Adderall Weight Loss Stories

As of 2011, the FDA approved the use of adderall to treat attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) but they were keen to mention that they were yet to approve it for weight loss purposes.  Doctors however continue  to do off-label prescription of the drug for their weight loss patients.

By off- label prescription, we mean that doctors prescribe a drug for a certain purpose that it is not primarily meant for. In best adhd medication for weight loss in adults, we mentioned that one of the main side effects of adderall is weight loss.

The ingredients of adderall have been shown to cause fat burning as well as appetite suppression, key properties in weight loss drugs. Would it therefore be okay to take adderall for weight loss? Well, look at the following adderall weight loss stories and make your decision.

Adderall weight loss Stories

The following stories were submitted by adderall users when they were asked to give their experiences using the drug.

  1. Ana said:

adderall weight loss story


From what Ana says, one can see that one of the major problem with using adderall is that it might lead to addiction and drug abuse. Ana also says that she suffered from lack of sleep for a good two days. Now that is really scary especially if you are a professional since it would mean that you would not work really well when you get back to work.

The high amount of caffeine in the drug, though good in stimulation could also be detrimental in causing insomnia.

It is also good to note that Ann’s appetite was suppressed. This is a good observation for those who are hell bent on losing weight by first curbing their cravings.  The side effects though do wear out as you continue taking the drug especially in high quantities.


2. Divahur79 said: 


Divarhur79(she hid her real identity) says that she lost 12 pounds in two weeks. One thing that you need to note is that she had to approach her doctor to get the prescription for the drug. If you are looking to get adderall weight loss, I also advise you to do the same.

Approach your doctor to do the off-label prescription since they will be able to give you a prescription of how many pills or mgs you should be taking daily to see considerable weight loss.



3. Florence says: 


Other than seeing considerable weight loss, Florence suffered from insomnia as well as increased heart rate. If you are suffering from cardiac problems, blood pressure, kindly do not take adderall drugs; they will only aggravate your problem.


4. Jacinta says


Another positive review here from Jacinta from Iowa. Through adderall, she has lost weight without necessarily doing any cardio exercises. Her appetite levels have also gone really low.


Wrap up on Adderall weight Loss stories

From what we have seen from the four stories, adderall  are the best adhd medication for weight loss. However, there are side effects connected to the use of the drugs that you need to be aware of such as dizziness, increased heart beat and addiction to use of the drug

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