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Before you read this testogen review, you have probably heard the myth surrounding testosterone booster products with many people saying that they do not work, they cause side effects and are not regulated by the FDA .Well, some of these myths are true but it depends on what anabolic testosterone boosters you are using. Testogen which was introduced in the market a few years ago has really caused a stir in the testosterone world raking in millions in sales as well as satisfying its large clientele base with awesome products and great offers.


By now, you know the importance of high testosterone hormone -the energy it gives you: the vigor, vitality and sap of life. High libido and ambition cannot be over-emphasized because every man know how important that is in their lives. In this testogen review therefore, we shall be looking at some of the natural ingredients in the product that facilitate this. We shall also see some of the testogen testimonials and at the end watch a testogen review video


The testogen product has been highly acclaimed as the testosterone booster of choice owing to its low cost, effectiveness and libido building ability. At the same time, it has received negative criticism with some people saying that it takes weeks before its effects are seen. But hey, every testosterone booster receives its criticisms and again Rome was never built in a day so a testogen user should give it time before they make the judgment that the product does not work.


This testogen review will look objectively at the product, highlighting its natural ingredients, their effects on the body, testogen pros as well as the cons. We shall also look at testogen testimonials from customers who have used the product and see what they have to say about the product.


Natural Testogen Ingredients

Testogen contains the following three natural testogen ingredients. They are:

  1. D-Aspartic acid
  2. Zinc
  3. Vitamin D


testogen review

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D- Aspartic Acid

Probably you have heard of D- Aspartic Acid. Okay, probably not. D-Aspartic acid is a natural acid that when taken triggers the secretion of the luteinizing hormone (LH). The LH on its part triggers the secretion of a good dose of testosterone. Testosterone on the other hand increase your body muscle mass, make you feel ambitious and yes increase libido.



Okay, who can say that zinc is not a natural element? Well, testogen has zinc as one of its ingredients. Zinc inhibits the enzyme aromatase from converting your body testosterone to estrogen. Estrogen is not a bad hormone but hey, it makes a man look all womanly with man boobs, fat all over, soft voice and feminine tendencies.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also contained in your testogen pack. It boosts your testosterone levels.


Pros of Testogen


  • Made from all natural products. You do not have to fear of prostate cancer, shrinking testicles and balding since testogen is made from all natural ingredients which do not harm the body.


  • Does not require a doctor’s prescription. Yes, you can go right ahead and order it without worry.


  • Effectively works by increasing testosterone, libido well as body stamina.


  • Builds energy and focus.


  • Great periodic offers for example right now there is one on you buying three and get two packs free here.


Cons of Testogen


  • Acne on the facial skin especially if you take Testogen in excess quantities. To avoid this, read the instructions on the pack sticker and follow them to the letter.


  • Testogen is only available online on the Testogen manufacturer website. It is yet to be available in your next chemist store. You would need to buy it from the manufacturer’s website.


  • Doesn’t work for the first few weeks. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need to wait and see result the results.


  • High and excessive libido could lead to 65 year old men seducing young girls since they have too much testosterone. If your wife has low libido, your taking testogen might cause infidelity in the home since you feel like a stallion all the time.


  • Excessive testosterone could lead to a spike of aggression. High testosterone men tend to be easily irritable and want to have things go their way. To curb this, you need to reduce your Testogen intakes to manageable levels otherwise you might cause ruckus everywhere you go.



Customer Testimonials Gathered by our Testogen Review


As promised in this testogen review, here are testimonials of people who have used testogen and what they have to say:

testogen review

Neil Samson, United States

testogen review

“Testogen made my man be that admirable stallion that I always wished to have but never got”

Annet, London

testogen review

“At first, I thought that testogen was just another scam. It didn’t work for the past one week but the following week, I started building muscle mass and hey, my libido is now tops”

Tom, Italy

Testogen Video Clip

To wind up our testogen review, here is a video on testogen and its benefits. It gives you a visual view of the testogen benefits.



testosterone review

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About Jim

Jim is passionate about male health. He is interested in demystifying the different testosterone boosters in the market and writing an objective review about each. Through this way, he is able to help men who are interested in information on the topic.

Published by Jim

Jim is passionate about male health. He is interested in demystifying the different testosterone boosters in the market and writing an objective review about each. Through this way, he is able to help men who are interested in information on the topic.

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