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Hi, my name is  Dr. Jim.

It feels great to have you here.

I started this website after realizing the myriad of problems that men face with their health yet they are reluctant to talk it out. Back in my campus heydays, I was this active guy. I used to swim, box and do all kind of outdoor activities. My body was great and I had this chiseled pair of abs.

After graduating though, I became lazy. I would spend the whole day in the clinic seeing patients advising them to maintain good health by exercising and eating right. However, I was not doing it myself and five years down the line in the job, I was this huggard looking guy. My sexual life was a sad story. My wife was threatening to divorce me as you will see here in this testogen testimonial.

A friend advised that I try one of the testosterone boosters that I have reviewed on this website. And when I saw positive results, I started having the idea of helping others. I also ditched the 8 to 5 job because I was not ready to lose my body just because of a job.

About weight loss, it all started with my wife. She gave birth and lost her great body. You know how women eat alot of food while they are expectant and end up losing their maiden bodies, don’t you? Well, she complained everyday pushing me to get her a solution. I heard about phenq and that the supplement can help women who are breastfeeding without affecting milk supply.

I also found out a link between testosterone and weight loss. Though the hormone is in great amounts in men, it is also to be found in women and helps them in muscle toning, abs chiseling as well as bodybuilding.

Why you need to trust me?

I have a wealth of experience in supplementation both in college and also in practice. After obtaining my Bachelor of  Medicine, I went ahead and did a diploma on Nutrition and Metabolism at Boston University where I emerged top in my class.

Here is my diploma

In this website, I review supplementation products such as weight loss pills and testosterone boosters that can help you get back your life on track.

About Jim

Jim is passionate about male health. He is interested in demystifying the different testosterone boosters in the market and writing an objective review about each. Through this way, he is able to help men who are interested in information on the topic.