Is Adderall Weight Loss in a Week Possible? Yes but Hard!

We already mentioned that it is quite hard to lose so much weight in a week even if you were using the most potent weight loss pill such as phenq.

So someone just asked me whether they can lose weight with Adderall in one week and I was like, ‘wait a minute I give you the answer’

You see we are in a fast paced generation that wants things here and now. We want to get rich in a fortnight, earn a degree in a day and lose weight in a week though it took us over one year to gain it. Well, while some things might come easily and quickly thanks to technology, others are just not that easy to get. They require that you invest time and patience before you can achieve them.

If you are still wondering what answer I gave this client asking about Adderall weight loss in a week, then read this

‘It is possible but hard’.

adderall weight loss in a week

Why is it possible but hard to use Adderall to lose weight in a week

The client is the persistent type and though they were happy that it is actually possible to lose weight in a week with Adderall, they wanted to know why it is so hard to achieve it.

You see Adderall is primarily an ADHD drug that helps people get focused and attentive. Weight loss and appetite suppression is nothing but a side effect of the drug. If you are to lose weight within such a short span of time, for example a week, you have to do more other than popping the pills.

Yes, you have to think about working out, detoxifying your body and being true to your weight loss resolutions. At the same time, you are not likely to see great results in a week.

Maybe 10lbs will be lost as your body gets accustomed to the changes and after you extend the time, you will start seeing massive weight loss results.

But 10lbs in a single week is still something, right?

How to lose weight with adderall

So how do you use this add medication to lose weight?

  1. Take about 60mg of Adderall drugs every day
  2. Do extreme cardio exercises lasting 2 hours per day
  3. Take lots of water for detox. You have heard it said that you should take 8 glasses of water per day but that is not enough. Take your weight in pounds and divide by two. Take that much glasses of water. If you weigh 100 pounds, half of that is 50 so take 50 glasses of water daily only. It is called a water fast where you only take water.
  4. Avoid carbs but take generous amounts of fruits and veggies or smoothies. They help in cleaning out fat from the body

Adderall Side Effects

When taking all that Adderall dosage, you should be ready for side effects such as dizziness, dried mouth and diarrhea. At the same time, your body might get used to the dosage and not help in weight loss at all. This is called a weight loss plateau. When this comes, you might need to increase your dosage.

Adderall is also addictive and you might find yourself craving for the drug even after you have achieved your weight loss goals.

Wrap Up on Adderall weight loss in a week

So while it is possible to lose about 10lbs per week with adderall, it is hard. You require to not only suppress your appetite with the drug but also exercise hard. At the same time, you are likely to get affected by the adderall side effects.

I also advice that you first see your doctor to do some off-label prescription for using the adhd medication for weight loss. After all, adderall is not a weight loss pill but an ADHD drug. If you want otc weight loss pills without prescription, you can get it from our phenq reviews or here at supplements to get ripped in 4 weeks or less.

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