The 6 Golden Rules of Burning Fat

Other than research on the best burn fat pills gnc, I thought that it would also be wise to come up with my 6 golden rules of fat burn. With these rules, you are ready to get lean quick and turn that fat mass to muscle mass.

#Rule 1.Sleep for eight hours a day

Reducing the number of sleep hours from 8 has been found to increase the stress hormone cortisol that triggers fat gain. Poor sleep also makes your testosterone levels go down since hormones are best produced when you are sleeping. According to the Men’s Journal, a study conducted on 6000 Japanese men found out that cutting on sleep hours made men have higher BMI levels and their waist circumferences increased considerably due to fat gain.

Another study in Finland among twins found out that the twin who slept for less hours and under more stress ended up having more visceral fat as compared to the other who slept soundly for more hours.

#Rule 2.Burn more fat than you are eating

If you are focusing on burning fat, make sure that you are burning more than you are eating. But how would you be sure of this unless you keep a diet schedule where you weigh the food you are taking every week compared to the calories you are burning during exercises?

#Rule 3.Eat more protein as opposed to carbs or fats

Eating a protein rich food is good for fat burn. This is because proteins takes up lots of energy to burn up. This energy would be supplied by the fats in your body and as you burn up the fats, you build on your muscle since proteins help in muscle growth. Proteins have also been known to fill you up for long as opposed to carbs. It therefore takes long before you get hunger pangs.

Taking too much carbs on the other hand is dangerous since they are quickly digested and stored in form of fats which is the one thing you want to completely avoid.

Contrary to popular belief, it is okay to take some fats when you are burning up fat. But hey, not all fats are good. Artificial Trans fats are a big no no since they will only make you fatter, add cholesterol to your blood vessels which could lead to constriction and possible heart problems or blood pressure. Eating healthy fats though such as coconut oil, butter, nuts avocados is good for your body since fats cushion your vital organs as the heart and lungs. These healthy fats also help in testosterone production since they have zinc and magnesium.

#Rule 4.Do less cardio, more weight lifting

Though cardio is good for weight loss, it is not the only exercise that you can do. There is also strength training that helps with reinforcing and exposing your muscles which is the one thing you wanted all along. Too much cardio wastes your muscles and makes you weaker no wonder the guys who are always doing the Boston Marathons are always thin with wasted muscles.

#Rule 5.Burn it with pepper heat

When we were young children at home, we used to see my grandmother add pepper in her food. When we asked her why she always did that, she said that it prevented her from being fat. Well, we did not take her seriously since she was barely literate and had not taken any nutrition class.

20 years after, I now know that my grandmother was right. Although she did not read the womenshealthmag or any other fancy online weight loss publication to know this, she had the facts right—capsaicin, the compound that gives pepper their heat fires up your metabolism and in this way, you are able to burn fat faster.

The Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology claims that eating a tablespoon of ground pepper boosts your sympathetic nervous system that is responsible for fight/flight mechanisms and this in turn increases your rate of metabolism by 23%. So no matter how hot those chilli peppers taste in your mouth, eat them.


#Rule 6.Take coffee or tea

Coffee and tea have been found to cause thermogenesis. This is a process where internal body heat is raised and to raise this, you need to burn up fats to generate this heat energy. So, taking coffee or tea will cause fat burn. The downside is that they are addictive and could also cause insomnia especially when downed at night. This is why the guys at phenq recommend that you take any caffeine based products before 3.00pm to avoid sleeplessness at night.

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