Review of the Best Testosterone Boosters for Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

Imagine a life free from stress, depression and body fatigue that are related to low testosterone levels.

Picture yourself with the full sap of life, high libido and keenness throughout the day. Visualize yourself living the life you always wanted to live with a happy family, a healthy body and that awesome body physique.

Well our expert Jim went out reviewing different natural testosterone boosters and came up with these three potent testosterone boosters that will pump your energy, get you ripped as well as boost your libido.

My list of Best Testosterone Boosters

You wonna increase your T-levels?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Over 5 million American men are also trying to do so. The difference is the method being used. I also wanted to increase tetsosterone and that is why I set up this website. At, we make sure that we get you the best methods to increase testosterone as well as build muscle mass.

Number One choice

testogen review 2017

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I chose testogen testosterone booster as my best since it is made with the most potent ingredients that will elevate your t levels.

Other than it being a trusted, tried and proven product, Testogen is safe to use since it contains natural ingredients that will in no way affect your body. Testogen will get you the following:

  • Crazy testosterone boost
  • More muscle mass without fat.
  • High libido and sexual motivation.
  • A sharper mind and body energy
  • Less fat around the waist reducing on your likelihood to get high blood pressure.

Affordable and friendly customer care

Other than the awesomeness of their products, Testogen has a great website interface with top-notch customer care therefore ordering is really easy. They have Testogen promo codes so that you can get reduced prices for all products that you buy from them.

Positive word from customers

Testogen testimonials and testogen review documents that we went through all showed that the product is an industry leader in matters to deal with testosterone boosting and bodybuilding.

Safe ingredients that work

Testogen ingredients are also natural and beneficial to the body and as such you do not have to worry about testogen side effects when you use the supplement. The ingredients include zinc, magnesium and stinging nettle extract, all which are great in boosting testosterone levels.

It also has fenugreek which is good for bodybuilding.

D Aspartic Acid and tribulus terrestris, also to be found in the product have been found to improve libido in infertile men.


Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids


crazy bulk testosterone max


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Steroids fall into two categories: legal and illegal.

Illegal steroids contain synthetic versions of the testosterone hormone. Though they make your body bulky and give you incredible strength, they have been found to cause serious ailments such as high blood pressure, acne and increased agitation.

Legal steroids which Crazy Bulk Testomax claim to be part of are also called steroid precursors. Once ingested, the body converts them to anabolic steroids giving you great body strength without any side effects.


Crazy Bulk steroids though, are legal and they have been standardized as good with no side effects. Crazy Bulk are connected with the following:

  • Fast results in body building as compared to other anabolic steroids
  • No side effects
  • Affordability

Marine Muscle Review

do legal steroids work

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Marine muscle is another legal steroid that has amazing body building abilities. It has been used by sportsmen with great results. As a legal steroid, it contains anabolic content which is converted into testosterone when it gets in the body. Whether you want to be that best bodybuilding big man on campus or are simply interested in boosting your testosterone levels, you can see a review of the product here.

Why Do you need to have high Testosterone?


A study by National Academy of Sciences at the United States as  reported by Arstechnica show that high levels of testosterone and low levels of stress hormone, cortisol,are just the right ingredients to successful leaders.

Higher Sexual Desire

Author Napoleon hill also argued that testosterone and a high sex drive make people have a great magnetic appeal that lures others to listen to them. In his book, Think and Grow Rich, writer Napoleon Hill dedicates a whole chapter on how testosterone and sexual desire can be transmuted into other forms other than physical enjoyment.

Persistence and Resilience

The Guardian carried out a study to show correlation between high levels of testosterone and confidence. They concluded that men with high testosterone tend to be highly confident as compared to their low testosterone counterparts.


Wall Street has attributed the numerous bar fights to high testosterone levels. The report written on shows that a high testosterone level makes men aggressive and highly competitive.

  How do you know that you have low testosterone?

Common signs of low testosterone include:

  1. Low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low semen production and poor sexual performance
  2. Hair loss
  3. Feeling lethargic and tired all through
  4. Lack of focus yet a few years back, you were a very focused individual.
  5. Muscle loss and instead you gain fat.

Seeing these signs is not a sure test of low T. No, diseases such as diabetes have the same symptoms. You therefore need to be sure by conducting a test.

Saliva versus blood testosterone based tests

Testosterone levels can be tested either through your blood serum or through your saliva.

Though, there is evidence that testosterone can be tested through your saliva, blood tests remain the golden and most sure way to measure your hormone levels

Though, there is evidence that testosterone can be tested through your saliva, blood tests remain the golden and most sure way to measure your hormone levels


How to measure testosterone levels through saliva?

  1. Buy the test kits from amazon. The kits can be used to measure testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, Dhea and cortisol.
  2. Follow the instructions on the kit.
  3. Do not eat one hour before doing the test
  4. Do not use toothpaste, mouth wash or chew gums one hour before.
  5. Rinse your mouth with clean water 10 minutes before the test.
  6. Spit enough to fill half the straw and put in the UPS
  7. Mail the whole pack
  8. Wait for your results.

Do you need to buy testosterone boosting products?

No man is complete without this vital hormone. Testosterone is responsible for ones libido and vitality. It also regulates bone and muscle mass as well as the production of sperms.  Though it is primarily produced by the testicles, the hormone is also present in women.

No man is complete without this vital hormone


Testosterone levels differ between different men. Testosterone levels range from a mark of 150 to 850.

As you hit 30’s, things start going haywire down there– the testosterone levels produced start going down which is really frustrating.


Testosterone is responsible for a man’s sex drive, mental ability as well as body stamina. Thus when it goes down, you become a lazy bum whom your wife or girlfriend starts looking down on.

Because of its importance in a man’s life, many online forums have started heavily marketing on testosterone boosters. Statistics show that in just one month, over 400,000 Google searches on testosterone boosters were made. Similarly, the increase testosterone market is generating over $ 25 billion per year. Most of the online testosterone products however are not true and are only out there to rip you off your hard earned money.


How to increase testosterone naturally

Most of the online portals target on selling you testosterone pills to boost your libido. There are also those that tell you that you can increase your penile size  as well as replace your testosterone levels which is false. The truth is that the hormone should not be replaced but rather boosted when you detect that it is going down. The online portals also miss out on in telling you that you can also increase testosterone naturally just as you got it naturally . This can be done through the following:


  1. Eat a balanced healthy with generous helpings of vegetables, meat and whole grains. These foods were found to have high levels of zinc and magnesium ions that are important for freeing up bioavailable testosterone in your body.
  2. Reduce your cholesterol levels
  3. Exercise, exercise, exercise. I cannot emphasize that enough.
  4. Reduce stress. The stress hormone cortisol and hormone testsoterone do not co-exist.
  5. Sleep soundly: Hormone production occurs best when your body is at rest.

What about testosterone replacement therapy?

Sometimes back, when men saw low T symptoms in their bodies, they would head straight to their urologists so that they would get the best testosterone replacement therapy recommended for them. Most of the time though, all they were looking for was an easy way to get sex pills for men while others were looking for a good testosterone replacement therapy penile enlargement.


With time though it was found that there were high risks involved since the testosterone replacement therapy side effects include the risk of prostate cancer, gynecomastia as well as total lack of libido. One also had to part with lots of money since the testosterone replacement therapy cost was really high.


Rather than go to this exorbitant testosterone replacement therapy clinics, I would advise someone to go for legal supplements that will boost their testosterone levels. Testogen testosterone booster is one great way to go. It has no side effects, is relatively cheap and readily available. With testogen, your testosterone replacement therapy before and after is remarkably different.

Celeb Diet Pills and How testosterone relates to weight and muscles?

Other than being responsible for causing sex desire, testosterone also makes one muscular. People with low testosterone tend to be fat with low muscle mass.

Individuals with high T levels are well ripped and have model bodies. This is the reason why celebrities such as Arnold and The Rock take Clenbuterol to boost their testosterone levels and in this way get ripped.

Once you have testosterone, the next thing you will be looking for is getting ripped since your body will have bulky muscles. In our best gym equipment, we tell you what to use so as to get ripped and stay fit with that chiseled body that you always wished for but never got.

Gnc Fat Burners

In our post on gnc fat burners, you will see our list of gnc weight loss products that will help you lose weight in the shortes time possible. This gnc fat burners can be used even by mothers who have just delivered and wish to lose weight without affecting their milk supply.

They include:


Phenq is a safe,effective weight loss pill made with caffeine, nopal and capsimax powder. It has been proved to work and is the safest weight loss pill you can ever take since it does not have side effects. We have actually recommended it for postnatal mothers wishing to lose weight.

phenq weight loss bottle

Read our guide on phenq here

Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Could ever be a better brand after garcinia cambogia by dr.Oz? Well there is garcinia cambogia which is made with garcinia cmabogia extract as well as raspberry ketones.

Read our Garcinia Extra guide here

Unique Hoodia

Unique hoodia is made with hoodia gordonii, a natural cactii like plant found in the Kalahari desert and used by nomads to suppress their appetite. It has also been found to be great in fat burning.

Male enhancement pills that work fast

Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassment. You wonder whom to approach without losing your dignity. You do not want to state your flaws and weaknesses. As such you look for the best pills that are going to give you instant hard ons whenever you are seduced. The search though is not easy. There are unscrupulous marketers who will sell you products that well, do work but have grave side effects such as cardiac arrests. So what should you look out for when buying these pills?

#Boost on testosterone

The product needs to boost your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the sex hormone in men that makes them have high libido, erect quick and have fulfilling orgasms. Your preferred male enhancement pill should be in one way or another be boosting your testosterone. It could be boosting your zinc, magnesium, d aspartic acid or tribulus terrestris.

#Blood pump to the phallus

When you are having problems getting an erection, it means that little blood is being pumped into your penile blood vessels. Your male enhancement pill should work on getting more blood pumped into these areas.

My number one Male Enhancement Pill: Male Extra

My best instant hard on pills are male extra that satisfy these two conditions. Male extra is made with the following:


Zinc is an important mineral that boosts your testosterone levels. It does this by inhibiting the process of aromatization that converts all free testosterone to estrogen. Therefore the inclusion of zinc in male extra is a big plus for you.


The discovery of cordyceps as an aphrodisiac was rather accidental. Tibetian herders noticed that when their goats ate this fungi that sprouted on the Himalayas, they tend to become very playful and would mount on each other more often bearing healthy kids. They decide to use it and they then noticed that whenever they chewed it, they would instant get a hard on.

The science behind cordyceps is that they increase the size of the penile blood vessels by removing all cholesterol that might have blocked them and in this way, you get a bigger and harder erection.

male enhancement pills that are also testosterone boostersRead Male Extra Review

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