Bedpan for bedridden patient

Bedpan is a special gadget that helps a patient who is bedridden to pee and empty bowel, at home or at the hospital. They offer great help to the caregiver by eliminating that hustle of taking a patient to the washroom and protect the patient from the risk of falls and accidents when moving to the washroom. Old-age and state of being bedridden due to chronic sickness or traumatic accidents can be challenges that can lead to dare need of a bedpan. In this article, we are going to look at the advantages of using a bedpan for a bedridden patient.

  1. Patient comfort

Bedpan gives patient with impairment mobility and who are bedridden, comfort they need when answering that short or long call of nature. Patient is able to relieve his or her bowel with ease and independent. Patient is also able to take any setting position to his/her comfort

  1. Caregiver Convenience

Bedpan helps the work of caregiver to be more reliable and convenient when serving their patient. Caregivers are relieve with the risk of fall or accident that they may encounter while trying to lift patient all in the effort of taking them to the washroom.

  1. Reduces patient risk of fall

Bedpan is convenient to use at any time and thus they offer the best patient security in eliminating any risk of falls. Bedpan requires only proper placement and position to patient comfort. Patient is able to relieve themselves even to their bed without any challenges and therefore evade any scene of fall when trying to access the washroom.

  1. Allow patient ample time for healing

Using a bedpan helps a lot all the hustle require to move to the washroom and on another hand, it helps reducing stress to an injured site such as spinal injuries. Patient is able to relax while allowing ample time to recovery especially to their injured site.

  1. Give confidentiality of patient privacy.

By using bedpan patient are assured of the privacy that they may require. Bedpan is portable and can be placed at any point in the patient comfort and request. Caregivers are able to give patient confidentiality since the patient can use a bedpan independently.  

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