Shooting Blanks! Is there any medicine to increase sperm count and seminal motility?

medicine for low sperm count and seminal motility

        “Hello, I cannot make my wife pregnant. Is there a way around this? Doctor said that I have low sperm count” That was an email that someone sent me a few days and it forms my today’s post. Shooting Blanks: Societal pressure and ridicule Infertility is a very tough situation to deal with. Whether you are a man or a woman. If you are an infertile woman, you face societal pressure from left, right and center since people want you to give birth and raise a…

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Testogen: The best male enhancement pills that work fast

If you are a guy like me who loves being confident about their muscular body and having awesome stamina under the bed sheets, then you need to have high testosterone levels. Testogen male enhancement pills has been proven to give you a lean and well ripped body, is an awesome sex pill  and will give you the confidence that you require throughout the day. Why is Testogen the best male enhancement pill that works In this post, I will be discussing eight reasons why you need to take testogen pills…

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