Best ADHD medication for weight loss in adults | A review of best Adderall Weight Loss Drugs

Imagine being able to focus on your weight loss journey without feeling as though you are being shoved around to do it. Picture how good it would be if you got a drug that enabled you to feel motivated about visiting the gym while at the same time giving you appetite suppressing properties so that you do not eat too much when you take it.


Well, the best ADHD medication for weight loss in adults have all these properties.


Best known as Adderall weight loss drugs, these ADHD pills will help you focus on getting leaner and leaner without the exhaustion that comes with visiting the gym every day.

Do Adderall weight loss drugs work?

For a long time, most people have been arguing over whether ADHD drugs can be used for weight loss. And it has emerged that, attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder drugs are made with caffeine and appetite suppressants that are key in weight loss.


So with ADHD medication, you will be killing two birds with one stone; you increase your focus levels while at the same time burn up fats to lose weight.


The drugs also help to keep one motivated and energized so that they can work out for longer and harder. So, if you are looking for a drug that will sharpen your focus levels, make you motivated to shed away tons of fats through exercise then Adderall drugs are your perfect pick.

Is it Safe to use Adderall weight loss drugs?

Adderall are only to be used by ADHD patients who need help in focus, concentration and alertness. However, one of the side effects of taking the drugs is weight loss brought about by appetite suppression as well as increased metabolic rate. At the same time, a weight loser feels motivated to go to the gym even when they would call in tired.

For weight loss purposes though, you need to have a doctor prescribe the drug to you. Abuse could lead to addiction, dry mouth, insomnia as well as diarrhea.

This is why adderall weight loss pills are not my favorite. I prefer phenq which is more safe



Nature of the ADHD medication for weight loss review experiment

Having said that, we went out on an experiment to find the best supplement that would work as a nootropic as well as help the users in weight loss. We searched through the Amazon online stores using the keyword ‘best adults medication for ADHD and weight loss’ and our results included the following:

  • Addrena
  • Vyvanse
  • Ritalin

We first checked through their compositions so as to find what they are made of, the marketing on the individual websites as well as their effect on a group of willing respondents who were looking to improve their attention levels as well as reduce on their weight.


For the purposes of this review exercise, we did not pay a dime to get the drugs but we promised that we would publish an honest review of the supplements once we were done with our tests.


So, grab some coffee and be ready for an informative and objective read. We will tell you what we liked about the drugs as well as what turned us off. We will also give your results of the respondents who used the pills.


Addrena drugs for weight loss


Addrena which stocks at Amazon online stores is an over the counter ADHD drug that also sharpens your focus levels, has thermogenesis properties to burn up fat as well as helping you curb your appetite. Addrena is made with:

  • Guarana
  • Citrus aurantium
  • Choline huperzine
  • Vitamin B3
  • Piperine


Guarana is a good source of caffeine and as such promotes thermogenesis whereby your body burns up fats to produce heat. At the same time, it stimulates your body speeding up your heart rate as well as increasing your BMR so that your body burns up calories faster.


Citrus aurantium (Bitter orange)

Did you know that oranges and citruses have some low amounts of amphetamine which stimulate your brain to focus more? Well now you know.

However, this amount is so low that you would have to take thousands of oranges and lemons a day before you match up the quantities in addrena weight loss drugs.

Addrena has bitter orange extracts in it which unlike oranges and lemons have higher quantities of amphetamine.

Choline Huperzine

Choline huperzine is a natural nootropic found in the Firmoss plant that helps in focus levels as well as in alertness.


ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine)

Other than increasing your focus levels, ALCAR’s main role is escorting fatty acids to the cell’s mitochondria where they are acted on releasing energy. Therefore, the ingredient is key in weight loss while at the same time keeping you active and energized.


Well, we all know that when you want to lose weight, pepper should be one of the spices you take in generous quantities and oftenly. Well, the manufacturers of Adderall weight loss supplements know this only too well and have added it in their ingredient list so as to help your body burn up more calories.


How to take addrena pills?

The addrena supplement pack contains 60 pills which you are required to take one per day making it enough for 60 days. Some people though take 2 pills per day in a bid to boost their energy levels which is still okay.

Doctors however advise against taking addrena at night or any time past 3pm since it will increase your chances of trans-nighting without sleep because of the high levels of caffeine in the supplement.

Is Addrena legal?

Addrena is a legal supplement which is an alternative to Adderall weight loss drugs. It has been approved by the FDA and will not result to any complications if at all you follow all the instructions in the pack.



What our respondents loved about addrena
-High attention levels: Addrena made them more attentive and alert
-Weight Loss: One woman was able to lose 40 pounds within the one month period she used addrena
-High focus levels: They were able to focus more on their work
-Appetite Suppressant:
They were able to eat less food without the urge to binge eat.



What they didn’t like about addrena
-Insomnia: Because of the high levels of caffeine, addrena drugs made most of the respondents lack sleep
-Anxiety: Again this was linked to the high caffeine levels
-Addictive: After taking addrena for a month, the respondents felt the covert urge to continue using it. This could easily lead to drug abuse.
-Hair loss: Two respondents developed alopecia after the experiment.
-Dry mouth and unpleasant taste was left every time they used the drug




Vyvanse is another popular ADHD drug that has been abused as a weight loss supplement. I said abused because the drug should exclusively be used by attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder patients. Having said that, we did not even go ahead to give the drug to our respondents since it would have been a straight case of unethical standards on our part.

Vyvanse contains lisdexamfetamine dimesylate that stimulates your central nervous system so that you become more alert.

What mostly put us off from Vyvanse were the side effects that include:

  • anxiety.
  • dry mouth
  • lack of appetite
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • trouble sleeping
  • vomitting
  • weight loss

There are however legal versions of the drug that are effective and have no side effects. They include




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