Battling With Incontinence for men

We said that one of the problems that morbidly obese people battle with is urinary incontinence.

When it comes to men, incontinence be it urinary or fecal is an embarrassing topic to discuss. In fact, most will shy away from seeing doctors for help and so go ahead to battle with it silently but with everyone knowing it since they are stinking all the time. This does not mean that women do not feel bad when they are suffering from the problem. Far from it; they too feel awkward but since they are more social and emotional, they will seek help, tell their friends and see a doctor about it.

Incontinence can be caused by a range of factors. The most common is ageing and dementia. Most people who have clocked 60 and above, have Alzheimer’s dementia find it hard to control their bladder or sphincter muscles and therefore suffer from incontinence. It could also be caused by weakening of nerves or the nerve center not getting the correct signals when it should be. Say for example that one has chronic diabetes and therefore their nerve system has stopped working. They will find that they are unable to tell when their bladders are full. There is also stress incontinence for people who urinate on themselves simply because they are stressed or anxious about something.

Surgeries such as episiotomy, prostrate removal or uteral removal could cause urinary incontinence.

How to deal with incontinence in men

Talk about it

The first thing that you need to do when dealing with incontinence is accepting that you have it. Say for example that you have urinary incontinence. You will need to accept that you have the condition so that from there, you can go ahead and seek solutions. You will also need to talk with your spouse, friends or caregiver so that they can console with you and at the same time recommend solutions that could work for you.

Get the right products for it

For women, they can use incontinence pads and diapers since they do not have a problem using the said products. Men though have proved difficult since they want special incontinence products that will not betray them and do not resemble diapers or pads. We say a good list of incontinence products for men here that included penile clamps (which stops the urethra from releasing urine.It can be used multiple times but you need doctor’s advice before putting it to use.), catheter (which resembles a male condom but you use it only once to collect urine and put in a catheter bag) and incontinence brief (they resemble underwears and are therefore cool for any man to wear. However, you only wear it once and dump to wear the next.) The above tools are good in that they control leaks so that the man does not go about having urine leaks and feeling embarrassed abeoutr the whole thing.

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