Annadrall Side Effects: What You Need Before Taking Annadrall

Annadrall or what is popularly known as anadroll, anadrol, A-bomb, A-drol or anadrol 50 pill is awesome when it comes to bulking and muscle growth. Annadrall is actually nothing but oxymetholone which doctors have been using to treat people with anaemia and muscle wastage. Though many marketers say that it is legal, annadrall side effects have been reported by many users claiming that they felt nausea or stomach problems after taking the steroid.

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In this article, we will examine these annadrall side effects and see whether the steroid is really necessary to use. We will also examine the benefits of the drug.

Oxymetholone cycle and side effects

As I have mentioned, this anadrol 50 pill was at one time called oxymetholone. Doctors found that when they gave a dosage to their anaemic patients, they were able to produce more red blood cells and therefore their respiration became better. Their blood capacity also went high.

Oxymetholone was also given to HIV/AIDS patients who were having rapid muscle wastage due to the ravages of the disease. With oxymetholone which contains whey protein among other ingredients, they were able to start recovering and their muscles grew considerably.

Some bodybuilders and sportsmen noted the usage of the drug in muscle growth. They therefore started taking oxymetholone cycle to grow their muscles. This was possible since even after heavy exercises, the muscles were able to recover faster due to the high supply of oxygen. At the same time, the oxymetholone cycle was made with whey protein which is a building block for muscles.

The guys at Crazymuscle felt that they could trick you with the name annadrall but at the end of the day, you will find that the side effects are similar to what you would get with oxymetholone.

However, it was not all that rosy.

The ugly side effects of annadrall pill started showing its head.

These included:

  • Water retention leading to man boobs
  • Shrunken testicles due to too much DHEA which led to over production of testosterone.

Slowly, the users of annadrall felt that this was too much and they had to look for  solution.

Enter Crazy bulk anadrol

Crazy bulk anadroll was manufactured. It had the muscle building effects of oxymetholone minus the side effects.

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Who should use crazy bulk anadrol

  1. Anyone who wants to build muscles in 2 months
  2. Anyone who is not afraid of exercising

Why you should buy crazy bulk anadrol

  • It is highly effective in getting you bulked
  • Great when you want to gain muscle
  • Makes you able to exercise without tiring.


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