Anadrol 50 Before and After: Carl after bulking with anadrol

anadrol 50 before and after

Anadrol 50 pills or anadrol 50mg pills have been very much in vogue in the bodybuilding industry. What most people do not know however is that these pills are actually oxymetholone given other fancy names.

You will also hear it being called anadroll, annadrall etc.

What use do the pills serve?

The pills have extensively been used by medics to treat anemic conditions since oxymetholone has been proved to increase the amount of red blood cells in the body. Doctors would also prescribe these pills to patients having adverse muscle wastage. This is because the pills have been found to be very beneficial in muscle growth as well as reducing muscle fatigue.


The drug has been prescribed to HIV/Aids patients who were having their muscles wasting away. Those who are underweight and wanted to gain muscles in their skinny bodies have been asked to take the drug so as to fill up their flesh.

Bodybuilding using these oxymetholone pills

Owing to these two properties, these pills have been taken up by bodybuilders who want to bulk and grow crazy muscles in a matter of months. And indeed, the pills have proved very effective in this task. The problem though is that using these pills for bodybuilding is not legal at all. If you are found by the authorities using them for this purpose, you will in hot soup.

The FDA has also not approved the drugs for this purpose.

Getting the drug for bodybuilding purposes is also a tall order since they are not over the counter drugs. Access to the drug is usually shady and involves the black market transactions or getting prescriptions from sneaky doctors.

Side effects of anadroll 50 pills

While used for bodybuilding, the pills have been found to have adverse side effects such as gynecomastia (man boobs), shrunken testicles, headaches, nausea, diarrhea and stomach upsets.

The gynecomastia comes about because anadrol 50mg leads to water retention. Though you will bulk, you will find that you have developed these ugly man boobs which are a great discouragement to many men.

Shrunken testicles come about because the drug leads to over production of testosterone which is not a very good thing. You could also become more easily agitated and beard growth in women.

Long use of oxymetholone has been shown to cause heart attacks as well as addiction to usage.

Alternative to  the pills

The good news is that crazy bulk company has seen the need for bodybuilders to bulk without having all those complications. They have therefore manufactured crazy bulk anadrole which is a legal alternative to anadrol 50 pills. I personally bought the anadrol pack with 60 capsules and took them for two months and the results were amazing. Well, one still needs to exercise crazily but the awesome thing is that with the pills you are able to exercise for long hours without tire. Your muscles also take a very short time to recover after intense HIITs.

With crazy bulk anadrol,

  • You will bulk just the same way you would have done with the oxymetholone pills
  • You do not need a prescription since this is an over the counter drug
  • You do not need those painful steroidal injections since it is an oral drug,
  • You will have a boost of mood to work out and exercise crazily.
  • You will not get man boobs
  • You will not get shrunken testicles
  • You will have crazy energy to workout.
  • Your muscles will not tire easily
  • It will take less time for your muscles to recover and heal after intense training.
  • Your testosterone levels will shoot over the roof and therefore you will look much more manly and have better sex

The Alternative ingredients in crazy bulk anadrol

Crazy bulk anadrol is made with DHEA, tribulus terrestris which increase your testosterone levels

It also contains whey protein which is a building block for muscle growth.

Cons of crazy bulk anadrol

  • I found the cost to be inhibitive and bodybuilders on a budget would not be able to buy it.
  • Anadrol is only sold by crazy bulk and you will not find it at gnc or amazon.
  • I found out that the drug had some side effects such as nausea and stomach upsets after the first few days of use.
  • The drug might not be shipped to some countries that have strict pharmaceutical laws.

Word of caution

Crazy bulk anadrol should not be taken by individuals having cardiac problems, diabetes or any other medical condition. I would also ask bodybuilders to first consult their doctors before usage just in case they have an allergy for any of the ingredients.


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