age in the market and availability of reviews Has been in the market for a long time and as such attracted acclaim as well as criticism. You can see crazy bulk testimonials here. It is new in the market. Therefore not very many people have tried it and those that have are yet to write marine muscle gunner testimonials. Crazy bulk scoops the prize since it has been in the market for longer gaining crazy bulk testimonials.
Boost on testosterone Contains terrestris tribulus which naturally boosts your testosterone. Therefore, you get high libido, focus and self-drive Contains beta sitosterol which boosts testosterone levels considerably. It is a tie
Are the bulking ingredients natural? Contains natural ingredients Contains natural ingredients  Another tie since they both have natural ingredients
Time before you see bulking results 2 months of taking crazy bulk d-bal, workouts and great diet will give great bulking results. 2 months of taking marine muscle gunner, workouts and great diet will give great bulking results Another tie since they both have similar turnaround time
Side effects of the best oral steroid for bulking Causes acne, irritability and aggressive behaviour when taken in excess.

Not to be taken by pregnant and nursing moms, diabetics, cancer and cardio patients

Causes acne, irritability and aggressive behaviour when taken in excess.

Not to be taken by pregnant and nursing moms, diabetics, cancer and cardio patients

 A tie since both have side effects as well as groups of people who shouldn’t take them
International availability Available everywhere with free delivery Not available in the UK and Europe Crazy bulk scoops the prize
Can the bulking product be used by both men and women Crazy bulk for women is available. Therefore, it is cross-cutting both genders Marine muscle does not mention anywhere that their bulking steroid can be taken by women In the meantime, crazy bulk scoops it.
Cost Currently going at $59.99 Currently selling at $69.99 Crazy bulk gets it



best testosterone steroid for bulking
Crazy bulk d-bal wins as the best bulking cycle

After going through that bulking steroids comparison table, you can guess what my verdict is. Yes, crazy bulk d-bal scoops the prize of the most powerful steroid. Their products are not only popular after being in the market for a long time and proving that there is nothing like crazy bulk scam, they are also effective and less costly as compared to marine muscle gunner. But who knows, maybe one year down the line, I will have to revisit my bulking steroid comparison table and change a few things here and there. Now, the question is where to buy crazy bulk d-bal. Don’t worry here we go:

where to buy crazy bulk d-bal





Buy Crazy Bulk Now


On their part, marine muscle gunner are exciting because the steroid can be used for both bulking and cutting purposes. As we had mentioned earlier, the product contains turmeric extract (curcumin) and samento inner bark. These two natural marine muscle gunner ingredients make the product a great cutting pack for your lean bulk cycle. Using marine muscle gunner therefore, you kill two birds with one stone. You will not only be bulking but also cutting. But hey, since this review was all about the best bulking cycle, crazy bulk has carried the trophy. Maybe in a different forum when we will be looking at the best steroid cycle for cutting, we can review marine muscle gunner as the best all rounded bodybuilding steroid.

marine muscle gunner a good beginner steroid cycle kit

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From my bulking steroid comparison chart, there are a few things that I want you to walk home with.

  1. Bodybuilding for women

Other than men, women too can body build. And in fact, they have already started doing so. While the reasons for women bodybuilding might be different from those of their male counterparts, we have to agree that women in bodybuilding are phenomenal and looked up to by their non-building female friends. Female sports personalities such as Serena Williams have been gracing one Vogue magazine after the other thanks to their resplendence and beautiful well bulked body frames.

  1. Bulking steroids are not for everyone

When we were looking at the bulking side effects, we saw that people with heart attack problems, blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer, pregnant and lactating mothers should not even think about bulking steroids. They will only harm their bodies.

  1. Best steroids for bulking and sports doping

It is important to mention that if you are using one of the reviewed best bulking steroid, you might be sniffed by the sports doping cops. Yes, crazy bulk d-bal and marine muscle gunner are legal but hey, you never know what your sporting agency will say when they find that you have taken some performance enhancing drugs (PEDS). The truth is that these bulking steroids give you undue advantage over those who have not jacked. Why? They give you the ability to exercise and do your sporting activities without fatigue.

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