How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain With Appetite Suppressants over the counter| Detox after holiday binge

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The Christmas festivities are here. It is the season of sharing and feasting.

As I was pondering over how 2017 came to an end, it occurred to me that come January, I will have so many troubled men and women who will come to my Facebook inbox, email and skype asking how they can quickly lose the weight gained during the holiday. They will want any supplements to detox after holiday binge.


Unfortunately, losing weight is not as easy as gaining and it will therefore take some time before one gets back that wonderful body they had before Christmas.Even with pills such as phenq, you will need time to get back to your older shape.


Prevention as the old adage goes is better than cure and therefore in this post, I am going to tell you how you can avoid the holiday weight gain.

Yes, I do not want you to start yet another year with weight loss of the ounces you put up in December being one of the resolutions. No, move on to something else.


We will therefore look at various ways that you can utilize to ensure that you will not be battling with holiday weight come 2018.


Some of these methods include: behavior change as well as taking appetite suppressant over the counter that will help you to only eat what your body wants.

So how do you avoid holiday weight gain?

  1. Practice mindful eating: If you feel that your body doesn’t not need more food, do not force it. Avoid that extra helping
  2. Avoid the foodie company: Yes, avoid that clique of friends who are always snacking
  3. Eat only from home: Christmas weight gain statistics show that the people who gain more weight always eat from outside. Those who eat from home tend to eat more healthy foods and practice probity.
  4. Take lots of water during the period: Dehydration makes you feel hungry even when you were not and could lead to holiday weight gain.
  5. Take advantage of the free holiday time to work out more.
  6. Have an accountability partner who hits you when you reach out for more food than you need
  7. Don’t touch alcohol.

Appetite suppressants natural to help you avoid holiday weight gain

The highest number of people who gave me their holiday weight gain stories at the beginning of 2017 said that the Christmas foods were too appetizing for them to refuse extra helpings. They therefore ate as though there would be no tomorrow.


Because of this, I thought that if people were able to suppress their appetite, they would be in a position to avoid holiday binge eating. I therefore did some deep research on the best natural appetite suppressants and found the following anorectic pills that will help you eat less and still feel full:


  1. Unique Hoodia
  2. Garcinia Extra
  3. Phenq
  4. Powerpops lollipops


Unique Hoodia

Unique hoodia helps detox after holiday binge


Unique hoodia pills are appetite suppressing medications that are extracted from the indigenous cactii like plant called hoodia gordonii found in South African Kalahari Desert. The plant is eaten by the nomads since it helps them not feel hungry for a long time and therefore save on food.


The unique hoodia anorectic supplements will help you be able to only eat what your body really deserves and in this way avoid holiday weight gain.


Garcinia extra

detox after holiday binge with garcinia

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Made with garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia is another anorectic drug over the counter that will help you avoid binge eating and therefore be able to keep a check on your holiday weight gain.



detox after holiday binge

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For a long time, phenq has been used as a weight loss pill. However, what most people do not know is that phenq helps them lose weight by first suppressing their appetite even before increasing their metabolism.


With phenq therefore, you are able to kill two birds with one stone: suppress your appetite naturally as well as increase your body metabolism.


Powerpop lollipops appetite suppressants

The power pop lollipops or candies are very popular among Hollywood stars. Celebrities use them so as to suppress their appetite. The candies are made with hoodia gordonii and therefore work in the same way as the unique hoodia pills that we mentioned above.

power pop lollipops to detox after holiday binge


Wrap up on how to avoid holiday weight gain

If you observe the two ways of avoiding holiday weight gain that is: behavioral change and taking appetite suppressants over the counter, I am sure that you will not need to inbox or skype me asking how you can lose holiday weight gain.

No, you will be super-excited to start 2018 in style.


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